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  1. It's possible, but when all people do is complain about it, it annoys me to no end, because they never get this angry or irate about real issues. I was never angry about the definitive edition trilogy anyway. I mean, yeah, it's not great, but it's not awful awful either. It looks like a laugh. I just think it's mostly people overreacting again. This picture sums it up: Thanks. Guess you never left, huh!?
  2. Okay, thanks. On my profile, it seems to only go back to the last 500 pages.
  3. I'm puzzled as to why I can only see back to the last 500 pages of posts that I've made instead of my entire post history. Not to be a nag, but I brought this up years back and initially the new site had that in 2020 but it reverted again, and I left partially because of the frustrations caused by strange and unexplained reversions like that. But now that I'm back, it's still like it - why?
  4. Norbit - 7/10 A bit overly drawn out and Norbit can seem more like a caricature of himself than an actual person, but the humour comes in how absurd and silly it is.
  5. Hello. Long time no see. Probably don't remember me, but I used to be active on the forums.

    Just wanted to ask, why do you think JK Rowling is transphobic? And did you like Harry Potter before? Because I know I still love both.

    Okay, thanks in advance for any reply.

  6. Watching KZ_Frew (the better version of DarkViperAU) playing GTA Vice City Definitive Edition. The game looks like a right laugh, and anyone taking it so seriously as to it being the only thing they talk about when IT's just a videogame need to redirect their priorities by focusing on all of the real problems we still have instead. If all you do in your life is complain about some video-game, then your life is probably pretty good.
  7. IT'S A MADNESS! More Michael Jackson Content Still a masterpiece after 11 years! Can't believe I haven't come across this yet until today. Well, I actually can believe because statistically it's not likely for me to have seen it because it only has 16k views but you know what I mean! 😂
  8. Holmes and Watson (2018, 2020 Netflix) - 6/10 Some of the humour in this is wackily hilarious and on the mark but there are other scenes where it's just repetition of events in the hopes that you'll find them funny. A good parody of Sherlock Holmes, even if the landing doesn't quite stick. But overall, not a bad effort.
  9. We Are The Champions (2020, Netflix) - 4/10 First two episodes we're weird and interesting - in a morbid sort of way, it's exciting to see people who voluntarily partake in dangerous activites get hurt; it's almost like the fun absurdity of JackAss in that sense. It's something that you shouldn't like, but you do. But as with AlphaGo, which I absolutely hated for the people making it out that the human competition was bigger deal than it really is (i'd probably rate that about a 1), the overwhelming triviality of the way it's framed is the main criticism I had. You had social justice warrior type vibes from forcing people in there to represent some sort of group just like what happened with the dreadful "High Score (2020)" documentary and it doesn't work when you do that. Also, what is the point of having a women's category for something as relatively obscure as cheese-rolling? I mean, yes, a lot of people know of it, but how many actually partake? I think I counted four women participating and there we're a load of men competing for their category. It makes it pretty arbitrary, especially considering the record is never going to be as impressive at 22:3 but whatever. If it makes them happy, go for it. I just don't understand why you'd do it if you're not proving anything. I will say that you have to have some guts to roll down that hill, though, but it's unnecessary blind courage that doesn't mean that much when it comes to the record-holding. So I was enjoying the first two episodes on cheese-rolling and pepper eating but then the other four episodes we're dreadful - didn't even bother watching it all the way through. They were so trivial that I became aggressively bored from how stupid and inane the activities we're: I mean, hairstyling, yo-yoing, dog dancing, frog leaping? You might as well call in the person who has the record for world's biggest crap. After all, we know from South Park's thirteen-year old "More Crap" episode that in real life that person is definitely Billy Mitchell. All of those activities, apart from maybe yo-yoing, are incredibly subjective too. What objective measurement can you even use for those? I don't know. I found it very boring and stupid at that point and tuned out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Was going to watch The Last Dance (2020) on Netflix, but it's 10 episodes long and to be honest, I am really not in the mood for that right now because I've got a lot of video scripts to write. Plus, I don't really care about Michael Jordan. I played Basketball for a time in secondary school and had a fun time (when the ball wasn't rebounding and almost hitting my face, which made me nervous) but I'm mostly a fan of Michael Jackson over Jordan.
  10. The Queen's Gambit (2020, Netflix) - 8/10 Brilliant idea with a good execution. One negative is that there are too many lingering scenes where the plot becomes meandering and prodding: I know this is meant to show the characters' reactions and thoughts to things, but when you linger for this long, it becomes reflective to the point of banality. Also didn't understand the complex relationship of the protagonist's addiction to drugs with her fixation on chess mastery; it kind of just happens most of the time. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2020, Netflix) - 6/10 A good adaptation of Miles Morales's Spider-Man with insane animation. I can imagine this took a hell of a long time to make. The beginning origins' may be a bit too cliched and it seems you could just replace that with the original Peter Parker since there's nothing to distinguish Miles' as his own unique character. Blended (2014, 2020 Netflix) - 10/10 Another Sandler film that I enjoyed a lot. Switch your brain off and enjoy it. As for the negative critic scores? Those people need to see a proctologist to remove that stick that is lodged up their netherregions. Jingle Jangle (2020, Netflix) - 8/10 Too many cliched tropes in the beginning that made me want to turn off - glad I stuck with it though. [spoiler=skdskf]And Gustaffson's motivations and villain development and downfall was not gone into as much as it should have been.[/spoiler] But an easily digestible movie with a clear "good vs. evil" divide, which is just what we need for this upcoming Christmas. Points for originality.
  11. "Absurd" changes to the forums mjfan

    1. mjfan97


      I miss the trophy titles linked to post count: how will I measure my e-pen now? 😔😢

    2. HloodyBell


      You have 10 community reputation, which is Good

    3. mjfan97


      Haha. That's the default. I've only posted four times so far on the new site. Give it time to go up or down. 😁

  12. I was wondering about that: thanks for clarifying it for us. 👍 I posted spoiler tags in the "Rate The Last Movie You Watched" thread and it wasn't showing up.
  13. Hello. Just checking in again to ask something: are the spoiler tags currently working on the site? I posted a review of the new Spongebob in the "Rate The Last Movie You Watched" thread, and I couldn't get the spoiler tags to show up. Also, love that you added the feature to easily comb through every post we've ever made instead of only the most recent 500. In the old design, we would have to painstakingly search the forums for the rest of the posts (which was like a Wild West), so thumbs up on that one! 😃
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