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  1. thanks ILION NORMALLY ILL KEEP THE PLAT IN MIND BUT I JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN ASWELL. sorry caps im going to have another go now as just home from work. the map felt dull and boring to me yesterday. everything looked the same, upside down buildings etc
  2. i plated and loved the demons souls remake on ps5. hated bloodbourne. liked dark souls trilogy but didnt complete them, hated sekiro i just started elden ring yesterday after finishing another playthrough of god of war in antisipation for ragnorok ive spen t about 2 hours in the first area and im really not seeing much fun, is there anyway of adding like places to aim for on the map as when i go somewere its just nothing, i am a gamer that likes direction. when i started ghost of tsushima i choose the option of adding markers etc rather than following the wind only i was really looking forwards to this but im a little worried. ill try again later
  3. with horizon announced i see hope of a naughty dog vr game and everyone will lose there shit, will sell tons of psvr 2,s loved my 1st gen psvr. had it almost 5 years. games that i can remember loving are 1. moss book 1 and book 2 that was just released(book 2). absolute gems, magical and take you away to a special place 2. firewall amazing online shooter , when i first played it i didnt think this was possible. amazing 3.arizona sunshine a zombie campaign either sp or coop.so fun i have played most vr games on psvr and cant think right now of others day 1 for me for psvr 2 to see the improved graphics and the new controllers CANT WAIT
  4. WARNING! SPOILER TAGS ARE NOT USED IN THIS THREAD! You have entered a spoiler tag free zone about the game Life is Strange: True Colors. This thread has been created to discuss anything Life is Strange: True Colors related. You are permitted to discuss key plot points and any part of the story openly without the use of SPOILER TAGS. Please note, this is not a "How do I..." thread. Any posts like this will be deleted. In summary, this is a SPOILER TAG free zone. You do not have to use SPOILER TAGS within this thread. This thread is immune. Failure to use spoiler tags outside of this thread may result in a three day ban. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ive finished the game today and for me this is the weakest of the 4 games. i dont know why lis2 gets the most hate as that was my favourite by far. game was ok but the small town feel felt a bit boring and gabes murder was all strange if u ask me . so strange that i thought he hadnt really died and would come back i was expecting some kind of mystery in town but it ended up being a coorperation . we seem to have had a crap year for games this year on ps5 . glad next year seems to be changing that
  5. each episode was not as long as the usual for this type 1 hour to 1 and a half hours each id guess.
  6. ive never played many of these, the first one i ever put any time into was the vita remake of ff-x ,144 hours and the plat but then i couldnt get into ff_x2 the sequel as it felt super girly. ive looked at trailer of others but they have never grabbed me to try one ff7 remake is currently on ps4 and ps5 and i was wondering how good it is as all ive seen is the characters in the same city over again. i played the demo and it was ok but never made me wanna buy the game any thoughts?
  7. im hoping the multiplayer were getting has some kind of last one alive mode were say 50 or more people are in the same game on a big map. last one alive wins. that be awsome. maybe there will be coop story on it as there taking a long time to make it. uncharted 2 had coop story. it was amazing
  8. thanks Gage. wow a whole month till tommy goes after them, 1 month, thats so wierd. why wait that long
  9. Hi Alchemist do you think part 3 will be the final game? i think we will definately get part 3. i read the outline of the story has already been written and i think thats what they struggled with with part 2 until hayley gross came on board. neil couldnt get the right story i hope its not another 7 years till part 3. i remember uncharted games having a 2 year gap between but these games are just massive now compared to games like uncharted im guessing the fireflies will be involved in the 3rd game so im assuming abby will return and there is no way ellie wont return and dina gives ellie an arc if that makes sense so thlou multiplayer coming next and apparently a part 1 remake which i dont understand at all. why not remake uncharted 1 instead
  10. not a bitch but just something i noticed. at the start of day 1 on abbys playthrough mel makes a comment that she hasnt seen owen for 2 weeks, well i think this has been a mistake as abbys day 1 is the same as ellies day 1 and surely ellies day 1 wasnt over 2 weeks since they killed ( golf club ) plus abby and her friends had to get back from jackson to seattle, so what. did it take ellie 3 weeks to go after tommy. surely they would have gone 2 days later. ellie was bruised still
  11. this contains spoilers i played this 3 times through when it came out on release and i just didnt like the direction the story went in,but got the plat and then put it to the back of my mind as i was a big joel fan. the first tlou game is my fav game of all time. well over 30 complete playthroughs and 100,s hours in multiplayer i recently found myself with not much to play so thought id playthrough part 2 again, ive now just completed 2 back to back playthroughs. jesus what a difference a year makes, ive now totally seen the game and story from a diff prespective. i actually really like abby,s playthrough and see her as the better person to ellie. part 3 im hoping has both characters but like joel and ellie in part 1 i think this story has been told.
  12. ive pre ordered mine on ps5. my takeaway cost more last night. cant wait
  13. wow. what a journey i have just been on. 53 hours and voted an 8 in difficulty. this was my first from software game and ive just ordered the souls trilogy now off ebay. on my first playthrough i thought whats all the fuss about, a 4 in difficulty and then came new game+ its a massive leap and ill be honest i doubt i would have been able to do it alone, i have had some amazing help on a few levels and bosses and a massive thanks to iLion from off here,he has been very helpful and got me through it, plat 310 and this feels like a very proud plat although i do feel ive cheated a little with help, but a plat is a plat. the game is a masterpiece from start to finish and i cant wait to start dark souls remastered next
  14. im level 105 i need to get my world and character tendency to nuetral or white. a couple at black right now dittyeating
  15. right. im in the deep shiit now. im doing something wrong new game plus. i cant even get past the most simple enemy before they 1 or 2 hit kill me. and my sword and magic basically do absolutely nothing to most enemies. anyone help. im using the scimitar upgraded to 8. and the original magic stick. not upgraded as cant upgrade it. im dying constantly after breezing through 1st playthrough. something not right here. my health is depleated straight away. im so stressed
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