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  • Birthday May 14

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    Streamer on Mixer.com www.mixer.com/gunpowdernboom
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    West Virginia
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    United States - Eastern time zone

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    2017 goals:
    Up my completion percentage
    Earn at least 3 platinum trophies

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  1. Rest in Peace, Lindsay. ❤️ 

  2. Happy birthday! :highfive:

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday! :cake:

  5. Thanks for that Kloud! Now I just need #17 and #32. Trying to work out how to get those without having to replay the entire game.
  6. Does anyone know where to get panty numbers 7, 17 and the last one? I've been through the guide three times now, and I feel like I've done everything. Even went back and redid the timed sections numerous times.
  7. I'd like to find a team for this. I'm in the US, east coast. Not sure if that'd make any difference to anyone at all. Also, I am a partnered streamer on Mixer, so we'd either have to schedule matches when I'm not streaming preferably. If that's not possible, I'm happy to stream Rocket League if my team and the other team is alright with it, but I cannot have a voice chat during my stream. I only stream 3 nights a week, so I'm sure it could be worked out. PSN: GunpowdernBoom (used to be Quickie_Lindsay but I changed it when the name change feature rolled out)
  8. Sorry...just a little late on the Birthday well wishes. I hope that you had a fantastic day!

  9. Happy birthday! :bearhug:

  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. If anyone wants to partner up, my PSN is Quickie_Lindsay. You can shoot me a message there or here.
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