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  1. Voted 9 The game is fun but very challenging,I would suggest it only too people that don't care about trophies and want to play it a bit just for fun or to people who like challenges. To 100% this requires strategy practice and some luck most for the 1000 pennies,everything else is easy. I got 1200 pennies on deluxe normal after much time and practice.
  2. Voted 10 A nice game and very challenging in my opinion, a hardcore marathon would say better,it has so many many levels and many of them are very hard ,it can take more than 100+ hours to get plat,many can be done with the first try and others could take hours... This game requires patience, determination, dedication and timing, E and X raw in both Solo and Legacy are the hardest... Play and practice till you become skilled enough to finish your episode and watch some videos to help you. I would not suggest this game to everyone,for a few reasons like ,that the game and music can become boring and monotony if you play too much,its tough and requires much time...something that bothered me was that you have to finish all 5 levels in an episode in a raw to make it count as comlete... otherwise if you close the game you simple loose your progress and have to start the episode from the begin,but if you want can Idle if you want. I know that are much harder games out there than this but when a game puss me to my limits and piss me off so much i cant vote less than a 10...
  3. Voted 100+ hours it took Around 115 Hours.
  4. Voted 8 A very nice fps game that i suggest you, also very challenging, Heroic difficulty is the toughest trophy , you have to beat all level without die (separate,) most of them will take 50+ minutes and few others will take more ,you cant beat heroic by just shooting running and covering ....you need to know every level very well ,to know enemy locations/spawns, to know which are the right abilities to buy,how to use them and when, also to know which weapon to use ,the hardest part is the forth wave in level 16 which is hell...i did everything without using any glitches or exploits ,i died one time on Chapter 9 because the elevator crushed me .... lol one time on Chapter 13 the fight with the two berserkers, on Chapter 14 i didn't take a good distance from Mother Demons and died ....and one time on level 16 final wave, i killed my shelf with the rocket lancer... It needs practice ,patience and a good strategy.
  5. Hi, i need all online trophies, add me ,im serious person, by the way,today and tomorrow i will be available all day. NO LONGER BOOSTING
  6. Voted 8 Τhe hardest trophy is Agent of Chaos which requires to do a kill streak of 200 enemies with a tight chain time and of course and without getting hit,the hardest part is the random waves of enemies, some of them are easy and some hard....what sucks is that some specific enemies like mages witches and shits like this that spawn in front of you when you run or when you jump🤬🤬🤬 .... i used magic lamp which is very important and helped a lot ,overall it requires training patience and a bit of luck, at the end i did a chain of 250 kills ,as for the rest trophies they are easy....
  7. Voted 4 Wasn't a bad game i just felt a bit bored while i was playing it ....Only a few levels were a little annoying for,overall its not a big deal,i bought it when it was on discount.
  8. First of all you have to learn levels and enemies,need some patience don't rush to flying enemies,always use shurins ,use power ups too but it depends in your situation and the weapon,a few can screw you if you are not careful .... - First level stay under the platform jump and kill your enemies from above. -Second level you can kill fat enemies normal or from behind (critical) or with Shuriken (fat enemies require 3 rest enemies one) as for bats i suggest you to kill them with Shuriken or use your sword but keep an eye on them, let them come to you and kill them, don't chase them and always keep some distance. Something else you can do,is to just spam izuna drop in the center platform but with caution. -Third level always stay on the last floor and on the middle,be careful with leeches, better attack them when they are in front of you , also kill them from above when they are walking normal and not upside down,use a lot jump and kill the enemies in the top platform, for armored enemies keep some distance and kill them with the third sword combo hit with the right timing,for monkeys use Shuriken keep distance and hit when they aren't jumping,if the level has many enemies just go to corners. -Fourth level again use the platform to kill from above and on the middle ,use a lot Shuriken and power ups. -Fifth level i beat the whole level from the last floor and under the platform to kill from above as much enemies i could, about flying robots,kill them with sword but don't chase them, let them came to you in a good spot for safe kills and to avoid risking your lives, u can also use Shurikens but with caution,you can deflect their bullets when they explode,if you afraid that you dont have the right timing risk it and just spam sword attack,something else, when there are many enemies flying high up use weapons and Shurikens to shoot up and immediately take cover. -BOSS This is the hardest level,you need training timing and many lives,the more the better. Always stay on the platforms,you can avoid or deflect his normal shoots and red and blue orbs,you cant avoid or reflect his bomb,so be careful with that,keep an eye in his mouth when he rounds, go down to pick weapons and shurins, dont use sword at all, and if you got throwing weapons like bobs and molotovs press triangle to throw them farther.
  9. Voted 8 At at the begin the game was very hard for me and i was so pissed ,so i didn't have the patience and i gave up on that very easily .... At the begin i couldn't even beat the first levels and i was curious how could i even reach the final boss or even if i could beat it (i saw it from videos to know what is coming for) i gave a few chances to this game again ,i studied more the levels the weapons and enemies ,and eventually i become better and better till i reached the boss,to beat the boss needs training and many lives stocked to give more possibilities to kick his add lol ,i did it solo but i think its easier if you have more people to help. I also had a problem with the trophy that needs to complete arcade in less than 20 min, i did it in 17 + and the trophy didn't pop..... 😡🤬 So i just played the game again many times and i did a better time..... i don't remember how much because i forgot unfortunately i write and o vote after long time a have completed a game because it depends if im bored or not... lol
  10. I haven't see my messages that's why it took me so long to answer:D

  11. Thank you my friend !

  12. Voted 9 For me this game is a master price, a big diamond and I highly suggest it , for me its in the list of the most challenging games I have play on ps4 ,I did it solo with the android and I shed blood and sweat, it made me a lot of times to explode from rage ... Normal and hard runs are, tough at the begin but they will become easier as you play. if we compare them with Badass they are both a walk in the park, since you die with one hit and you have to know fully every level (enemy spawns guns stashes etc.) Some tips : Do training at the parts you aren't good till you master them. Do a lot of training on bosses. Use cover. Take your time since the game doesn't require speed runs. Use special throwing weapons a lot since they do a lot of damage and are unlimited. Skip a few enemies as log as you count the levels requirement kills. Take weapons or explosives before you pass the car checkpoints ,pick them one by one and throw them near the car by pressing the circle button and return to take them when you need them, also throw them from ledges and throw them at elevators,do this especially at the final boss on Badass,by doing this you can always have guns. One last thing,kill enemies from distance even if they not in your screen,use gun or throwing weapons and spray them,to know if you succeed just see number of the kills if its increased or not, its on top of the screen near the life bar.
  13. Voted 0-5 Around 4-5 hours with guide
  14. Voted 2 A nice,easy and short game, i used a guide for the collectables and also for a few tricky puzzles... If it had a no death run trophy it would be very hard.
  15. Voted 6 Its a short game, and becomes very annoying and frustrating some times ,and i was about to explode from rage sixaxis 4 stills alive lol... most of the leves and easy, few levels are tough, but the biggest shit is the last :D it needs patience.
  16. Voted 11-15 Hours because i did two runs for the Stickler glitch....
  17. Voted 4 A nice and funny game,some times it can be annoying and probably will piss you of ,especially if you don't read the guide about the Stickler trophy and play again acesond time to redo Clean 100% of blood in all story contracts....
  18. VOTED 36-50 Hours not sure ...around ...
  19. VOTED 9 One of the toughest platinums i have achieved and probably the best platform game on my ps4 so far, i did it solo, for me its a perfect game and a master price, i highly recommend it, all trophies are easy except Master Emerald (Finish all levels at emerald rank)it requires skills and lots of patience... even one second or wrong move can cost you... Time requirements for the rank are very tight...and also from what i remember you can die only 2 times (but i am not sure if it was less...) for the the Master Emerald rank...You don't have to collect coins at all, so for coin collection do it on a separate run on easy. Something else about bosses that are on the air and take much time to defeat ,every boss has an opening that gives you time to attack ,so what you have to do is to stay on the air and give a few hits and imminently swap characters,2-3 with each are enough, you have to be fast and try a few times till you do it perfectly ,with this way you can do 50% damage, power ups wont do much unfortunately so better don't use them… Something else about few levels that have many or strong enemies that will slow your time ,try to do big combos and don't get hit, then move to a safe spot stock up mana and use them when you need them, power ups can kill fast and almost everything and gain you time.
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