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  1. Damn… I couldn’t sleep tonight, I have so much on my mind and I randomly started to think about gaming which lead to trophies and to this site. I don’t go on here if at all anymore, but there’s just something about this community that makes me never forget how special it was the past decade. When I think about this community free was definitely on top of that list; no matter how inactive I got he’d always reach out to me no matter what, he’d make me feel like I was still a part of this community. He’d always message me on PSN as well with “have a great day miss bear” no matter how long I’ve been here inactive for. it’s crazy how much of an impact he’s had with this community that so many people have their own personal stories to tell. I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight, kindness like his is rare to come by these days. It really makes me stop and think that I should reach out to people more like he did no matter the distance. My heart definitely hurts, R.I.P. Kevin.
  2. I’m down if we have at least 10 teams in this league; wasn’t fond of having 8 in a baseball league last season.
  3. I was at the concert in the music video 😎
  4. I currently have Covid, have been battling omicron for a week now, my mother and brother just tested positive yesterday. Fortunately the symptoms have been minor so far, but it’s annoying to have to put your life on pause and go through the process of quarantine again. The thing about this variant is that it’s not as bad as others but it’s still Covid, and has been draining. It’s crazy how contagious this variant is; people should try to stay indoors as much as possible during the winter. I work at the airport so it was only a matter of time before I caught something. Get vaccinated and stay safe.
  5. This season was terrible. I felt like everyone had a superstar team. 8 teams for baseball is way too small. It works for basketball, but not for baseball. Not sure if I want to join again.
  6. If you guys need an 8th I’ll return. I’ll make a note that the draft is this weekend. Haven’t really had the time to do much these days but I’ll make the effort.
  7. Damn I have mcdavid? My auto drafted team actually isn’t that bad lol.
  8. I’m out, don’t have time for fantasy sports anymore. Good luck.
  9. Damn, crazy that I made this post 4 years ago and still feel the same way lol. This past year I played over 2000 hours on souls like games, really enjoyed my time, however, it was because of the pandemic; I haven’t played a video game in nearly two months since everything has been going back to normal but I do miss holding a controller in my hand. The fact that the PS5 hardly has any games still doesn’t help much either. But I do want to have that desire to play something soon.

    1. Wax743


      Not bad, not bad! Have you heard the new Born of Osiris? Really digging it! ;)


  11. There’s a bunch of good pitchers on the waiver wire. I feel like we should have tried to get at least 2 more managers in this league to make it 10, it just doesn’t feel as exciting as other seasons did since baseball has so many players, I feel like I’m almost cheating by having so many good options that I’ve been picking from our waivers, or is it just me? I mean, I picked up Goldie from waivers like literally a couple of days ago lol.
  12. I barley even managed my team this season, I had less than 10 transactions (before the last game on Sunday). But I guess I drafted good enough that I made it to the finals. I got to learn a bunch of players from hockey which was nice, but I don’t think this sport is for me. I definitely started to have an appreciation for it however, and at least I can say that I made it farther than Mike did. 😂
  13. https://www.thathashtagshow.com/2021/05/05/exclusive-bloodborne-series-in-early-development-for-hbo/ A lot of rumors have been floating around, so I’m not sure if this is legit. I also tried to search to see if this has been posted yet but couldn’t find anything. If it has, just merge this onto the respective thread. I’m not sure if this would even work? But Sony mentioned that they want to start making a bunch of new projects with HBO now that The Last of Us is in development, so it’s exciting to think what other shows we can see in the near future: Ratchet & Clank?
  14. Damn that’s sad, I remember playing game nights with her like 6-7 years ago, and the uncharted league. I talked to her on several occasions and she always seemed nice. Very sad to read these news. You never know what someone is going through so it’s always important to be kind towards each other, really breaks my heart to see people struggle but she sounded like a positive person with a good mindset. I’ll have to donate to one of those charities; it’s the least that I can do.
  15. I realized this year that I suck at fantasy basketball; maybe I should retire from it. Kind of sad too cause it’s my second favorite sport. ive also never seen so many injuries overall in an NBA season but I guess that’s what happens when you have such a short off season.
  16. Yeah, the GoTY edition has the DLC, I bought it sealed although it’s technically a euro version.
  17. Yeah, I posted that before I saw his post 👀🤷‍♀️🤫
  18. Wait what? Why am I in the championship game? It was tied with Mike so wouldn’t he win since he had the better season record? 🤔
  19. Are you going to play Mortal Shell or Nioh 1/2 after Dark Souls 3? Really good games. 

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    2. iLion


      I played FF7 remake upon release, played it for like 20 hours over the first week of release and really enjoyed it but then lost motivation to replay it to finish the trophies. There’s just something about the Souls formula which has really clicked with me. I’m really tempted to play Bloodborne again with a new character but I kind of feel like at some point we might get a full PS5 version so I’m holding off for now.


      If you do have The Surge and start it I’d be interested to hear what you think of it as it’ll probably still be a little while before I start it.


      Oh ok that doesn’t sound too bad then if you can speed run through the game. Only 5 bosses doesn’t sound too bad either. What kind of playtime did you have for your first (P) run?

    3. Warbear


      Bloodborne is my favorite souls game haha, so amazing. And yeah, I’m afraid that everything that I play will be boring to me now that doesn’t have that dodging/blocking/timing combat lol. 

      it says that I played a total of 42 hours on my PS5, but I’m pretty sure that 5-8 hours was just me being idle having the game on. On the PS4 it says 23 hours, but I’m pretty sure that 3-4 of those hours were the same of being idle lol. I just got the platinum for it again earlier; tempted to get the EU and JP versions as wel as there’s 4 different trophy lists lol. The cool thing about buying it is that you get a free PS5 upgrade, so you get 2 games for half the price of a new release. 

    4. iLion


      Yeah Bloodborne is my favourite also. It was also the first one I played which may be part of why it’s my favourite. Really hope we see a PS5 remaster...


      That’s not too bad for a playtime, guess Mortal Shell needs to go on the wanted list 😁

  20. I’ve been on a soulsborne journey too since last year ironically; guess I wanted to knock out the rust from not gaming as much as I use to during quarantine that I platinumed every soulsborne game and nearly every souls like game in 2020. Out of every boss that I’ve faced last year, I think the hardest boss that I faced was the Orphan boss in Bloodborne: and also the most rewarding.
  21. I should be winning this week, it was 6-3 before 12 AM PST, but the stats got removed for yesterday 🤔 Edit: never mind, finally updated. Looks like even if I win I won’t get the bye week in the playoffs, oh well. Good luck to everyone that’s making it to the playoffs next week.
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