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  1. After 4 days playing with rest mode the game finally crashed launching a cutscene. 💀
  2. I’ve just started this game up for the first time in over five years and had to install patch 1.12 (I also had to install the game again as I’d cleared up the space on my HDD long ago—edit: in fact I never had it installed on this console before!). After reading about this patch forcing game completion in a single session to unlock trophies, I’m wondering if I can delete the game and reinstall but decline the patch? Will this not work, or is it simply too late?
  3. More specifically, is the platinum still attainable? Also, is the season pass just for DLC and not required for platinum? Thanks
  4. If I'm currently at the end of 'The Taste of Death' quest, can I walk out without completing the objective and come back another time? I don't want to go through with it--but luckily I looked it up online before advancing any further, or else I would have obviously broken a trophy. Some parts of this guide state that there are other missable trophies, but then I read that Oblivion Walker was the only one... Also, does the extra artefact that's possible to acquire count for this trophy or not?
  5. I've never noticed it not crediting me with a win, but I won 4 races in a lobby, then moved to another and won the required 16 more. However the trophy didn't show up so I continued in the second lobby until I clearly had 20 wins displayed on the board. Still no trophy. I thought maybe I have to exit out of the lobby for it to register the wins, but nope. No idea what I have to do.
  6. Tyrese's death was lame as fuck though.
  7. I was just saying recently that I need a new racing game and we must be well due a NFS.
  8. Ohh, I thought free game trials loaded trophy lists. That's cool then, thanks!
  9. I just watched the race. Did Hamilton ever reveal what the weaving was about in the final laps? Was it somehow related to the issue with the brakes?
  10. I know lol, I guess I sometimes feel that I might automatically lose interest once I'm older than the entire squad. Kinda like how you tend to listen to music made by people (much) older than you. But I'm still sulking about fucking linesmen who are in the wrong job so don't take me completely seriously right now. All makes sense. I was going to mention how his passion was second to none. Shame how often that works against you though. I read something interesting today (and maybe this is common knowledge) but it went into how some of Rodgers' signings have been against his own better judgement due to having his hands tied by the rest of the transfer committee, yet we all blame him 100% when it doesn't work out. They suggested that he expresses his disapproval via his team selection, i.e. by never playing Balotelli or Lambert. Must admit it not only makes sense, but it is a huge relief to think that Rodgers may never have actually wanted to sign Balotelli and goes some way to reassuring me. I honestly still have faith in him and really hope he is given a proper chance. As for Joesmi - I would trade it all in for every single member of Rafa's Spanish second team any day of the week!
  11. Robaldinio


    Gotham isn't supposed to be realistic. Daredevil is super gritty, violent and realistic. In stark contrast, Gotham stands true to its comic book roots with over the top characters and clichés. And that's why I love it!
  12. Thanks guys, I'll look out for those in future then. However, how would I tell whether or not a download I already have falls into the category of full-game-unlock-after-you-run-it-for-the-first-time? Obviously I'd like to avoid loading up any trophy lists for pure demos/trials.
  13. So does that mean he didn't... crash... per se? [spoiler=crashtor]
  14. The whole Agger thing was an absolute mystery to me. He would probably be our best player right now - certainly our best defender. Sakho is the only one who even comes close at the minute. Of course, Sakho was actually a big factor in that, but is it beyond belief to at least ask Agger to adapt to a role alongside him? We'd still probably have a better back line than we do right currently. I don't know if Skrtel is past it or what, but he worries me all the time now (in the same way that Mignolet does when he forgets he's not a forward). Agger was the last of what in my mind is the dream team from of my era (apart from Gerrard, obviously). Once he's gone, I genuinely can't see what the point will be right now. Looking back at the squad from 2005 almost makes me cry... Hyypia, Hamann, Riise, Smicer, remember Josemi? Or Steve Finnan?! Each to their own. Everyone round here is going to wish we'd just won the bloody game by the time I'm done whinging! Who is the other player there with the little stiffy?? That cannot be real what paper is that? Staytrue, well played on both your pics, cheered me up a little.
  15. Aside from a glimpse of the podium, I didn't see any of the race as I was wasting my life watching Liverpool. Firstly, GET IN RAIKKONEN YOU BEAUTIFUL BASTARD! Nico, I love you, but you got well and truly robbed son shine. Was Kimi messed about by anybody or did he a have a nice smooth race?? My last question would have been for a sit-rep on our holy pastor and by the sound of it, I won't be disappointed. Would anyone be able to elaborate on Krid's observations?
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