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  1. This guide covers everything! An ALL-IN-ONE guide covering each chapter. NO FILLERS, just straight to the point. ALL misc trophies are in the specific chapter videoes in the correct order. Time to Platinum: 9 Hours Difficulty: 3/10 The Last of Us Part 1 Remake has 254 Collectibles - 97 Artifacts, 12 Training Manuals, 13 Comics, 13 Shiv Doors, 11 Workbenches, 54 Optional Conversations, 6 Ellie's Jokes, 4 Safes, 5 Workbench Tools, 30 Firefly Pendants, 9 Chapter-Specific Trophies. Finding all the collectibles above unlocks the following 9 trophies: Endure and Survive (Gold) Look for the Light (Gold) Chronicles (Gold) Getting to Know You (Gold) Sticky Fingers (Silver) Something to Fight For (Silver) Prepared For the Worst (Silver) Sharpest Tool in the Shed (Silver) Master of Unlocking (Silver) There are TIMESTAMPS IN ALL VIDEOS CHAPTER 1-2: CHAPTER 3: CHAPTER 4: CHAPTER 5: CHAPTER 6: CHAPTER 7: CHAPTER 8: CHAPTER 9: CHAPTER 10: CHAPTER 11: CHAPTER 12: LEFT BEHIND: If you prefer walkthroughs, check my channel for the game in full length. I collect everything as I do here and get all trophies - Plat in 9 hours. Good trophy hunting everyone 😁
  2. Here you have it, two video guides for the above. The stage gimmicks trophies are: -Whoa! Look out above you - Set off all arena gimmicks. -Tacos - Got hit by all arena gimmicks. Simple throw your opponent in the red zone with L2, and then stand in the flashen red area to get hit. Simple. Repeat on all 16 stages. "Dont come near me!" = Pulled off all dramatic finishers. Stand in the areas I do, that are shown in the video above. Finish the enemy with L1 on the last round for the dramatic finish. Easiest done in versus 1P vs. 2P. Enjoy
  3. The hardest trophy in the game. I have guides up for the whole game. Check my channel! Trophy "Retro Gamer" = Clear round 9 of Classic Pac-Man The arcade machine unlocks after completing the main story! The trick is to follow a pattern. 1st round is one pattern, 2nd-4th is a second pattern, and from then on itΒ΄s a third pattern for the rest of the levels. I messed up on round 9 because I got super nervous. Keep trying and you will get it! Breakdown: -Round 1 - easy pattern, follow video. -Round 2-4 - almost the same, except you turn back near the start and go up to avoid the blue ghost. -Round 5+ - here it gets tricky. Follow the video for every move. Pause when you play it yourself, to check back on the video and follow the steps. The ghosts DO have specific behavior according to how you move.
  4. I have made some videos for some trophies. They can bae a bit tricky/annoying if ypu dont know what to do. There are detailed descriptions of each video on YT - Hope it helps you one step closer to your platinum trophy.
  5. There are a total of 265 discoveries to find and collect in Saints Row 2022. There are a total of 9 types of discoveries: 1. Photo Hunts - requires you to take a photo of a particular item 2.Hidden History - requires you to find 5 boards in a small area 3. Drug Pallets - often collected 3 and 4 close together 4. Shooting Galleries - requires you to find and shoot 15 hidden targets 5. Weather Stations - unlocked automatically when close 6. Rooftop Access - unlocked automatically when close 7. Lost Wheels - found in desert areas 8. Fast Travel Photos - same as photo hunt, but unlocks a fast travel point 9. Dumpster Diving - collected by diving head in first I have made a video for each zone/district. When you hover over each zone you can see how many discoveries you have found so far. The desert areas can be a bit glitchy. If they dont track correctly, collect the remaining discoveries in near by zones - that should fix the counters. Enjoy everyone! South-Eastern Map: North-Eastern Map: North-Western Map: South-Western Map:
  6. He is to much fun to play! Also some pretty advanced moves. What do you think of Morty? Can't wait Till we get Rick πŸ˜†
  7. Can you spot any differences, improvements? Hmm, hopefully they added something new to the Part 1 Remake gameplay, maybe some features from Part II (2). They need to justify a 3rd purchase for the same game. We will know when it releases on the 2nd of September. Will be playing it on launch day for sure!
  8. Hi everyone. For anyone new to the game or to you who are struggling with certain parts of the game - use this video, buy the R.Y.N.O. Super easy to do 😁
  9. I activated the cheats for these levels for a bit more enjoyable experience. 3 Tips that will help you achieving the high score: 1. Use as many different tricks as possible. 2. Collect the TOKENS! They give a lot of extra points. 3. Finish as quickly as possible for a big point bonus. Matterhorn Arena Pike´s Canyon Civetta Summit Houston Mall Echo Basin Barbican Arena Eiger Resort Green Bay Mall Zugspitze Station Zabriskie Research Matterhorn Stadium Good luck everyone 😁 Hope you find it useful!
  10. Florana Starship Phoenix -Vidcomic #1 -Vidcomic #2 -Vidcomic #3 -Vidcomic #4 -Vidcomic #5 Marcadia Anihilation Station Aquatos Tyhrranosis Daxx Obani Gemini Blackwater City Holostar Studios Zeldrin Starport Metropolis Crash Site Outpost X12, Aridia Qwark's Hideout Koros Command Center
  11. Here' my video playlist for 100% 😁 All Skill Points, Titanium Bolts and trophies
  12. HI EVERYONE! Trophy hunters and gamers curious on the game 😁 Please enjoy! Spend ALOT of time on the tricks video πŸ˜† Rollerdrome - 3,000,000 Trophy Guide Rollerdrome - All Grinds & Grabs Trophy Guide Rollerdrome - 'Killstreak" Trophy Guide Rollerdrome - "Three's a Crowd" Trophy Guide Rollerdrome - "Two Birds" Trophy Guide Rollerdrome Full Game - Part 1 Rollerdrome Full Game - Part 2 (final)
  13. Check this for visual guidance 😁 https://youtu.be/T1lwmwUeCeA
  14. Boosting on PS3. All online trophies Psn : Ben-Gun
  15. Got 10 mil ATM. Looking for monwy dupe. Psn - Ben-Gun
  16. Please add me for booking XP and other. Need to reach lvl 50 for trophy PSN - Ben-Gun
  17. Completed most parts of the game. Defeated mimic tear ages ago and got the ash drop. But now when I want to use it, I cant find ir anywhere in my inventory??? Anybosy know how to fix it, or maybe find it??
  18. On my PS5 dashboard it sats "Pilgrims journey" (prologue), but im way further into the game. Way beyond the online unlock point. Cant join any games or be joined by anyone. Does someone know a solution for this?? Anything!
  19. Oh please yes!!! Want to get it out of the way! Psn - Ben-Gun
  20. Want to to the duplicate glitch for 1 mil trophy!! Before it gets patched! Psn - Ben-Gun
  21. Add me!! Need Boxtop and Ratu trophies πŸ₯΅ PSN: Ben-Gun
  22. Hello everyone. I need to invade someone and killing them, and then get to kill you in World 5 when you invade me to get it to pure white (for istarelle weapon trophy). PSN: Ben-Gun
  23. Hello everyone! Need help with zombies trophies and dead ops. I know how to do tje EE and have done it on previous COD games 😁 Add me: Ben-Gun On PS5
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