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  1. What is the name of your guild? I have been trying to find a good one recently and haven't had much luck
  2. Looking to boost the multiplayer tropies pinkee555
  3. i need help getting the welcome trophy. my psn is pinkee555 not sure what even needs to be done inside home to get this. any help would be appreciated
  4. psn: pinkee555 looking for both online trophies and I also need to boost bust a level 8 or higher. send me a message for this game. Ill be playing all day today
  5. exercise trophy is a pain in the butt! the marksman trophy gave me some trouble as well, but i found if you shoot one target on the first round of skeet 1 and then put your controller down, the trophy will pop for 100% accuracy exercise trophy was obtained at the end of biking 1 and hit the really long jump with the diamond and all the coins. had to hit this perfect and actually get more than 10 coins. hope this helps
  6. The online play is definitely better. Used to get kicked off every hour and wouldn't be able to connect. Very few issues now. Does seem to take longer though.
  7. I was wondering if there are different difficulty levels to play on in this game, and if that was one of the hidden trophies. Beat game on difficult, etc...
  8. got my online trophies. thanks xkentuckyx
  9. i need all 4 online trophies as well. pinkee555
  10. it isn't just a character at dullard or below. it is their lifetime game profile for all characters. if you go into the game and select lifetime, that is the actually what needs to be at dullard for this to pop
  11. awesome thanks. i thought the store updated in the morning. didnt realize it was random times. yay!
  12. The demo is not up on the store yet... anyone else able to find this?
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