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  1. Voted 11-15 hours. Might be faster if I didn't took my sweet time with the first playthrough not knowing there isn't any story-related un-missable trophies ....
  2. Hi all, just got the platinum not long ago now working on the Spec Ops DLC trophy. Just like to share some personal experience with who ever thats still trying to get the main base game trophies. I did almost everything on recruit difficulty, and by the time I start my Veteran Playthrough, the Out of the Fire trophy is the one and only trophy I have left, so that I can just use whatever means to complete Veteran mode. I played chronologically from start to finish. During the first day of my Veteran playthrough I finished all missions from the first one up to and including "Captive". At that point I only have three last missions left to do: "Old Comrades" "Going Dark" and "Into the Furnace". I even scrolled through the chapter select page and ensured that all my previously completed story chapters does say "Highest difficulty achieved: VETERAN". I went to sleep and continued the next day. I began with "Old Comrade" which isn't too hard or too long, then I continued into "Going Dark". After I did majority of the mission, the story will place the player in a scripted scene where Gaz, Price and Hadir co-operate once again and start to flee the scene while enemy forces closing in on them. not far after the start of this segment, the building gets set on fire, and the stairs collapse. Price comes over to lift up Gaz the player character, and then Hadir throws a gun to Gaz to resume player controlled combat segments. As usual with most COD Veteran modes, with more around half a dozen enemy troops on-screen I get killed in less than a second. However, instead of reloading me back to the last known checkpoint my game froze and also my PS4 froze. Pressing any button doesn't seem to do anything what so ever. press holding the PS button / home button can't even bring up the home menu. My only option was to force disconnect power supply on the PS4 to shut it down and try boot it up again. After booting up the console, I reloaded COD and discovered that the game has nullified my progress one the chapter "Old Comrades" - it says Highest difficulty achieved: RECRUIT instead of VETERAN!! I was obviously not happy, I tried to restart again from the beginning of "Old Comrades" Chapter. I completed Old Comrades a second time, and continued onwards to "Going Dark" again. This time before I proceed into "Gong Dark" I quit out to the mission select menu and saw very clearly, the game does say Highest difficulty achieved: VETERAN for "Old Comrade" (Because I beat it the second time!) then I move back into "Going Dark" and attempt at it again. However, when I'm at the same scene, I got killed in less than a second after resuming player control, and the bloody game crashed AGAIN! just like before the game and the entire console CRASHED and was FROZEN!!! I had no choice but to yet again disconnect power to the PS4 to reboot. This time, I loaded back and saw that my progress on "Old Comrade" HAS YET AGAIN BEEN NULLIFIED BY THE GAME CRASH!!! It went back to Highest difficulty achieved: RECRUIT on the mission select screen for "Old Comrades", AGAIN!!!!!!! I do not wish to handle this BS a third time. On my third attempt, I did not do "Old Comrades" and instead went straight to "Going Dark" in case the stupid game crashed again and nullified my progress yet again. On the third full playthrough of "Going Dark" I still got killed in less than a second at the burning stair case scene. and yes it crashed again! Forcing me to disconnect power supply to my console a third time! However after resuming, the silver lining is the game at least saves my checkpoint at the burning stairs scene so I just resumed there, and on the 4th attempt, I finally made it out and continued through the chapter. I beat the chapter and immediately back out to check on the progress page / chapter select page. As expected, it says Old Comrades - RECRUIT but Going Dark - VETERAN. I made a USB copy of my game save at this point and continued on with the game. Finishing the last chapter "Into the Furnace" without any game crashing BS and as expected, trophy didn't pop because my previous two completion on chapter "Old Comrades" both got nullified by the game crash! However at this point it's the only chapter I got left and luckily it's not really long nor hard, so I beat this chapter for a third and final time, and at long last the trophy Out of the Fire finally unlocked, along with the platinum! I have heard other players reporting that their game crashed on different occasions, but on my playthrough it crashed on me during the last segment of chapter "Going Dark". There is nothing I can do if it happens, and it steals away my progress. Therefore I can only make some preparations so that even if it crash again it won't affect me too much. I suggest if anyone else is also attempting to play this and attempting to go for platinum, make a back up copy of your save file constantly so that you don't have to be forced to re-play any chapter on veteran! I don't know when, I don't know how else might the game get crashed to the point of nullifying your progress. My game crashed and froze my console and I had to basically replay two chapters on Veteran, thrice!! End of rant.
  3. Managed to bought a second hand copy of this for roughly 12 British Pounds. Thought it was going to be a smooth and easy trophy list but for some unknown reason I only realised there is a DLC multipler player co-op trophy after I bought a game that came out in 2019 ......
  4. Bought the game because of what I thought to be an easy offline only trophy lists. For some reason I only realised there is a DLC trophy for completing all spec ops missions, and each requires 4 players online. now I'm stuck at the online lobby for more than 4 hours straight with no human being joining at all. How the hell did I not recognize this spec ops trophy ........
  5. Edit: All trophies unlocked, no longer looking for partners.
  6. Awesome thanks, in fact thats exactly one of the orange weapons I've sacrificed. The other being the only scoped rifle in the game.
  7. Hi all I infused two orange weapons and then I sacrificed it, not knowing that sacrificing the gun will lose it permenently even after it's being infused. Now I'm missing these for the "spoiled for choice" trophy. Can I please ask is it possible to collect them again after you've already done it once? Thanks,
  8. FYI does not have to be made with a Scimitar. It can be any compatible weapon. I used a Broadsword +8 to forge Large Sword of Searching and it still works. You can watch the uncut video here: https://youtu.be/U79i2W7EMIo
  9. After abusing the gold coin luck glitch like no tomorrow, I decided to write down my thoughts and experiences of using this glitch. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IYJA21jG29xh5Lx4G5QQkVZYhrVLI-95/view
  10. Just unlocked the Platinum today and rated 6/10 for difficulty and 21-25 hours for time. In terms of difficulty, 37 trophies are very easy with only 1 trophy being actually hard, and thats "Messiah will not come". If this trophy didn't exist then this game is no higher than a 2/10, but this trophy alone is the reason I decided to give it a 6/10. It requires you to defeat a secret boss of arcade mode that's insanely buffed in all conceivable way. To even get to him, you must defeat all opponents in your arcade mode run without losing a single round (8 stages in before him, with the last boss being stage 9). There is no options to alter settings for arcade mode, such as changing from two wins out of three rounds into winning one single round, or adjust difficulty of the CPU opponents. The arcade mode is "fixed" and you can only play by the rules of the game. The good thing about this is, if you lost a round, you can purposely lose the other round, after being defeated you can instantly choose to rematch, and it will STILL bring you to the secret powerful boss as if you never lost a single round throughout stages 1-8! Whats even better is, while you're facing that last boss, you can keep on losing an infinite amount of times, just keep on rematching until you actually win, and trophy will still unlock! I actually lost to the last boss almost 50 times during my arcade run but still unlocked trophy. If it weren't for these conveniences, if we MUST play perfectly and legitimately did not lose a single round (in stages 1-8) and then also managed to defeat the last boss in just one attempt, then these conditions would've propel this game's difficulty straight into a 9/10 or even 10/10. In terms of time, it's not really time consuming, the most time consuming part would be how many times you need to re-attempt at "Messiah will not come trophy". Although there is a trophy for spending 100,000 world dollars (the in-game money, earned by playing online or completing various offline modes), you can actually achieve this quickly by save scumming using the in-game save upload / download function. It's quite simple, let's say hypothetically you have 20,000 world dollars, you use the in-game function to upload the game save. Then you go on to spend all your 20,000 world dollars. Next, simply download the game save so that you restored your 20,000. Now simply spend all these money again, and keep on repeating, and it will eventually unlock the trophy for spending 100,000 world dollars.
  11. OK, thanks T This might be the deal breaker stopping me from starting the PS5 trophy list.
  12. This game is currently available on both PS4 and PS5. As you can imagine, each system has it's own separate list. This game as an in-game function of uploading game save from either systems, then download the game save from either systems (separate to the PS Cloud game save back up). Does anyone know how many trophies can be auto popped by transferring your game save from one system to another? Thanks,
  13. Also why is this game still categorized as "upcoming games" on this forum? ------------------------- I have a new question to ask but just thought it's probably not a good idea to start another post as it may start to feel like spamming / abusing. The question being - If I played the PS5 version and platinumed it, is it possible to transfer the save file over to a PS4 version and maybe keep all my progress on both the story, mercenaries, as well as challenges and weapon upgrades?
  14. I'll just wait until they release an RE8 gold edition to have every piece of DLC pre-packed.
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