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  1. Rockstar Games Social Club This is my Evil Dead themed clan! Skill doesn't really matter since the purpose of the crew is to have people to play with while earning extra XP for being in the crew and to have fun.
  2. Message me if you want to join my clan.Elite Premium members preferred for Clan Ops and new maps. Psn:Zayne_0691
  3. I am pretty sure (But not completely sure) that the Best Buy code for the Rifle and the Golf Club is 911977.
  4. I was waiting for a collectible guide so that it would be complete, but I'll go ahead and do it now since I don't think there will be one soon.
  5. I read it really fast the first time, I totally agree with you now. Maybe they will give us the first DLC for free!
  6. Thank you so much for posting this because I would have never found this on my own!!!
  7. I just played this game for about half a hour trying to figure out what the reward is for finding all Dev Cards, but I can't figure out what it is. I collected my last card looked in my inventory and I couldn't find anything that was added in there. I went to my base and nothing. I looked in different areas and still nothing. I wonder what the reward is?
  8. If he hasn't joined your group yet he should be at the T.V. station level
  9. I think you are referring to the Konami code that is shown during the loading screen, it goes like this: , , , , , , B, A. This is is actually a joke and a reference to older gaming. The controls are actually for a NES controller and this code was used across many NES games as a general cheat code. And the loading screen does say you can try to enter this code, but nothing will happen.
  10. Yes the 200 kills were in a single level, so I guess that it could be for kill 2,00 total. I am doing another playthrough soon, so I will be sure to test it. I thought it was just saying kill a ton as in kill a lot of them, not necessarily meaning 2,000, that way people wouldn't think it was glitched because they killed a lot of them and the potion didn't drop. Thanks for the compliment by the way, this is my first trophy guide and road map, so I wasn't quite sure how it was going to turn out. And you might have combined status effects without knowing it, such as an already electric zombie who ran into fire on his own, but I have tested the status effect, and it does create the required over sized zombies.
  11. Also, anyone who is wondering if there will be DLC can rejoice because there will probably be DLC. Here is a link to the official All Zombies Must Die website showing that DLC will most likely come out. http://www.allzombiesmustdie.com/dlc/
  12. http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1142/2D5.jpg Thought This Was a Zombie Game? Witness Luxo Joining the Group Story related and can't be missed. [spoiler=04]Once you clear out the Power Plant, Luxo will ask you to bring him a Cattle Prod and a Spark Plug . Use to find the area you need to be in to get them then complete the requirements shown in the top right of the screen. Once you have them, bring them back to the Crafting Table and combine them then talk to Luxo to get him to join the group. http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/trophies/1142/1CC.jpg Touch Base Complete "Return to the Military Base" Story related and can't be missed [spoiler=05]Once you return to the park after searching all 4 military trucks and avoiding the bombs head back to the gate, the gate will need you to kill all zombies and an ALL ZOMBIES MUST DIE! quest will start. Kill the required 300 zombies and head back to the gate. Enjoy the cutscene and the trophy!
  13. I gave it a 4 for pretty much the same reasons, but if you wait too long to do the Can't Touch This trophy, it can get extremely hard because of all the enemy types and increased number of enemies.
  14. No, it only has 4 player local Co-op.
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