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    I mainly play RPGs and action-adventure games with the occasional fighter or racer.
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    Backlog Land
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    Other than gaming, my main hobby is collecting perfume.
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    Too long to fit in the box, but the short answer is I work at a university and do various things XD

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  1. Thought I would wish you a Happy Birthday...although haven't seen you online too much lately. Hope that you have a great day...

  2. I haven't been very active on the site over the past couple of years so just now saw this, very sorry to hear it He was a great guy.
  3. http://psnprofiles.com/lib/img/games/e1c9fd/trophies/1L3749c2.png After a long break from trophy hunting I just finished up Tales of Xillia for #87
  4. I found this the easiest way also. I went to Magnus Zero and fought the Sylphids, equipped Fury Stoke, and taunted so the enemies would focus on me. Trying to use lower level enemies didn't work at high levels, their attacks would get that auto-shield other people have mentioned.
  5. I started because of the trophies, but actually find it to be fairly fun, but everything takes SOOOO LOOOONG that I probably will lose interest quickly...
  6. Hello! Thanks for the add! :)

  7. In my game: Left with Tavia: Russell, Wyatt, and Bonnie Stayed at the camp: Shel and Becca, Vince -I killed Justin in Vince's story (not that I LIKED Danny, but I figured he would be more useful) -Eddie went out alone (I tried to delay leaving him with Wyatt, but it seemed like I eventually had to) -Russell stayed with Nate (I tried to talk Nate out of killing the 2 people in the diner, but he did anyway) -Didn't lie about killing Dee -In Shel's story, I let the first thief go, but then killed Stephanie (character/story-wise, I figured that after letting the guy go led to an attack, Shel learned to be more ruthless and so killed Stephanie.)
  8. I just played through the Vita version and found some parts to be really bad with the lagging, I had a hard time getting through the street full of zombies in episode 5 until I memorized exactly where they would all appear. And I accidentally [spoiler=djaklsdjaskl]shot Molly in episode 4 because the scene was stuttering, I thought I tapped the zombie :/
  9. http://image.blingee.com/images14/content/output/2007/12/27/321901732_7a0e2808.gif
  10. Just got the plat! Thanks a lot for the helpful guide.
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