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  1. My PS3 has decided to suddenly not show anything on the TV screen and the light is blinking green. I went on Sony and Gamestop and on Sony it said the system is not completly shut off, It is blinking green and ya has this ever happened to you guys, or am I the unlucky one. Also my brother is home sick, staying for the past week and has been playing PS3 a lot. He has been playing for 3 hours a day ATLEAST. is it because it is overheating? Also also I dont know to completely unplug the PS3 cuz I don't know what would happen. Please reply if you know any tips or what happened.
  2. I know someone who says if every1 votes for 1 map, you get a presitge token, but i don't believe him.
  3. Prob want them to lose their chargers so they keep buying more, gaining the companies more $.
  4. liamailify or liquidsinmypants

  5. Hey dude, this isn't theAman3142 ( FROM PSN ), this is his brother speaking. Could I join AKA?

  6. That means I need to prestige real fast and use my prestige token on 2XP! Plan to get to 3 prestige this weekend!
  7. Ya kinda but I like BO bettr since most of my friends still play it and it's fun for me

  8. No. Do you play MW3 at all?

  9. I hope to get some emblems and stuff, but not any with the 2,500 kills or 1,000 headshots, just some cool ones like the Friends With Benifits one. Anyone wanna help me?
  10. hey r u an pogs makin a clan?

  11. I can't believe how many boosters there are! I played only 8 games today and there were boosters in 5 of them! I love this game, but I friggin hate the boosters!
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