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  1. I just beat the game. So I will start things off. Unmissable Trophies Unmissables: Take the last step forward Completed Chapter 1. Reward after the battle Completed Chapter 2. Like a reflecting mirror Completed Chapter 3. Russhing Journalism Completed Chapter 4. The matter settled? Completed Chapter 5. A Mermaid can not walk Completed Chapter 6. The glow in the dark Completed Chapter 7. An unfulfilled wish Completed Chapter 8. Be together again Completed Chapter 9. The truth of the sisters Completed Chapter 10. Mind and Heart Completed Chapter 11. I will never forget you Completed Chapter 12. Going toward the sunset Completed Kei's Inetermission. Beauty Battle Completed Shihori's Inetermission. Death March Recital Completed Fumio's Inetermission. Handing over a batton to… Completed Kaori and Rika's Inetermission. The melancholy of a savant girl Completed Yuri's Inetermission. Fragment Beginner Got a Fragment for the first time. Mission Amateur Succeeded in a first Mission. Defeated Yesod. Defeated Yesod Defeated Yesod. Defeated Tiphereth Defeated Tiphereth. Defeated Netzach Defeated Netzach. Defeated Daath Defeated Daath. Everything else is missable The only trophies I failed to get on my first run was the one related to Mao's bond episodes, the dark cave monster, and Created all items.
  2. I just got the normal end it seems i missed some quests or neglected to pick up an item that gives a quest required for the true ending. anyone know what the true end reqs are i can't figure it out no one seems to agree on the affection levels and at what chapter they need to be before you get pushed to one ending or the other.
  3. Some one posted a list to a quest spreadsheet on gameFAQs Quest Thread
  4. If the skill was a Passive you have to equip it in the slots menu. A character can have 4 passives on at a time.
  5. Happy birthday!:)

  6. Drumpler Shellbeat Fire Bush Travelers' Sign Trumplite
  7. first trophy I got was on 8/14/2014 My first Monster Latest trophy I got int the game was Rare Monster 8/22/2014 I got 9 of the trophies so far. Does anyone know if the ghosts or shugabush are required?
  8. Novibear US EDT Trophies i need are Clear all penitence, and recursion Pacts then some hidden ones i need to look up. I am around evenings Tues-Thursday Working third shift on weekends SUCKS
  9. Level and rank 9ish siegfried. The partner summon saved my ass big time.
  10. I can't seem to join any online tavern Lobbys these past few days on either VITA or PS3. Anyone else having issues I am working on my online quest count?
  11. I am still struggling with Tamaki's 25 hit, Touka's Well timed moves and Karlas Critical hit. Any additional pointers would be helpful. I watched the videos and am still stuck. I want this to be my first 2014 platinum. EDIT: Never mind I got it AquaPazza first plat of 2014!
  12. Fort Walcott maybe? you have to take a boat to it.
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