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  1. I’m down if we have at least 10 teams in this league; wasn’t fond of having 8 in a baseball league last season.
  2. I was at the concert in the music video 😎
  3. I currently have Covid, have been battling omicron for a week now, my mother and brother just tested positive yesterday. Fortunately the symptoms have been minor so far, but it’s annoying to have to put your life on pause and go through the process of quarantine again. The thing about this variant is that it’s not as bad as others but it’s still Covid, and has been draining. It’s crazy how contagious this variant is; people should try to stay indoors as much as possible during the winter. I work at the airport so it was only a matter of time before I caught something. Get vaccinated and stay safe.
  4. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)!

  5. This season was terrible. I felt like everyone had a superstar team. 8 teams for baseball is way too small. It works for basketball, but not for baseball. Not sure if I want to join again.
  6. If you guys need an 8th I’ll return. I’ll make a note that the draft is this weekend. Haven’t really had the time to do much these days but I’ll make the effort.
  7. Damn I have mcdavid? My auto drafted team actually isn’t that bad lol.
  8. I’m out, don’t have time for fantasy sports anymore. Good luck.
  9. Damn, crazy that I made this post 4 years ago and still feel the same way lol. This past year I played over 2000 hours on souls like games, really enjoyed my time, however, it was because of the pandemic; I haven’t played a video game in nearly two months since everything has been going back to normal but I do miss holding a controller in my hand. The fact that the PS5 hardly has any games still doesn’t help much either. But I do want to have that desire to play something soon.
  10. You know the band Sleep Token? I didn't until this morning and can't stop listening to them. It's kind of a weird genre, but can be really catchy and djenty.

    1. Warbear


      I haven’t, I’ll check them out. You showed me both aviations and spiritbox and now I’ve heard outliners and Constance over 100 times each lol. Have you heard the new Lorna shore? Probably the best song of the year so far for me. 

    2. Warbear


      lol I just heard a couple songs from them, they’re okay, but bloodsport on the other hand I’ve heard over 10 times already 😂

    3. Wax743


      Lol knowing that you didn't knew them i'd advise you that they are a bit ''weird''. But song like Jaws and The Offering are getting under my skin. I did heard the new Lorna Shore and i must have already heard it 100 times lol The breakdown at the end will kill poeple when played live i think ! 😛 Check out the new Make them Suffer too if you havent already did (this is my song of the year).


    1. Wax743


      Not bad, not bad! Have you heard the new Born of Osiris? Really digging it! ;)


  12. There’s a bunch of good pitchers on the waiver wire. I feel like we should have tried to get at least 2 more managers in this league to make it 10, it just doesn’t feel as exciting as other seasons did since baseball has so many players, I feel like I’m almost cheating by having so many good options that I’ve been picking from our waivers, or is it just me? I mean, I picked up Goldie from waivers like literally a couple of days ago lol.
  13. I barley even managed my team this season, I had less than 10 transactions (before the last game on Sunday). But I guess I drafted good enough that I made it to the finals. I got to learn a bunch of players from hockey which was nice, but I don’t think this sport is for me. I definitely started to have an appreciation for it however, and at least I can say that I made it farther than Mike did. 😂
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