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    Trophies were my thing for a decade, but I grew tired of that system of manipulation.
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  1. I haven't played I Saw Black Clouds so I cannot compare the two. Wales Interactive usually makes a decent interactive film. I enjoyed The Bunker, The Complex, and Night Shift (Late Shift?). The endings were truly different depending on player choice.
  2. You are correct. For some reason I thought it did. SBPHM requires four controllers and a Move controller to Ace Inside Big Rex, but this is couch co-op only.
  3. Nah, but thanks. I found a wired controller has been more helpful than a DS3 for one of the PS3s. Snatch and Time Attack are completed; I'm around 900 wins on Card Game. If I can get 40 wins a day I should be through with the DLC before the end of the year.
  4. Damn. Does this mean Sackboy's Prehistoric Move on PS3 is also extinct? Nooooo!
  5. Dammit! Hey, I wanted to confirm that LBP3 is back online and the platinum is obtainable again? I came across this great news on Screen Rant, which read, "There is however a comforting prospect to the update, LittleBigPlanet 3's online functionalities on the Playstation 4 are fully returning via a new patch going out today. This allows players to once more have access to millions of community levels, including ones from the previous Playstation 3 titles, along with being able to create and share again. However, I don't trust Screen Rant as much as this thread. http://screenrant.com/little-big-planet-servers-shut-down-hack/
  6. yewjhin wrote the guide was written for version 1.0.0, and the game is now on version 3.4.1. The guide needs to be updated. It took TAgdeKING 26-35 hours to complete Adventure Capitalist. It took me between 24-30 hours of gametime. None of these statements are false. Congratulations on your 100% in such a short time. Your gaming experience was shorter than other people, but that doesn’t make other people’s experience less valid. If you have a more efficient way of finishing the game, please write it in a post or put up a video. This would help players who are new to the game.
  7. lol. I'm seeing you on the Brain Challenge leaderboards now. I don't know how to do the turbo controller method superpj described, and even if I did, my second PS3 is crashing every 100-150 matches in Snatch, so it wouldn't work. I don't know how he ran two PS3s for six days straight without both of them crashing. I'm up to 1449 wins on the Snatch 10 leaderboards now. The good news is that the leaderboards are still working twelve years after launch, so I'm going for the multiplayer trophies. The Level 100 Snatch trophy is over 42 hours, I know that. With accidentally bumping or dropping the controllers, forgetting to win at least one challenge, system freezes/restarts, loading screens taking longer on one system than another, and other technical issues, it's cumulatively adding hours to the total. My plan is to complete the 2000 wins in Snatch first, then 2000 in Time Attack. 2000 wins in Card Game is horrible, absolutely horrible. I can only stomach 10-15 wins/day in Card Game. 2000/10 = 200 days, 200/15 = 150 days, so if i can keep that pace, the Card Game trophy will be completed in 150-200 days, 5-7 months. One thing I would do differently if I started over would be to set Card Game to Hard. Getting accustomed to the high level challenges is necessary for the King of Brain/A+ Training trophy, which requires split second reflexes of complex challenges. Doing 2000 wins on Easy doesn't compare to those Hard challenges, and I could have been killing two birds with one stone: practicing for King of Brain! while grinding Level 100 in Card Game. The people at gameloft who designed these trophies had no idea what they were doing. Their approach drove people away from this game, not toward it. Knowing what I know now, I never would have put Brain Challenge on my main account. Brain Challenge, Street Fighter IV, Bionic Commando, Mirror's Edge, Yoostar 2, Burn Zombie Burn, and Marvel Pinball are all remnants of my trophy whore days. idk if i will ever 100% these titles.
  8. Do you happen to know of a better video or Pictorial Guide for the Speedrun and 500 moves trophy in Gorogoa? I ask so I can update the Guide with a better walkthrough for those two trophies :).

    1. poetic_justice_


      I actually don't. I used Maka's Guides on my second playthrough (he makes some mistakes in his video which I knew to avoid from my first playthrough). That video is already on the trophy guide. 

    2. Terminator


      Ok, thanks for the info :).

    3. poetic_justice_


      Sorry I couldn't help.

  9. No, it is much more than that. superpj noted the following: Time Attack: 30 seconds X 2000 wins = 17 hours Snatch: 1:15 minutes X 2000 wins = 42 hours Card Game: 3 minutes X 2000 wins = 100 hours. Total time: 149 hours. This is with the fastest possible completion, no downtime or loading screens included. When superpj tested his theory, he discovered it took him 144 hours (6 days) of running his two PS3s 24/7 just to complete the 2000 Card Game wins. So you're looking at 200 hours for these trophies.
  10. One of the weirdest takes I've seen on here. A couple of things come to mind when reading this. 1. The prolonged scalping of PS5's and Sony's failure to doing anything about are two major issues affecting the PS5 launch cycle. This has definitely affected my enthusiasm for gaming. I would love a PS5 for faster loading times and the ability to multitask more efficiently, if nothing else. There are a number of titles I would love to experience in current-gen (AC Valhalla, Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut, Hitman 3, Returnal, and Deathloop, among others). 90% of the games are not remasters; that is an inaccurate number. Perhaps you mean many new games are cross-gen? This happened when the PS4 was introduced in 2014(?) and that cross-gen cycle is beginning again with the PS5. However, Sony's inability to distribute PS5 consoles to gamers and not scalpers is costing both Sony and development studios tens of millions of dollars. People won't buy PS5 titles if they have nothing to play them on; I'm in that boat. No PS5 game sales means no money for new PS5 game development. I'm not going to shell out $700 to a greedy scalper. While refusal to support the PS5 may contribute to delayed development of noteworthy PS5 titles, I'm willing to live with that. Sony and scalpers are responsible for this mess, not me. Like you, I'm taking this time to replay older PS3 and PS4 titles in my backlog. Replaying these older titles has made me realize how emotionally unhealthy many developers are. Unhealthy developers create unhealthy trophy lists, and unhealthy gamers, like myself, become slaves to those lists. From 2008-present, most of the big companies: Activision, EA, Ubisoft, and Rockstar, made horrible trophy lists that they themselves wouldn't even complete. For a long time, I prided myself on being able to platinum difficult titles. However, the anger I experienced created problems in my living situation. Housemates would rightly become offended when I cussed out a game or snapped a controller. It took me a long time to see I was giving unhealthy developers power to make me angry. It wasn't worth it. For most games from these publishers, walking away from 100% completion is the healthiest thing I can do. I always hated Activision/Blizzard's approach to trophies. "Beat COD XX on Veteran difficulty [even though we didn't put enough checkpoints and made all the AI enemies sprinting Olympic class marksmen who see through smoke]." I loved the COD campaigns, but hated earning the platinums. Activision's current legal problems with the State of California regarding mistreatment of female employees highlight what a boys club their culture is. Though not as severe, Ubisoft had a similar lawsuit for sexual harassment and discrimination of female employees. All this led me to ask, "Why would I follow the trophy requirements of a company whose employees commit suicide as a direct result of their working conditions? That horrible boss who betrayed his coworker's trust might be the guy deciding these trophies." Although I own a number of titles from all of these companies, I've scaled way back on purchasing and playing any further titles from them. 2. EZPZ: I love Ratalaika. I love not having to play through games on the hardest difficulty for a platinum. Regarding Ratalaika, the fact that a platinum can be earned in a single sitting without a tremendous amount of thought is fun. Above all, gaming should be fun. I don't have as much time to game as I used to, and a 150+ Assassin's Creed Odyssey title is overwhelming. In addition, Ratalaika supports smaller indie studios, like the studio that created Sagebrush (an excellent short story about a cult). Short games that can be completed in a single sitting absolutely belong in the broader pantheon of genres, and for small studios trying to establish a name for themselves, Ratalaika allows them to do that on console. 3. Naughty Dog going woke with The Last of Us II hit hard. I didn't buy the game and lost interest in supporting both ND and Sony for how all that was handled. Sony is not the stand-up company I thought they were; Sony's surpression of YouTube leaks through legal coercion by a third party was unprofessional. Neil Druckmann drinking the Kool-Aid turned my stomach. How he killed of Joel while promoting Abby as a "hero/heroine" disgusts me. After the way Amy H. was forced out of Naughty Dog, ND went from being my favorite studio of all time (Uncharted 2+3 and TLOU) to being on my blacklist. For a time, these three factors diminished my interest in gaming, particularly the FPS and third-person shooter genres (my favorites). However, it allowed me to look into new genres and new developers. I am a much happier person playing peaceful games, like point-and-click titles, EZPZs, survival games, RTS+strategy games, narratives, simple platformers, and silly titles like Deathspank. Making YouTube videos to help other players on Subnautica, Stranded Deep, and The Forest has been enjoyable. Jerry, you are a hard core completionist, which I respect. That way of gaming is too stressful for me. I no longer wish to give unhealthy developers the power to make me angry with ridiculous trophy requirements. Most trophy lists from EA, Activision, Ubisoft, and Rockstar are shrines to the development team's ego, not a reward for gamers. Many (most?) development teams don't care about us or what it costs us to achieve those trophies. As a result, I'm not a hard core completionist anymore. Good trophies are a partnership between developers and gamers. Bad trophies are a dictatorship of developers over gamers.
  11. Coming back to this ten years later, and it's still a 10/10. I'm at 26%, and those are the "easy" trophies.
  12. kfree, you are the man! idk how many hours I've put into this, but I have no desire to pursue that elusive 100%. I've spent around 20 and am at 26%. That is probably where I will call it good. This game is tough. EDIT: After a ten year break and multiple hours, I'm only at 31%, which is most likely where I will stop. This game is well over 100 hours; there are 15 different tables, and each table takes hours to research and master. Some are user friendly, like Moon Knight. Others, like Fantastic Four, are terrible!
  13. Thanks kfree. Black Box Studios was disbanded by EA in 2013, which may be one of the reasons Autolog stopped working in April 2016. No one from Black Box was around to maintain it. EA is closing a lot of Black Box NFS servers this month, but Ghost NFS servers seem to be off the chopping block for now.
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