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  1. I have plan to buy this one, im looking to boost online first (since from what i read MP is dead). my psn id hatak2048
  2. I have UK version of Fallout NV, (bles 00901), all other dlc was where should be in psnstore on time...but with this one there is this icon gun arsenal icon...but nothing inside, so looks like someone forgot to upload file or something lol. (The thing with cenega was that they release PL version of Fallout 3 but dont give a shit about dlc;p) Anyway will have to wait a bit longer, thx for replies:)
  3. PSN store states there is gun runners dlc but then you try entering folder its simply empty. nothing in it. (other dlc those extra starter pack is present).
  4. fallout New Vegas all the way - main story is not so much important, you can just do many many other things - no stupid freaking severs/metro tunels - slightly better graphics - more balanced weapons (plasma not so much overpowered) - i dont feel like forced to play in vats - hardcore mode - more quests - better dlcs - diferent endings - desert, desert i like desert:) - and many more few points for Fallout 3: easier less grindy trophies better main character press, press it ! boom, bye bye megaton:) i love nukes:D ability to play game after finishing main story (strong+)
  5. Completed SoldnerX-2 and got this....and now i must say SoldnerX-2 was easy;p
  6. Anyone else not getting trophy for completing all level? got them all...and nothing:( (ok problem solved, looks like there is a bug which lets you complete level after your time will run out, it will say restart lvl but in main screen level will be set as done and next one unlocked, if that happens, just replay that lvl until done properly).
  7. Anyone else found this trophy set so anoying? Getting it done without guide would be .......awwwwwww;p
  8. Any news on EU release date? I takes way to long;/
  9. No trophies?? huray! my 100% wont be fuked up;p (im buying it anyway, just to have some fun)
  10. Plat what ya want:) but there is one exception HANNAH MONTANA!!;P i couldnt do it.
  11. Yeah, its retarted where are trophies for this DLC but no fuking dlc so i know my 100% will be screwed;/
  12. Thank god, i read about that autoscaling thing in this game, hate it so much...bye dead island.
  13. Fist read about it, then bought and played it for a week, sadly game sucks (and i dont have problem with dying in level and running again), there was no item progress for my mage there was only 1 usefull item upgraded more or less, also character is not getting stronger in any way...whats the point in progress and all?? Survival and fear of every corner was nice:D but game mechanics are simple shit;p
  14. It was 6 for me, some stunts were hard, also last boss on hard wasnt that easy as some "uber ones";p say.
  15. This game is fun for first 2 hours, after, its boring and seeds trophy is f..g anoying;p
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