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  1. Already voted to leave in the postal vote. Easy choice for me considering I've moved near Boston, Lincs. I've never lived anywhere like this, where there is a literal divide between English and Eastern Europeans. Absolutely no integration, or effort to from anybody. I don't want my children growing up with a self imposed segregation in effect through their childhood, which is what's happening here and will only get worse unless we stem the flow of immigrants coming here.
  2. Psn: Clungepumper Game: The Walking Dead: Michonne Trophy cards in sig, thanks! S: Processed. There's a secret code in your gamer card... 76543217. I sang it to the tune of 867-5309. Shame there's another number. SCREW YOU 7 YOU RUINED IT
  3. Would probably pick this up to play again, not day 1 though.rarely but games day 1....last time I did hat I bought ugh...skyrim lol
  4. Psn: Clungepumper Games: Nubla Doodle God Doodle Devil Battle Trivia Knockout Trophy cards in sig, thanks! N: Processed.
  5. Cheers for the guide. I have no idea what I just played but I got a new
  6. I'm sure this only took me about an hour. Played 2 full length games, all the winning trophies on the first run and the 2 losing trophies on the second run. Easy EDIT: 41 minutes 41 seconds according to psnprofiles.
  7. Me and Google found this game very easy and short....1
  8. Psn: Clungepumper Games: Life is Strange Hitman GO Definitive Edition Trophy cards in sig, thanks! N: Processed.
  9. I've known people like this as well. Unfortunately I live in a country where plenty of people would rather fake illness / live on benefits rather than getting off there asses and finding a job. This is a problem in society but some people do have legitimate mental health issues. It's a shame some dumbasses mess it up
  10. Just finished Life is Strange, moving back on to the Witcher 3 I think
  11. I didn't enjoy this game much tbh. The first few episodes were ok but then it got a bit slow. I don't mind story based game but this one felt like it dragged..not enough happening to keep me interested, by the middle of the fourth episode i watching tv and letting the game slowly play out in the background!
  12. Psn: Clungepumper Gone Home Cards in sig, thanks! N: Processed.
  13. Strolling through Life is Strange...sending me to sleep tbh
  14. Gone back to playing The Witcher 3. Especially with new dlc coming out I'm getting back into it.
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