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  1. Bah, I guessed as much. Just wondered whether the game's save transfer function was similar to something like DCUO or Sound Shapes, where you could earn trophies on the PS4 then auto-pop them on PS3 by loading your save there. Thanks anyway.
  2. Does anyone know if the save transfer would work backwards? I just platted DOA5 Last Round on PS4 with a little help via Share Play, so if I uploaded my save to the Cloud, then deleted my on-console save for Ultimate and then loaded up Ultimate on PS3, would the game use the same data transfer system? In other words, could I just complete 1 lesson in both the Tutorial and Combo Challenge to pop those respective trophies? I know that if you transferred a save from PS3 to PS4 with all trophies unlocked, you could essentially shortcut many of the PS4 trophies, for example, completing a character's Combo Challenges by doing just 1 of their combos. So would this work by uploading a PS4 save and attempting to have the PS3 disc 'import' it?
  3. I can help out with 2 of the TMNT abilities: Shell Slide - the TMNTs tuck into their shells and slide across the fightline towards their opponent. Meter Burning Shell Slide will pop up the opponent, allowing for additional attacks. Sewer Sai Dive - Raph leaps towards his opponent Sai first. Meter Burning Sewer Sai Dive will do additional damage and pop up the opponent allowing for additional attacks. (Replaces Bombshell (Raphael))
  4. I've unlocked several Enchantress abilities, so here are the descriptions for the ones I have thus far: The Enchantress: 8 Abilities Divinity Spell: Enchantress casts a magical spell that levitates her body above the fightline and allows her to build Super Meter. (Adds Divinity Spell) Banishing Blast: Enchantress hurls a dark energy blast at her opponent. Meter Burning causes it to deal additional damage and travel across the entire fightline. (Replaces Hell's Gate, requires both ability slots) Hypnotic Spell: Demon's Dissolve: Meter Burning Vanish causes Enchantress to absorb projectiles and immediately disappear and then reappear behind her opponent. (Adds Vanish Meter Burn, adds Up Vanish Meter Burn) Barrier Spell: Eclipso's Grasp: Another Dimension: Split Personality: Enchantress plays mind games with her opponent causing them to see multiple versions of herself. (Replaces Xibalba)
  5. I'm looking for someone to help me run through the Story missions and maybe a handful of side missions in TVHM. I have a Nisha who's about to hit level 33, and would appreciate having a buddy along for the ride, so we can help each other out. I'm at the start of the Marooned mission, which is only the 3rd story mission. Or if some kind soul would be able to help out with a bit of power levelling, that would be cool too. My PSN is StewartBros - I'm off work this week so should be able to play pretty much any day. I'm in EU timezone as well, if that matters.
  6. I've unlocked Starfire's Level 10 ability, X'Hal's Strength: The power of X'Hal allows Starfire to recharge her Character Power faster.
  7. You can still fight against your level 20 characters and average 600-700 XP per match, or more if you equip XP-enhancing gear. The XP is only nerfed if you fight against opponents who are a much lower level than your current character.
  8. Yes and no. If you're fighting a low-level opponent in Versus mode, then your XP is drastically reduced. However, if your opponent is at a higher level than the character you're using, then you can still average 600-700 XP per match, or more if you have XP-enhancing gear equipped. Best bet now is to fight against your level 20 characters - you can still level up quickly using this method. It'll take a bit longer than before, since level 20s take less damage, but it's far faster than grinding against a level 1 opponent.
  9. Thanks a lot for your invaluable advice, Disco. I sat and farmed ability events two weeks ago, following your steps, and eventually got Cat Call. I had to unlock about 75 other abilities first, but Cat Call finally appeared towards the end.
  10. Man, maybe you should just stop playing games if one trophy gets you so upset. I hear the SNES has some good games. No trophies to worry about there. I opened 18 Gold boxes the other night and got 3 abilities - 2 for Batman and 1 for Flash. Not a bad haul by any means.
  11. Just wondering if this trophy would be easier in local co-op? Having 2 players would undoubtedly make it easier to kill all enemies - having Jeremy spamming Whirlwind around Roya, and Alysa constantly shooting arrows and using Repel. Might have to give it a shot, and ask my brother to help out for a few minutes.
  12. Having a lot of trouble in the West Arena tower, where you have to pull Yorda across a magical bridge that only appears once you step out into thin air. This is just before you activate the 2nd half of the Main Gate. Every video I've watched of this area shows the player making it across the bridge with Yorda to safety, but every time I get there, I'm immediately set upon by a large group of shadows. If I'm on the bridge, I inevitably get knocked off it, which forces me to reload my last save. If I stay on the platform and try to fight them, I either waste precious time beating them, or one manages to snatch Yorda and take her to an area I can't reach without dying. Has anyone else been forced into fighting here? I wouldn't care if I wasn't doing the 2 hour speed run, but I am, & I can't afford to waste time on a fight that no one else seems to encounter. Any ideas why this might be happening?
  13. Are you sure you got all of them? You can't really backtrack a great deal in this game, as there are many points of no return that prevent you from returning to an area you just left, so your best bet is probably just to start a new playthrough on Very Easy and just speed run your way through the game using the EZ Gun. If you only want to find the birds and don't really care about experiencing the game again, then you'll be able to fly through it this way. But, you'd be doing yourself a disservice by doing so - MGS3 is a work of art that fully deserves to be played multiple times in all its magnificent glory.
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