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  1. Voted 4 A little bit hard was to beat the level Into The Abyss (on "Hardcore" difficulty) everything else is easy, its a short game and can be done 100% in a few hours , for me it was a good one, it is scary and has some tense , i suggest it if you like horror/survival games .:D
  2. 6 for me, only a few levels are challenging and they need practice ,unfortunately the game is average for me....
  3. I voted 5, this game is very good i suggest it ! all trophies are easy,only hyper mode is a little bit challenging,for me levels 27 and 14 were the hardest , they need some practise and patience.
  4. Hi ! i need all online trophies, add me, psn: oderpas
  5. I voted 5..... onyl beating the last level on Veteran was hard ...everything else was easy.... and t did 1cc with the first try on solo....i thought it would be hard but no, it wasnt, and i was searching for a second ppl to boost it... wtf :confused: i forget to mention that i did 1cc and veteran with Nemesis;)
  6. Hi, i need the XP trophies, add me ,im serious person. No longer boosting or playing this game.
  7. Voted 3, needs a little patience memorize and practice, especially with Greasy Joystick
  8. Voted 7 for this game because of the Double Dragon trophy , i did it with two controllers...also many times game frozen.... without solo DD its 3.
  9. It took 31 hours to 100% because i did the Double Dragon trophy with two controllers solo ....and many times game had frozen....
  10. I also voted 7, i agree that if you are going for Iron Wake Tournament legit it would be 8+..... i tried to do it a few times but it was so boring since one small mistake could mess thing up ....so i just did the trick :D
  11. NO LONGER BOOSTING Hi, i need They see me baggin , They hattin. add me serious person psn oderpas
  12. Hi, i still need most of the trophies, serious person psn : oderpas lvl 49 add me.
  13. EDIT : no longer need help... Hi, i need one serious person to do Online Champ trophy.(Place 1st in 25 different online levels with other human players) psn: oderpas
  14. NO LONGER BOOSTING ! i just borrowed a 4th controller from a friend..... Hi, i need help with 4's Company Trophy,i got 3 controllers. add me psn : oderpas
  15. UPDATE Sniper: Ghost Warrior BOOST TEAM 1: oderpas 2: minimox16 3 gojira4life89 4
  16. Hi, i need to boost all online trophies,if anyone has a team or going to create one add me please. PSN :oderpas serious person.
  17. Since I got 100% I will vote 7, Very awesome game and challenging, I loved it so much! Chapter 8 was the hardest for me!
  18. About predator, u can kill him very fast and easy with grenades, make sure u are far away from him while u fighting him, when u destroy his shield and hes on the ground shoot him 2-3 times ,but better u keep all 4 nades full from the level so in case u miss.
  19. That needs patience and also needs to do everything right step by step, otherwise it won’t work…. now if u find a game saying searching ppls(not just search) and u got kicked out from psn(DC) don’t worry it will STILL count! Just go and play the campaign, don’t try to RE connect to psn it will be ok !
  20. NO longer boosting this MP abomination.. 4 me was the WORST mp ever ....
  21. The rene and the rest give a look here and join, rene tell to fraizer and add both of ur ps3s to the list! i hope we find the 6th ppl or more and finish. Smash Cars Gaming Session - PSNProfiles.com EDIT we done, we no longer boosting this game, thanks to all who helped !
  22. I think u are in the wrong boosting thread....
  23. Hi, i want to boost all online trophies,if theres a SERIOUS team with good boosters please add me, im serious person and good ppl ! psn : oderpas
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