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  1. The Delicious trophy glitched on me twice. I did not get it after doing 2 of the final endings. I reloaded the save near the end and got it after doing it the third time (I did not close the game or uninstall or anything)
  2. The City is Yours trophy glitched on me. Didn't realize until the end of the game that it didn't pop when I opened the gate (which I know i did to get access to the other side of the city)
  3. Do you know if there going to be a separate physical PS4 list? As there is a physical ps4 version but maybe that is just sharing the current Asia ps4 list
  4. There are limited physical releases from playasia (just like with tachyon project) but I am confused as to why 2 vita lists. You can buy both ps4 and vita version with different color covers (orange and blue) but it would be dumb if they made those just for another stack to buy. I am confused as to what exactly the lists are, I would have assumed 1 for vita and 1 ps4.......
  5. I wish the Retirement popped after only 3 challenges for me. Instead though I had Dastardly pop without even doing it. The last 2 trophies I had were Dastardly and listening to the flute song. After the flute song ended Dastardly popped. Either glitched or I was extremely lucky that someone hog tied an NPC on the train tracks and that a train came just as the flutes ended.
  6. I am looking for help with any/all of the following trophies MULTIPLAYER Win 50 matches of elimination win 50 matches of plunder win 50 matches of team objective - 50 none shall pass medals - 25 executioner medals - 50 expansionist medals - 3000 objective points Co-op - 100 in the soft spot medals send me a message on PSN if interested PSNID: MrUnknown625
  7. isn't there still a chance that the new mode can be accessed without the VR equipment? I mean it doesn't look promising at this point but maybe the VR add on was just to enable VR and the new trophies/mode come as a later update as it sound like they still aren't available even if someone has the add on. Here's hoping at least
  8. Guide and walkthrough vidoes worked perfectly, thanks for creating them
  9. Why are the do an action x times and the skill tree trophies missable? Is there a limited number of enemies and no returning to previous sections to grind them out?
  10. Looking for help with the Good Evening! trophy in the PS4 version. Guess I need someone with a wired internet connection cause I can't join anyone in like the 20 lobbies I have attempted. PSNID: MrUnknown625 Timezone: GMT-5 EDIT: Got it
  11. So I have beaten 2 of the wave spawner roms so far and the guide says I get upgrades to my health for doing so but I don't get a notification that I picked up an upgrade. when I corrupt a shrine I can tell my health gets increased but I am not seeing an effect after I clear the spawner rooms. Is there something that I need to press square to interact with or do they just happen?
  12. Thanks soooo much for this and the level collectible guide. helped immensely.
  13. I managed to get the trophy during my replay of the story levels for collectible purposes. It unlocked for me after using the gold melting arrow at the point that I think you have to to progress (forgot which level it was). I am sure I melted the same object the last time though because that's how I learned Hawkeye even had gold melting capability
  14. Had this same thing happen to me tonight, the trophy for completing all the level challenges did not pop. I tried the method Mindisacity suggested and it worked great. Thank god would have been a pain to have to restart and get all the level collectibles again and of course it would mean another fresh playthrough to get to the collectible phase. I think the problem might be that if you quit out after getting the gold brick it will register but then trophy won't pop unless you complete the level after completing every challenge. Then shutting down the system and starting it up again refreshes things a bit to where you can finish the level again and trigger the trophy.
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