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    just trying 2 balance all the things in my life without going crazy
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    Astoria Queens NYC
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    movies, sports, going out 2 eat with my girlfriend, traveling, etc pretty simple stuff
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    Engineer at Doubletree

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  1. So I'm at 71 intel and no trophy lol
  2. Can we need one player for the 4 player co op trophy. We are playing at 4pm if you are interested then you can hit me on on psn Handsome_Rob_7
  3. Yes I did everything you mentioned already with the orginal game and no DLC added and no luck. The character that is missing or rather X out is from the DC Movie Pack. When you click it it says character locked. There isn't a DC Movie stage either so idk what to do. I think I just might make a new save (of course back up my old one) and just focus on all the characters icons again but with the orginal game. I don't know why all these Lego games are so buggy.
  4. So the DC Movie pack is apparently preventing my platinum. I have every single trophy and 100% save file. There is however one character missing or at least locked and it's the Superman movie version. When I hit R1 there is an X on the other character and I believe this is my issue. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Well I'm in the same boat except I downloaded the Movie Pack and one of the Superman characters have an X. I don't know how I'm supposed to unlock it as there isn't a level for them. So I'm at at 100% completion and one trophy glitched from platinum.
  6. Ok, so I just got my platinum on this extremely glitched filled game. Just to confirm from the OP, you need to play on version 1.00, then its best to write down or draw like I did all the runes by the color/tier. After beating the first boss check off that rune, as you continue to beat bosses keep checking off the runes, if the boss fight gives you a rune you already have just close the game and go back into it. Fight boss again until you get a rune you don't have, repeat this step if you still get same rune. I figured I would write down the rank at which the runes appear. Rank/Level 1 to 8 are Grey/Tier 1 Runes Rank/Level 8 to 12 are Green/Tier 2 Runes Rank/Level 12 to 17 are Blue/Tier 3 Runes Rank/Level 17 to 26 are Purple/Tier 4 Runes Rank/Level 26 and up (Before facing final boss) are Gold/Rank 5 Runes This is just a guide, I did see some of the grey runes in rank/level 9, 10 but didn't see them in rank/level 11. This was the same for all runes within a level/rank or so. Do not level up past these guided/recommended rank/levels until you have all 5 runes of that color/tier, once you pass a color/tier rune, there's no way of getting it back, you would need to start a new game. By doing the boss reset and checking with the rune vendor I was able to get each of the runes with out much difficulty. I hope this can help the players who have the disc copy of the game, as for the digital owners there's nothing you can do. I hope this can help some people who still want to get the trophy.
  7. Yes, that's true. I should have mentioned that, sorry
  8. Hey man I just saw this! Thanks a lot man!

  9. Option 2 isn’t working, I did exactly as you said and he doesn’t drop any runes at all. Can you please assist.
  10. So did what you suggested and I pretty much just ran through the game. I am at the level where you fight the Paladin Champion. My current level is at 6+, I am only missing 1 grey rune but no matter how many times I restart this boss fight I am getting second tier green runes. Can I still get the Grey ruin or is too late for me. I'm so sick of this fucking trophy lol.
  11. Ok, so on my father's Valhalla hardcore mode the complete all maps trophy popped for the both of us. The Ringer of Runes is still glitched but you can get it by deleting everything then reinstalling to vanilla version 1.00, the trophy will not pop in the later version's. I figured I'd just give you guys an update.
  12. So i know it has been some time but me and my father just completed the game on new game + together. We made sure that we completed all hunts and every challenge on every single map and still no trophy. I also recollected every rune and checked it off with a piece of paper and yet again no trophy. I'm going to try yet again on the hardest difficulty and Valhalla Mode for a third attempt. This game really isn't that much fun to try a forth time in all honesty. I'm hoping the third time is a charm because this is the only two trophies preventing me from going platinum, besides Valhalla Mode.
  13. Hey Bobby, I've changed the size of the red claw marks and the thickness of the border, so if you prefer this one then feel free to use it :)





  14. I feel like a dope lol, I’ll fix the credit and thanks again.
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