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  1. What your post should at least include (but not limited to): Your PSN ID Online trophies you're wanting to boost Your time zone To make everyone's life easier during boosting, please ensure you're familiar with the methods used to boost this game before you start. If the boosting method requires a group to be organized and set up, please keep all discussions and planning in the boosting thread. Please do not create another thread. __________________________________________________
  2. Looking to do the 2 coop RPG trophies. I'm on Eastern Standard time, please send me a request and we can work out a time to do this. Edit: Got the trophies now, thank you.
  3. Hey again, barny80. Yeah, that sucks to hear, I had seen your PSNprofile name and saw awhile back you hadn't gotten this trophy. I've tried scouring the internet for any information regarding Gotta Catch 'em All but couldn't find anything, was hoping someone would've posted a collectible guide or something but that seems unlikely to happen considering this game is pretty damned well under the radar, and it seems like the developer has no real contact information from what I could tell. I was thinking to make a collectible guide (by taking screenshots of the crates as I play the game). Problem is, I had started to attempt to work on one, then I realized there seems to be OVER 50 crates in the game. Going by my calculations, if the player collects every crate, they should at least have the trophy by either Level 23 or 24. I'm starting to think either the trophy is glitched specifically for the NA version, or maybe something... is just glitched for this trophy in general. If I remember right I do remember at least two people from PSNprofiles that were in the NA region did platinum this game. Like you, I must've played through the game entirely at LEAST seven times since I last posted making sure to get every crate I could, and the trophy never popped. I even tried deleting my save and deleting and reinstalling the game from a "clean" state, and still nothing. The only other option I'm considering is doing a initialization on the PS4 (wiping all data) and starting the game from a super clean slate and see if the trophy unlocks. I'm only saying this, why? Because earlier this year I had a problem unlocking trophies for Sniper Elite 3 and Far Cry 3, and I was getting error codes (did a Google search and discovered the code meant "trophy data corruption"). So I initialized the PS4 and reinstalled everything, and trophies for both games started unlocking just fine. I'd wager if I did this again, it might work for Anoxemia. I have no idea when I'll be able to play through the game again and try to take note of every crate location. If I ever end up unlocking the trophy I'll be sure to update here when/if I do.
  4. http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/news/boosting1.png Trophy Boosting Thread Refer to the Trophy Guide and Roadmap What your post should at least include (but not limited to): Your PSN ID Online trophies you're wanting to boost Your time zone To make everyone's life easier during boosting, please ensure you're familiar with the methods used to boost this game before you start. If the boosting method requires a group to be organized and set up, please keep all discussions and planning in the boosting thread. Please do not create another thread. __________________________________________________ Boosting Method: __________________________________________________
  5. Did you ever manage to get this trophy? I had played this game recently and this is only trophy I have left. The problem is, I played through this game at least three times, doing my best to make sure I opened every supply box I could find, and the trophy never popped at all. I know that once you open a box, and if you die or complete the level, they never respawn. I looked all over the internet and there's no guides for the supply boxes whatsoever. The only thing I know is that the trophy is for supposedly opening up 50 supply boxes (I also suspect it might be for picking up 50 treasures, which are the little white balls of light that are upgrades for the drone, but I don't even think there are 50 upgrades, way less than that, in fact). One particular box in Level 15 is glitched. If you go all the way to the left after blowing up the wall with the dynamite, you'll find a supply box. If you open it, two upgrades will fly out, but you can't actually collect them for some reason. Strangely, there's at least currently 15 platinum achievers for the game on PSNProfiles. I don't know if the trophy for this game is either glitched or there's a box that I somehow missed even after scouring all the levels as best as I possibly could. If anyone has any ideas, please share on here, or if there's any hidden supply boxes that are difficult to find, please let us know.
  6. I decided to take the plunge and buy the "Remastered" version today (from the NA store) and I have good news: the trophy list is indeed separate from the original release, so this means that this isn't the Asian version at all. So if anyone happened to have bought the original game before it was removed, that means they can buy this "remaster" and still platinum the game a second time (or third time if anyone bought the original EU version). The game is exactly the same of course, and the only thing I noticed that was different was the Snoop trophy (for listening to all the messages on Cassie's phone) unlocks without any issues unlike the original game (before, if you didn't get the trophy you had to delete your save and start a fresh new game in order to get it). The poppet dolls and the touchstones are all in the same places as they were before. Virtually no differences whatsoever. Mystery solved, folks!
  7. Please send me a message/add me, I only need the Triple Kill trophy for the platinum and would like to get this done before the servers close. Since this game is region based and people of different regions can't connect to the same lobby, I'm in the NA region and I'm in the Eastern Standard Time zone (-5 hours). Edit: Ok got a group already. So never mind.
  8. I'm a bit confused by this remastered release - I noticed the original Perception was delisted from the store. So does that mean that the remastered release has a new and separate trophy list? I'm only saying that because I saw a new list was on PSNProfiles for the game, but some said it was probably for the Asia region. I'm only asking because I might buy this new version later on down the line.
  9. You're welcome, Blaze! I hope they get fixed too (and hopefully the difficulty of Endless Mode gets properly tweaked also). I haven't beaten the game with the Shadow Class yet, haven't played two player Endless Mode and haven't gotten past Room 16 due to the unbalanced difficulty in Endless Mode yet, so I can't report any news whether those trophies or glitched or not. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a patch/balance fixes! UPDATE: Good news, the game was recently patched! I played the game today and I was able to get the two glitched trophies, including the ones for Endless Mode. They rebalanced the difficulty so its MUCH easier to get through Endless Mode, in fact, you pretty much can kill everything in one hit without any problems. I got to Floor 60 easily in about a half hour, probably a little less. Also, in the regular campaign they increased the XP gain by huge amounts, so you're guaranteed to reach Lv. 15 sometime around halfway through the game depending how thorough you are killing every enemy on the maps. But sadly, this patch brought only one issue I encountered, and that's for the Healer trophy. You're supposed to revive your companion 5 times in 2 player Endless (by destroying the tombstone that appears when he dies), except the problem is, the tombstone doesn't even appear in Endless mode at all. While it does in the story campaign, it doesn't in Endless for some reason, so this leads to me to believe this is another bad glitch. This is also gamebreaking because since the tombstone doesn't show up, you can't even progress to the next room since both players need to be alive to do so. I already reported the issue to Fishcow earlier today. I'll update if another patch is released to fix this trophy. UPDATE #2: A second patch was released today, finally! The platinum is now officially obtainable BUT there's a small caveat to getting the Healer trophy. I started up 2-Player Endless Mode and let my 2nd player die, and the problem was still there, the tombstone wasn't spawning at all. I was getting ready to contact Fishcow again to tell them, but I discovered something - I had the idea of letting the FIRST player die instead of the second player, and the tombstone DID actually spawn, which surprised me. I just let the first player die and destroyed the tombstone five times to revive them, and the Healer trophy and platinum popped without any issues. So technically, they did fix the problem but its just that you can't revive the second player as the first player - you can only get the Healer trophy if you let the first player die and revive them as the second player. (Also a little side note, I think they may have fixed the damage output and speed values again for the player, because when I played Endless Mode and Campaign for a little while, I wasn't one-shotting everyone and moving really fast like I was in the previous patch. So they probably balanced the game a little more without making it too easy or too difficult, I can't say for sure.)
  10. It saddens me to say that this game may have at least two trophies where Knowledge is Power III is impossible to get due to the fact that there's not enough enemies to reach Lv. 15 before you beat the final boss, and the Scrap Metal trophy (for beating the Goblin Mecha, the final boss) may be glitched. I beat the game earlier today on Hard difficulty, but I didn't get the trophy for beating the Goblin Mecha at all. I'm doing a run on Easy difficulty and I'm on the last area currently, and I also deleted and reinstalled the game just in case to fix any problems for Scrap Metal - I'll update later in case I still don't get it after beating him a second time. I haven't started Endless Mode yet so I can't report if any trophies in that mode are glitched/unattainable as of yet. This game has a few glitches and the damage output for the characters seems to be insanely low particularly for the bosses, especially the first boss since it continually heals itself and you have to practically keep attacking it without getting hit - I even had a glitch where the boss ran out of bounds on the screen and it pushed my Vanguard character outside the right gate, and I got stuck outside. I could still hit the boss but it took me about a half hour to kill him due to the horrible DPS damage output, and with him constantly healing it took WAY longer than it should have. Anyway, I went to the website of Fishcow Studio (the developer) and they seem to have an e-mail and contacts for Facebook and Twitter (neither of which I have), here is their website, the contact links are at the bottom of the page: https://fishcowstudio.com/games/moonfall/ I just wanted to bring people's attention to this and maybe any or all of us can contact Fishcow Studio so maybe we can get this patched. I already sent an e-mail myself, so maybe the more of us reporting this issue, the better. UPDATE: I can confirm that the Scrap Metal trophy is indeed glitched. I beat the boss a second time as the Elementalist character and the trophy didn't pop. I can also confirm that after playing the game through a second time, there is not enough enemies to gain enough XP to reach Level 15 for Knowledge is Power III. If you were to kill every enemy in the game as it is now, the highest you can reach is Level 13 - just about one XP segment bar shy of reaching Level 14. I contacted Fishcow Studios through e-mail (which is: biz@fishcowstudio.com) and informed them of the two trophy issues. They told me they will look into it. I also told them about Endless Mode being proven to be very difficult due to the damage output values being very low for the player (I noticed in a YouTube video walkthrough of the entire game, the person playing was doing MUCH more damage to the enemies than you're able to in the PS4 version). So I also asked in my e-mail if it was possible to patch and fix the difficulty to make things more manageable for the player, because even on Easy mode, Endless Mode can be very difficult since you do so little damage to the enemies, no matter how you distribute your skill points and what your weapons and armor is. Hopefully if this is looked into things can be made a little easier for this mode.
  11. I know the online for this is kinda dead now, but I'm leaving my name here for the "Come Back, Kenny!" trophy. I would like to at least try to go for this without having to play for 50 something hours for a random chance of having him appear with the A.I.. My PSN name is: RubyKnight
  12. I'm having the same problem (same region, the North American store). I thought they'd fix it today, but its still unavailable to actually purchase.
  13. Hello guys. I'm currently stuck at a specific part in the fifth dungeon on Mount Janszoon. I can't figure out for the life of me how to pass this part. I tried placing Stephen on either side of the pressure plates and trying to hit him so that he'll slide to other plate, but I really can't work the logic on what to do. If I hit Stephen so he'll slide onto the left plate, he'll eventually slide off and doesn't stay on it, not giving me any time to run over to the other side to hit the bullseye target. This puzzle's truly giving me a headache, so if anyone can please help, it would be greatly appreciated. I attached an image of the puzzle I'm stuck at. Edit: Sorry, I just looked at Kishnabe's video on the last dungeon and I found out how to solve the puzzle, you're supposed to put Stephen on the right pressure plate, go to the other side of the lava pit, fire a dart at Stephen, so when he eventually slides over to the left plate, you can go over to the right side and hit the bullseye target once it slides over to where you are.
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