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  1. Human Lover trophy PSN: Throw7 PS5 PST - North America Done, thanks to Vivis_apprentice.
  2. PSN: Throw7 PST, online often; on right now Edit: done
  3. I got every room down to 0 except for the very first area, the library. I had one light left and could never find it even though I turned it upside down and grabbed every item in the room. My guess is it's really well hidden or lights can glitch.
  4. I finished all the zombie pitches solo and I'm ready for score attack. Looking for help knocking out all 7. I'm online right now and should be most of the day. Just send a message to Throw7. Edit: Done, thanks to MUSTAFA_1994
  5. I've got 3 of the 4 fishing rods and I'm attempting to do the Gone Fishin' mission to get the 4th rod. After catching 3 trout with the woman, the next objective listed is to catch a sturgeon. I've caught multiple of both kinds and nothing happens. The objective doesn't change and I seem to be stuck. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Edit: Looking at some guides and they list that you actually need to catch a bass, salmon, and sturgeon. However, I've only got the sturgeon objective listed. I'm thinking the game marked the bass and salmon as complete because of previous fish I've caught, but the sturgeon objective bugged. I tried catching all 3 types thinking maybe it just had the wrong label but no luck. Edit 2: Just kept fishing for sturgeon and on the 20th catch or so, the objective got marked as complete. Shrug...
  6. PSN: Throw7 I'm online now and will be for the next few hours. I'm looking to do all the online trophies. Freeburn, timed, cagney, big island, etc.
  7. Based on the first game I'm guessing there's a lot of missable trophies. Anything like chapter select in this one that'll make our lives a little easier?
  8. The trophy is glitched unfortunately. You have to build all rooms at once. Here's more info on the issue: https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/55425-trophy-thoughts/
  9. Anyone know where the*Moonie stamp is? It's the one on the 5th page, second on the bottom row. It looks like this: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/locoroco/images/f/f4/Moonie.png/revision/latest?cb=20171128230801 It's one of the last ones I need but I've played levels over and over and can't find it.
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