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  1. Psn: cmteh89 Timezone: gmt + 8 but flexible as it's holiday period Looking for Team Up
  2. can i have one please for nfs: mw? thanks!
  3. Fair enough if you think it's easy but perhaps some are like me and decided to play through the game without realising/bothering about these requirements for the trophies and would now like aid to find easy levels for obtaining the trophies. Like the vault attack, I have been trying to wiki the level at 7:30 in the video and have not found it yet.
  4. What button do I press to pounce for Fluid Striker? Sorry!
  5. For Public Enemies (KIll 200 enemies in one sitting), can I kill 200 pedestrians?
  6. We need a better Pure Gold Guide that can help us obtain the Platinum easier. From the Trophy Guide in this website. However, I notice it is not comprehensive in a sense it does not tell us how we can make use of loopholes or suitable checkpoints. Perhaps we can help each other come up with a better guide. I'll start. Feel free to add. Anyone has tips for Public Enemies and Fluid Striker?
  7. I'd like to see that happen. Perhaps even play as the sister and not the the brother. For all we know, the sister could be an undercover cop pretending to be dope, fooling the brother and dying in a blaze of glory fighting drug lords.
  8. Okay thank you guys for alleviating my concerns but they now are redirected towards the Level 10 Triad. Were you guys having to replay over and over multiple missions for Level 10?
  9. Grrrr thanks! Any idea how many levels it'll raise my Levels though? Thanks
  10. To reach Level 10 and get the trophies, how many Gold Packs will I need if I am Level 6 Cop, Level 5 Triad, Level 5 face. I have seven missions remaining, one case left so I am just checking. =) Thanks
  11. Considering there are many drug busts and all drug busts consist of three steps: 1) Defeat enemies 2) Hack camera 3) Identify criminal I decided against using martial arts against these enemies and instead just took my cars to ram them over. Anyone else did this?
  12. There are numerous times I had to check my difficulty to see if I was really in Old School due to its difficulty or lack of.
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