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  1. I believe one of the devs said on twitter that the story related trophies that aren't popping will "more than likely" pop once it's patched.
  2. PSN ID: PLATnumb-- Co-Dependent Usually on 9pm-12-1am EST and all day Mondays and Tuesdays.
  3. do the trophies auto-pop if you played the ps4 version?
  4. Man, I'm so ready to get this plat but I'm just waiting for a good guide to come out or something. I loved W2
  5. Yeah, I don't know for sure, but I would imagine you would need to go off their settings they have set.
  6. So for the no loose ends trophy I have to complete all side quests, and one of those side quests is to kill Alira. However when talking to her she gives me the option to help her, which would give me another side quest and would, I assume, fail the other side quest. how do I do this?
  7. I'm so nervous to start playing this for some reason. I want to wait until it's mostly fixed but at the same time I've been waiting to play this for years. Someone put me at ease please!
  8. I emailed Pyx a couple days after the game launched asking if he would be creating a guide and he told me that he didn't get a review copy of the game so he had to start the guide when the game launched and that it should be up later that week or next. He ended up putting the Guacamelee and last walking dead up first so it should only be a matter of time until he drops WHF
  9. hey, I just got it as well, but only at the Trex part. I saw someone say about a work around for a sick dino, what is it? I'm sure I can search around but just thought I'd ask. I don't have the glitch, but games love to glitch on me so I'm sure I will! I had one glitch happen in the very beginning where I saved at the kiosk on the dig site and then the next day when I loaded up I had to start from the beginning. Hope that doesn't happen again as I progress. This plat has me kind of worried, though hopefully they put out a couple patches since ~2016
  10. okay, so if I needed to go back and do the chapter where you crash the bus into the shop and do a peaceful demonstration I can't just go back to where I was after crossroads and it'll adapt, I have to play from the peaceful demonstration on over again is what you're saying, correct?
  11. hey friends I just finished crossroads and realized that I missed 2 trophies in the chapter where you have to break into the cyberlife store with the truck. If I went back and replayed it using "save" will it erase what I have done passed that? Or what happens? Should I just go back and play it twice using "don't save"? Or will the trophies not unlock if you hit don't save? in that same vein, If I want to do the trophy for a peaceful demonstration but the public hates me, can I go back and cherry pick through the certain chapters where the public is influenced and just do that? Or would I have to play from the first one to the last without skipping chapters?
  12. omg thank you so much. I was like wut
  13. yeah apparently it's a known glitch. What happens is when you load back in it places you right at the end of the previous mission, making the credits roll immediately. There's no way of doing anything. Even if you fast travel the credits will roll wherever you spawn
  14. so, I did it. I had one trophy left and it was to finish the final mission. I chose the option to drive away thinking I'll just do the other option afterwards. Nope. After the credits I'm looped back to right after the decision so it automatically takes me to the credits again. I've tried fast traveling, quitting the mission, going to arcade. Nothing works. I'm so mad, it was literally the last trophy I needed Is there a way to get a game save on ps4 of right before the last mission or around there that I can copy via USB? As much as I love the game I really don't want to do everything again PSA: DO NOT PICK THE SECOND OPTION ON THE LAST MISSION
  15. I'm trying to go for the "win 10 featured maps" trophy but every time I join the arcade hero multiplayer it puts me in deathmatch. Is it totally random? Should I just suffer through the deathmatch and hope that it puts me in team deathmatch? I'm older now and my aim isn't like it was in my 20's so teamwork would be best.
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