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  1. Played the base game only. Almost all of the trophies are very easy because you will just pop them during Career mode and 3 from the Playground mode. I was so spoiled of getting easy trophies until when I attempted the Stuntmasta' trophy where you need to get 30000 points by doing precise and fast tricks in a Gymkhana event.
  2. 3/10 just because of the Stuntmasta' trophy. Everything else is a 1/10. 25 hours. Could have been faster if I wasn't stuck on the Stuntmasta' trophy.
  3. 2/10. I think there's no game over as long as you have studs. You can just grab and throw normal enemies and spam the attack button on boses. Must refer to youtube videos for the collectibles and on some puzzles.
  4. Pretty early into the game and into the main hub city. Mission says that I should recruit 3 characters as indicated on the left side of the screen. Was able to save ScareCrow. But I cannot recruit Clayface. There is no prompt when I approach him. Is my game bugged? Update: You need to approach him while riding your truck and a mini-cutscene will show him joining.
  5. I just trigger and start all the gold ! that I see on the map and sometimes those side quests also lead to the same dungeon/location where the main quests will happen so... shooting 2 birds with 1 stone, I guess.
  6. Because I was side-tracked in my quests to unlock and avail the services of the skill trainers, the story left little impact on me. I guess the game got a very good lore tho.
  7. I guess it's just a 4/10 for me. Died a few times during the Octienne fight because I triggered the event unprepared and I forgot to save before triggering the event.
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