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  1. Need help with Bozakm honestly you may have to carry me aRagingFatass central time Blank FRs deleted
  2. Theoretically could you buy the game and install this demo and start a campaign with a max level character?
  3. I too would like to start boosting the multiplayer trophies for this game Psn= aRagingFatass Cst Mostly weekends
  4. Looking to start boosting this game PSN= aRagingFatass Central Time Zone USA Generally on most afternoons and weekends
  5. I figured it out. When i went down the elevator by accident it glitched the game. just be careful when you come up the steps.
  6. I just got the metal detector and Charlie wont talk to me at the bar. I'm using a guide and the only thing I did different from the guide was accidental go down that elevator in the little dome building instead of going around it. I'm gonna try to continue but wanted to throw that out there to see if anyone else is having the issue thanks in advance
  7. This doesn't seem so trouble some why is it listed as a 10 difficulty? Also is this like a point and click adventure game or something ? how does it play ? thanks!
  8. Msg me for the online trophies i NEED ALL 3 PSN =aRagingFatass
  9. So I bought the definitive disc version of the game at christmas and now it's free on ps+. Is there at least a different trophy list for each game? Because otherwise I wasted my money 😢
  10. So I preordered the game months ago but never actually played it after the disheartening news about Tell Tale. I know the third episode was released Jan 15 but I don't see it on the PS store anywhere. I know it is out based on info on PSNprofiles because it shows people have earned trophies from the third episode how do I access it?
  11. looking to boost all online trophies bought the game at launch but never really played it aRagingFatass central time zone generally on after 6pm cst please indicate arkham origins when sending messages or friend requests BLANK MESSAGES WILL BE IGNORED
  12. Ok so as we have already discussed unless you make progress on a challenge you cant get any more than 6 tokens. I am on normal difficulty and this is driving me crazy. Two questions... When NG+ hits do you think we will be able to cary over suits and such and possibly re-earn the tokens we already have? Also if I lower my difficulty will it make the challenges easier for ultimate? I get close on some challenges but can't pop that threshold. Thanks in advance!
  13. As far as these Challenge Tokens go has anyone done a challenge and say got one star then continued and then did the challenge again for another star? Is that 2 tokens or still just one? Thanks in advance!
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