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  1. Got 10 mil ATM. Looking for monwy dupe. Psn - Ben-Gun
  2. Please add me for booking XP and other. Need to reach lvl 50 for trophy PSN - Ben-Gun
  3. Completed most parts of the game. Defeated mimic tear ages ago and got the ash drop. But now when I want to use it, I cant find ir anywhere in my inventory??? Anybosy know how to fix it, or maybe find it??
  4. On my PS5 dashboard it sats "Pilgrims journey" (prologue), but im way further into the game. Way beyond the online unlock point. Cant join any games or be joined by anyone. Does someone know a solution for this?? Anything!
  5. Oh please yes!!! Want to get it out of the way! Psn - Ben-Gun
  6. Want to to the duplicate glitch for 1 mil trophy!! Before it gets patched! Psn - Ben-Gun
  7. Add me!! Need Boxtop and Ratu trophies 🥵 PSN: Ben-Gun
  8. Hello everyone. I need to invade someone and killing them, and then get to kill you in World 5 when you invade me to get it to pure white (for istarelle weapon trophy). PSN: Ben-Gun
  9. Hello everyone! Need help with zombies trophies and dead ops. I know how to do tje EE and have done it on previous COD games 😁 Add me: Ben-Gun On PS5
  10. I replayed both of them a million times. The timing on the boxes could be better, or more precisely the hitboxes
  11. It should drop by killing human enemies, but at day 20 and still nothing. I keep killing death squads but they dont drop it!!
  12. Hey every1. Im up for boosting towards the 1000 claims. Add me!
  13. Looking for someone with a cleared co-op save with Access to "Matters of the heart." Need the last collectible, nr.12. Can only be picked up as a partner. I can help the other way around.
  14. Add me for Sharing is Caring and Meddling Kids! Its easy if we play against Alex and is molotovs. EDIT: GOT THE TROPHIES!
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