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  1. I’m not sitting here shaking my controller like a tool -is there any way to chalk cue in a different fashion?
  2. Ha ha can't win penalty shoot out in final-the ps4 just always saves penalty no.3 against me
  3. Polyamory trophy need two players ILLMANNEREDpl3 I can start 6pm GMT
  4. Just wondering if playing story on easy difficulty makes this same difficulty?Or is it easy enough?
  5. I have 90k vc and earn around 750 per game it says earnings are being uploading and seems to go through but my overall total doesn't go up?anyone else?
  6. Yes I have a us account but when I can't find it on store
  7. US store and running store not showing this?!?
  8. Hi it deffo gave me the option to post my score and I'm sure I hit the right button-no trophy.i then played the entire game again but had made a save halfway through-still no trophy-so is it the original mode you got trophy on and not the high score mode?theres an option to reset scores I may just try that and delete my save
  9. Hi the score has been posted to the online rankings I did this but no trophy anyone know the actual requirement?
  10. Thanks for explaining in full.
  11. Thank you. What were you saying about beginning a level again from where you last reached?i couldn't see option for that? I finally beat it solo after 4 attempts yday-this game was tough for me lol. Someone in another post said you can't unlock trophies for beating game with certain characters by using the continue last level option-all I see is when I die I can press continue there and then? Anyway thanks I'm getting too old for button bashers but it was a nice trip down memory lane for me
  12. My guy was floating on air at start of spinning platform puzzle-got by that then he disappeared on screen never to return with two health bars left!! Do you guys think this is a new title or it has actually been sitting made 20 years ago and they now just released it due to sales of the arcade archive double dragon 1+2?
  13. I kept losing lives at spinning platform jump so never finished mission 8-how many missions are there?
  14. Yes I'm trying that thanks piece of crap jus froze lol
  15. Thanks for taking the time-trophy is for ranked kills though so I'm going to have to endure whatever map it throws up lol
  16. Yeah I do t see any way to change settings lol I'm sure it's prob obvious but I can't seem to select nothing
  17. Can't seem to choose a map it loads me with auto map select and 10 kill limit?
  18. Thank u Sir original poster u are a legend!!took well over an hour but so much better than the PS3 beating me in the end due to a lapse of concentration!thank u for my platinum-got it a while back but forgot to give u the proper thanks st the time
  19. Thank u so much!time to wipe the dust off my vita
  20. I don't want to play it twice but seen boosting method For vita and PS3 versions are the lists shared or separate please?
  21. Ok thanks Terminator-saved me some money
  22. Yes thank u Sir for taking the time to analyse this for people.i gave up a while back but you have inspired me to give it a bash again soon,if I triumph I dedicate my platinum to u lol-seriously though thank u.
  23. On the psn eu store u can buy goat sim payday bundle but there's no info?Theres also the separate dlc for payday? So is this the game and just payday in a bundle or all dlc in a bundle?
  24. Press r1 to trigger the lift or some shit??i have tried turning off hints and subtitles but no joy anyway to remove this?
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