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Rob Madgwick

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  • Birthday 01/27/1978

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    A passionate Sony gamer since the ps1. Well into beer and Arsenal.
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    Ten Pin Bowling, gaming and great tv series such as 24, Prison Break and Spartacus
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    Warehouseman for a brewery

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    Resogun as always
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    Master Reboot
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    Assisting all users who imeet get Resogun trophies especially 1CC, veteran and master.

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  1. Happy Birthday Rob!

  2. Wow...over 3 years since you logged in. Hope you and yours are doing ok. Anyway...Happy 40th if you happen to see this.

  3. Miss you mate, hope you are well.

  4. WRC 5 announced on top of the Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo early next year. Are you excited? :)

  5. What's happening Stranger? You still using the EstherBoal gaming tag? Got a very odd response to a message I sent you, wasn't sure if Esther had taken over the account!

  6. Sorry I have been tied up of late, do you still want to knock out MXGP for ps3? I am going to be moving to Germany in February, so we will be on a closer time schedule when I get there....

  7. 153 yesterday from Murdered Soul Suspect and 154 today from the Wolf Among Us. Both easy games made easier by the guides from this site.
  8. Fucking great work. Thats a bitch of a to get I wish i had the skills
  9. Congratulations on the new job Fynn
  10. 152 yesterday from Murdered Soul Suspect on the ps3, now for the ps4 version after i get through Sherlock Holmes:Crime and Punishment. Also hit 15 k a couple of days ago
  11. A belated merry christmas from me mate.

    Have you got any new year plans

  12. Over the weekend i hit 150 The Walking Dead then 1 hr later finished off Far Cry 4. Feels good to have a double plat day. Oh and i reached 50
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