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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)!

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)!

  3. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :).

  4. You can do this without a second controller or PS Vita, using remote play on PC and using the PC as the second controller. I did it this way since I don't have a 2nd controller or a Vita. You'll need an alt account. Connect to the alt account using remote play. Use your controller with your main account and win the match. Done. I guess this can be done with share play using another player as well if you don't have a PC.
  5. Been a few days now, and it never loads. It worked before that just fine. Anyone else have this problem?
  6. Looking for a partner to get the 100 online wins and 200 online matches trophies done. EU PS4 version. GMT +1 No blank friend requests please.
  7. Thanks I did think of it and tried it. Between pulse and mira I'm getting more kills from mira. But depends on what team I get put in. Unfortunately a lot of the time I get people reinforcing the wall next to my mirror.
  8. Didn't know that. One way they could have done this better would have been to add these new requirements to the old ones. 2500 terrorists OR etc etc. That way people who were already working on those requirements wouldn't have lost all that progress. Anybody have some tips for bullet pen kills in MP? Haven't played in a while. I unlocked Mira yesterday. I already had 11 but I got one yesterday and it didn't pop so I'm guessing I have to do them again.
  9. Before these changes I only had solo trophies left, now I need 5 flawless Ranked matches, 10 MP penetration kills and 5 kills with different weapons, all MP. Really got screwed over. I didn't even know sony allowed changing trophies this much, has something like this happened with any other game?
  10. Congrats. I started out intended on avoiding farming or glitches but at rank 30 I just couldn't stand it anymore. Thankfully got it done with the awards exploit. I did it with Bow headshots + total kills. 400xp. Still took a while but I am happy I don't have to play RDO anymore. Finally started SP now, its fantastic.
  11. I got 2 wins on races and 1 on that last man standing mode. I feel races are the best way to get them solo, since winning pretty much guarantees MVP.
  12. Howdy ya'll, Just a simple heads up to people who still haven't finished the story. I unfortunately got a major spoiler from a Youtube video, thumbnail and title. Youtuber in question is MrBossFTW. And I didn't even go looking for this video it just popped up in my recommendations. So be careful. Definitely stay away from RDR2 videos if possible (I sure can't because I need guides) but random recommendations can pop up so there's that. I've blocked future videos from this content "creator" to be safe. Ya'll take care now.
  13. Got the update but I can't find the actual turf wars download.
  14. PS4 main menu, go to Settings -> Language -> choose language and then launch the game Language files (Audio + Subtitles) are downloaded..... Done I'm guessing this isn't an in-game option because it would take up a lot of unnecessary HD space if every available language is installed along with the game.
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