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  2. Getting Duke myself. Red Faction's worn me thin the last few years and having to choose between the two....well......I heart balls of steel.
  3. Have a friend who traded in his PS3 after only about a week since all the played was MAG and he went nerd rage. But now he's finding out that none of the 360 exclusives are games he's interested in. I told him he should go multi platform but nooooooo. No one listens to the yuki. Now he's stuck with Keflings.
  4. That's the same thing my grandmother asks me all the time. We live very close to Yellowstone and all the hype over the Yellowstone Caldera has her thinking it'll blow at any second and it's her duty to save us from becoming crispy critters. But, as others have said, this is my home. I've put down roots and I'm not about to compromise my happiness because some disaster might happen within the next 2 million years......maybe.
  5. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!!!!!!! Sorry, I had to. I have to say Fallout 3 as it was my first open world RPG that I played on a console. Won me over from PC gaming, really.
  6. Agreement on the FF nix. I haven't liked Final Fantasy since 6 (yes fanboys/girls, I didn't like FF7 ) and the last was...meeeh. CoD is getting drab. I could bin that series easily unless they come up with a better background. What if they focused on Korean or Vietnam wars? Or even WW1? Get some military/history nerd blood flowing in there.
  7. I've only gotten maybe 10 hours in to gameplay so far but I'm liking it. I really don't carry much around other than necessities and plot items so that helps. I'm sure the food/water aspect is going to come back to annoy me but hey.....anything for a trophy, amirite?
  8. I use jewlery making tools to cut the disks in to quarters, bore holes in the pieces and string with beads to make beaded curtains. Lots of teen girls will throw money at recycled kitsch crap as long as it's shiny enough. Glitter helps too.
  9. Where's the love for us multi-console owners?
  10. Just buyback your 360 if you're that worried. Lots of us have both and wouldn't jump ship for a temporary system fail.
  11. I'll probably say hi to friends. Then I'll get tired of people whining about Sony not giving them $100 dollars, free games and ponies. I'll then go back to Left4Dead and Halo until it blows over.
  12. How is Siren by chance? I played the demo but the controls seemed dodgy and hard to control. But the atmosphere of it seemed worth the shot. Worth it?
  13. I was playing Uncharted 2 online with friends when i got the error. Thought I'd gotten banhammrawred for a minute there. Now Doughnut Drake will have to wait a while.
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