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  1. Late thanks! I was waiting for 2 hours, WITH the mask on. But the event triggered only after having touched that head on the wall. You were spot on, Naps!
  2. Still no answer. Been 4 weeks now. Just contacted the publisher, maybe they are less shy. If I don't get any answer by mid-October, I'll buy that DLC. Having a job, these 10 bucks won't kill me...
  3. While it's true that if you take the 24 hour investment, it'll take you 2 full days, you can actually get it faster legitimately, without skipping. The faster investments yield more money per hour. I got my trophy after 22 hours doing the 5 minute investments and a 6 hour investment over night.
  4. Took maybe 40 hours. That's without skipping the date on the PS4. Some of these hours were just waiting for the last shells to appear on the beach (that alone took 5 weeks!).
  5. Good guide. I've completed way more than 100 jobs on my current savefile and I still get jobs from all 4 farmers (already bought the farm). Thing is, the farmers seem to be a bit picky and won't offer jobs on all the fields. My Victora Adams for example has never given me a job on the huge field right next to her farm. So if I were to buy all fields from her, even leaving the mentioned field untouched, I wouldn't get any more jobs from her. Regarding Job Hopper... has any digital version owner tried getting it on the DLC map Green Valley (Grünes Tal)? Maybe it's a map glitch rather than a game glitch per se. I've contacted the developers and am waiting for an answer. Since I honestly enjoy this game I might get the DLC anyway, landscape looks pretty good.
  6. Hey guys As of today May 14th, I don't see any PS3 PS+ freebies on my HK account (yet). Have Asian PSN stores already removed PS3 games from their PS+ offers or is there just a delay? Japanese, European and American stores still feature PS3 freebies. Didn't find anything concrete mentioned on the Internet, just two guys on Reddit asking the same question, but no answer yet...
  7. This is just a reminder that all the images in your Sacred 3 - DLC Trophy Guide and Road Map need replacing :(.

  8. Yep, for me the game tended to disconnect frequently within the first 2 or 3 minutes of gameplay. Booting up the game took ages. Don't know if it has anything to do because I live in Europe and play on a US account. Fortunately the game reconnects pretty fast after that.
  9. Thanks for the advice on Prime Real Estate, trophy popped exactly as it was supposed to.
  10. Don't remember how many hours, but it took me 5 weeks to 100%. But I did buy the worker pack for 10 bucks. That gave a pool of 180 workers, which made building the more expensive stuff that much faster. I don't mind supporting developers of free-to-play games if I enjoy the game.
  11. Nothing difficult here, just needs patience and time. I haven't experienced any glitches, all trophies popped as they were supposed to, hence my rating of 1/10.
  12. I spent like 2000 gems on getting pet packs and only got the black cat to level 15. It seems there's a new pet event each week. First one was the cat, next up will be the white bunny. I suppose you can only get/buy the pets that are being rescued in that week, so I'll have to wait for the cat again. Hopefully this won't take too long... By the way, the last pet event battle was pretty tough, it took 6 attempts to beat it.
  13. Yep, play-asia updated their release date to June. That's perfect for me, I've got university classes up until the end of May and work is slow during summer. Plenty of time to enjoy this pearl.
  14. Awesome, glad to have it confirmed! I'll platinum both versions eventually.
  15. Well, play-asia still states Q2 2018, that's where we are now. Eastasiasoft is currently working on the printed manual, according to their Twitter.
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