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  1. I need all trophy boostings, my PSN id is luckynumber1234
  2. I need both please because I got suspended on PSN and I have a new account, its luckynumber1234
  3. DO NOT!!! download my stuff yet cuz I need to wait 2 days for my Update to download and I know peeps have already downloaded my stuff so no one else do it till I say
  4. I want to know who really liked this game because I was having a really hard time drifting even though I did drifting way better on the 1st nfs shift, I also did way better in races in Shift 1 as well and personally I like NFS Shift 1 better. Who agrees or disagrees with this statement
  5. I want to know who is gonna get this game because I've already pre=ordered it
  6. I got the complete edition & I never got the DLC I had to pay for it
  7. Hello, your signature currently exceeds the max limit. Please reduce it so that all parts fit within the space shown below:



  8. I need sharing splines, Showing the World, Series Winner, Taking on the World, Star Creator & Modnation Superstar
  9. Really no one plays Midnight Club LA anymore
  10. When paying this game you should buy the boss car pack 1st because u can get the Porsche that Rose drives at 0% & thats hat I did and in 3 days I had done 56% of the career mode.
  11. I want to start a Drift Team on this game and I want some members & I want some help with the name And if you want to join send me a message and an idea with the name
  12. I was on the LBP trophy guide & I saw the boosting thread and I couldn't get onto it
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