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  1. I don't know why, but I'm going right where his shop is and can't access it. Anyone else having this issue? My character is max level so I thought that was it. I went 2P with a lvl.1 character and still can't access. Sometimes I'm holding the key and sometimes im not. I tried in my first playthrough and my level select.
  2. There's a trophy for killing an Eagle while flying. I've seen a lot of birds but not Eagles. Anyone know where they are?
  3. I haven't done a guide in a while so if anyone wants to make a guide on here with the info below, they have my permission as long as you credit me in it somewhere Roadmap First start a new game on hard, skip cutscenes and leave the controller and die. This will get you the trophy to die and Leeroy Jenkins (don't hit any normal enemies) Now go back to the main menu and go to options. Inspect the Zoom Auto, now back to the main menu. Enter this code very fast : R1,R1,L1,L1, Up, Down, Left Right This is GOD mode (won't affect trophies!) Nothing will happen to show if you did it correctly so I usually do it a few times, then start a new game on Hard. Check to see if God mode is active. You'll get the God Mode trophy. Now just sit back and don't attack anything until the bosses. Do not use the auto fire where you hold down X and aim. That's why it's safer to only attack the bosses. When you do fight the bosses, fail them attack without using that auto aim. Do this with all stages, there's 6 and the Final 7 is just a boss fight. You'll get the trophies for story mode each stage, beating last level on Hard, not using auto aim. Now it will unlock the secret menu, which just use the code they give you on the title screen: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle, Circle That will let you get the Menu trophy NOTE you can't enter this code until you beat the game Next, inside that menu, choose each level one by one (not the one with a cutscene) and select GOD mode and Easy, then use the auto Aim and try to get 70% accuracy on every level. The final trophy is 100hrs. Unfortunately I ties a method where you turn on God Mode, start a new game and just put your controller to charge and turn off your TV and go to bed. In the morning, wake up, beat the boss and save your game. Repeat this for about 5 nights or if you're going to work/school until you reach 100. Leaving on the main menu doesn't count but the boss battles will go on forever in God mode if you don't attack. BUT that did NOT work!! I left it on the boss for 3 hours. When I beat him and thr next stage started, I exited and the Stats only went up 20mins. So to get this trophy you have to play through and beat the game most likely 100 times as it roughly takes 1hr. You can check your progress in the Stats option on the main menu. Hope this helps!
  4. I keep making $5 on levels as I've reached my skill limit even with mids, I can't progress any further, so I'm just trying to get a few trophies. I'm trying to get money to get the trophy for spending 10,000. Apart from progressing the story, how else can I make good money, not $5
  5. Found out how to get the Fruit Drop! 5 min trophy! Choose Empress Choose quest Dreaming of Treasure Go left, kill Ogre Above him is the fruit SWING from it and it will drop Quit Quest Repeat 9 times and it WILL count. Here's the stupid part: the trophy picture shows her hitting with a sword and the description says Chop. So totally misleading
  6. Replay "Undying Dragon" quest over and over. It's the researcher with a hut in the swamp, then you have to beat 2 dragon heads underwater. This is the first one in that 'Forest'. Look at the trophy picture here on this site and you'll see what they look like. They look like a bunch of grapes. Only way to kill them forever is Fire from either Empress or Witch if she has Fire fyi found out you can buy/trade to get Dragonite in the swap shop I just got a bunch of trophies and two things to figure out is: 1-How to get a 'Perfect' End 2-What is the condition for the Fruit drop trophy? I know you didn't get these yet either, but I tried to get the Empress Fruit by replaying the 'Dreaming of Treasure' Quest over and over. I beat it and each time dropped one Fruit...I did this 20 ti.es and trophy says only 10. So I'm assuming it's 10 different Fruit throughout the game but so far I've only seen 3 different and I'm level 28.
  7. The Purplants are in the Forest/Swamp, those bubbly plants that stick to walls. But to make it count you have to use Fire which I used Empress's circle fire attack. Picking Fruit is totally unfair. The description is misleading as I beat the Finding Treasure quest with her over 20 times, each time knocking that fruit to the ground and eating the fruit and it didn't lock so who knows what the requirement is. I think playing as the Witch will totally feel like a chore
  8. I'm over 10 hrs in and did some experimenting and this Plat is a long boring grindfest. Anytime you kill a certain enemy towards the trophy count, they don't respawn and you have to beat the entire quest then play it again for it to register, you can't drop out or die. Even though it looks like you don't need to play it 6 times because of the save file, you actually need to beat EVERY quest once with EVERY character, and on top of that, you will need to grind multiple times with each character in order to be able to beat some of the harder quest. You're easily looking at 100hrs for the Plat. Not only this factor, but randomness of Dragonite and Mimics, and the awful 100,000 gold at one time trophy.
  9. It took a bit to get into the groove but now I'm NOT loving this game. There are some gripes I have with it... Would like to find out some rules on a few trophies and two I have no idea what to do, so if anyone else is playing, I'd like to compare notes. Gripes: no way to track what enemies are on what levels. Some respawn and some don't. So if you want to bring a trophy like 20p watchers you have to play and beat the entire mission over and over again. I don't like the time limit on missions and don't like how you can only carry 8 items, and don't like how you can find an item in a dungeon, but can't use it e.g. finding a herb. You have to beat the game and do all the quests with every character. Even though they're on the same file. So money and items carry, so it's better to play one character at a time using the same save file so that you can start the game with money and buy good weapons. I don't like how to look at what's needed from the trade shop, I have to go through the city to see what the armour shop is doing. The status effects are EVERY level and half of the enemies inflict a status, BUT you only get to carry 8 items in a level and even if you get an antidote in that level, you can't use it because everything goes back to your inventory that you can't use. Before you go to the Bar to pick a quest, you HAVE TO go to the Inn to pick your 8 items and if you want to change your equipment, then leave the Inn and go to the bar (why didn't they allow you to select items and equip from the menu or the Bar?), there's ZERO story quests...in fact after you pass the tutorial, it is considered a quest and quests is all this game is..I don't even know how to progress the story, so I assume you just keep beating all the quests then at the end the final boss will be a quest as well. Finally the enemies are repetitive, same 20 enemies over and over...BUT they don't respawn and you can't kill them then die or quit the quest, they don't count towards the trophies unless you beat the quest. Trophy questions for those playing...What's a Named monster? Level 16 and still no idea
  10. I didn't buy any of the spells and performed all of them, so they all show in my spells list. Now they're not available to buy at the librarian. And of course it never popped. I did them all over again a second time and still never popped. Just wondering if there ever was a trick to get this to pop (like the trick to get fighting zombie versions of the Castlevania 3 chars to pop)?
  11. While it's not everyone, half of users that play this game get trophy glitches, and it's always the same ones. Waiting till the 2nd shop seems to help sometimes but I'm a trophy hunter on a trophy hunting site posting my experience. In 1st shop, here's what didn't work till I got to the 2nd shop, so wait till then to do these: -1,000 in the ball machine -Save 27 mashes Still glitched even in the new shop: -10 customer requests. I did 15 new ones and still didn't pop If you beat the bosses before being asked to by your sister, you have to beat them again Perspective from a non-trophy view: extremely repetitive and same things keep coming up. Even a long mash feels lifeless. Also your character skips around like he's a smurfs. Not worth current price
  12. Glad I wasn't the only one...but man they should've caught that in testing and put some block from doing certain stuff until you do them. Hours wasted! Thanks for the glitch info btw, now that I know, I'm gonna do it
  13. Play through the story missions your sister gives you FIRST! I wasted HOURS for nothing I started filling out the book, saved over 27 videos and did over 20 customer quests...but none if it mattered because I didn't talk to my sister and start the story! The 27 saves only count after your sister tells you sto start to save them after the friend gave the roms/cd to the guy with glasses I have 45 saved already so I had to save 27 more This is the same scenario with 10 customer requests as I've done 20 but then she told me after to do requests, so I have to do 10 new ones. The machine you put money in, i haven't got to when the sister tells you about it but i spent over 200 each time i got 100. I will try saving till 1,000 then save my file online, then spend 1,000 in one shot. If that doesn't work, I'll reload my save and wait till my sister talks about it. I completed the book, got those trophies. Did the bosses for fun. Then after starting the story my sister tells me to finish 2 pages so it doesn't register that i already beat the boss, i have to go back and best the boss again for my sister to register. Other trophy advice: Code: just save one mash, go to saved mashed, press triangle and it will give you a code. Use that code on the code machine, beat that mash & you get the trophy Credits: watch thr entire credits from the machine in the corner. Easy
  14. They're not broken...but there's a really stupid thing about the game why they don't unlock. Going to post a new thread as a warning. Ik not happy as I wasted lots of hours on this. Basically play the story FIRST. All those trophies only unlock after you pass the part in the game where your sister gives you an explanation on it. See my other thread How do you get the trophy for the ghost. Whenever he appears, every attack doesn't hurt him
  15. I got it day 1 and thought the same. Extremely disappointing and still didn't get the Plat. Here's the issues: Non trophy related issues: There's no consistent story, so you can actually see any scene in random order. No instructions on how things work. Story is conveluded and confusing like a Kingdom Hearts story. No likable characters. Lots of filler. Trophy hunter issues: The steam guide doesn't have all the same trophies so it can't be used for half the trophies. The trophy descriptions don't tell you how to do things. Because nobody says how to get the trophies, you spend hours and hours to figure it out. You have to watch over 179 videos but when you get down to only a few left, there's no help anywhere to find out which ones you're missing, so you spend hours searching lots of words. Even when you find the cap, it's supposed to show a certain last cutscene at the end but it doesn't so you're left wondering how to get the trophy. I was lucky to get thr password trophy. There's a missable trophy at 3am. If you miss it you need to store your save online, delete it on your system and start a new save file, then suffer through till 3am. This is the cat one. Bottom line: not fast, not fun Plat, not worth the asking price. Recommend: see if someone does a trophy guide first, then wait for sale but nobody is going to do one. Waisted my $
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