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  1. oh crap typo my bad, i was into him in the middle was having a skrillex phase but got over it, its not thats he's shit just wasnt my type of music
  2. nah i manned the technical didnt take cover coz i kept dying that way, i did eventually get it and after that it was a breeze
  3. MW3 ending spoiler!!! [spoiler=908098009]this was a fantastic campaign great way to possibly conclude the series, i really loved the last mission though were your a juggernaut and take down makarov, AWESOME!
  4. any tips you got to help us out?
  5. is the challenges that hard? or it just hard at beginning and once you get hang of it its easy
  6. ok now just need the last 2 maps on hard (tier 3) then i can get my trophy also need Get Rich or Die Trying and arms dealer and danger zone but i can do that solo once im level 50 just need help with the last 2 hard maps and $50 000
  7. yeah usually something like that happen to rekindle the spark for the game.
  8. because he needed a body that didnt stand out too much, to show his return. also maybe madara split from his body before he was defeated making people think that he had died, but he just possesed someone else's. i doubt its sasuke from future.
  9. i reckon madara used obito's body, or it is izuna as he talks so much about madara's past no one else would no so much about it, its just the eyes the body is different i reckon. yeah i forgot about sasuke's EMS so it would be great battle. sorry dont like bleach.
  10. is that it? would you fk the chick then if you wanted to grab her ass?
  11. you get skill points when you sim but you have to play key games, but if you dont want to play key games you can just foul yourself out.
  12. remind me what happens on scorched earth? coz i only found manning the techincal in that african jungle real hard.
  13. Anime: yeah i am really pleased that those stupid fillers are gone (even thought i'd watch every one) yeah i dont mind the training episodes. but yeah i really wanna see how the kyuubi looks like in the actual show, not in manga. Manga: The manga just gets better and better, yeah everyone always though madara was tobi, but the real madara appeared and kabuto controlling everyone with his technique, yeah naruto would be so awesome if he can control the 9 tails (which eventually he will) but i have my own theory to who tobi is from long time ago, i think it is obito or Izuna here is a link of a theory: Who is Tobi? yeah i really want sasuke to come back now that he is much more powerful, but naruto will smash him anyday now
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