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  1. Thanks for the heads up :)

  2. Hey Shadowstrife,

    Sig of this member is over the limit

  3. Hi,

    Could you help me in using your api and in php?

    If you have time, i would greatly appreciate it :)


    I just want a basic page to display my trophy count and level in plain text,

    But it does not seem to be working :/


    EDIT: Nevermind i got it working, thanks for the api though it's really good :)

  4. That is just horrible. Alot of the UN soldiers do stuff like this as well to animals/civillians, there's been incidents of them setting animals on fire, or even putting live grenades inside innocent womans vaginas. I'm not lying they actually do stuff like that
  5. No "other" option? I like Assassins Creed OST Sonic OST and some songs from FL Studio
  6. That looks pretty awesome Everything fits just right in. Only thing i would change is probably make the signature a bit taller and borders a little smaller.
  7. Here's myne that are under 10%, TNT Racers - 6.64 Beat Hazard Ultra - 9.02 Zuma - 9.38
  8. Does this prevent any trophies? I already have anthemic archivist so i hope i cans till get platinum
  9. MCLA GOAL ATTACK GLITCH: Rockstar wont patch it because of laziness, i would have 100% and platinum if it didn't glitch. What happens is your goal attacks stop registering randomly preventing a trophy. I put 90 hours into it! Captain America: Trophies reset to 0% since my ps3 froze just when platinum popped and they werent sync so i had to restart platinum, but i got it now. I think that's all
  10. Shadowrider50's Trophy Log - PSNProfiles.com A trophy from smash cars virus run dlc -_- It's not even hard at all, just boost it
  11. I cant choose so i'll pick few, BFBC1, Just Cause 2, Sonic, Assassins Creed II. That's all
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