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  1. I'm even MORE late to the party, as i snagged up a RoS PS3 at the used store for $6. I chose Demon Hunter (archer). I'm slowly figuring it out. Can't I equip a knife or a dagger in one hand for close melee battle?? I've got two 1-hand crossbows, which are fine, but I'm getting destroyed in melee battle. I also just picked up the Templar as follower, and I read I can equip him with my hand-me-downs. But how? Do I "drop"? All the YouTube videos on how to use the DH as a Beginner, all start at level 70 lol.
  2. I had the same issue as StressEater here Can "Complete Crypt, Lava, and Cave levels on Hard" be clarified? Must they be done with the same character or not? I used Wizard the most (Elf on a few), I got to Heart of Darkness, so I should only need Lava trophy, but I still need Crypt (I have Cave). How is this possible??
  3. I can confirm this is a real thing. I had this exact same thing happen to me a couple days ago at level 70. I got all 10 covers of Hawkeye and the trophy popped. I am not happy about not getting it properly. I am 1 cover away from all of Captain America's 15 powers and was looking forward to chasing it.
  4. I bought this long ago, and just got around to trying it. I loved the original, and so far I am enjoying this. Right now, at Level 30, my go to team is Spidey (passives + healing), Wolverine (feral + slash combo eviscerates), and one of either Widow (stun plus steal) or Storm (break tiles, no black AP yet). I lean to Widow, unless I face enemies that don't match gems, then w/Storm. I don't have any DLC, but I've realized it isn't about the heroes, but about the colors gems they can use. A team that covers the full spectrum without overlap must surely be best. So it is tough to use Storm and Wolverine, or Storm and Juggernaut. Can't use Juggernaut with Wolverine either (not enough red and green!). So if I use Storm w/ Spidey for those enemies who don't match gems (soldiers, pyros, etc..), you have to use a tank (high health, high offense) who doesn't use green. So Iron Man or Thor. I won't put Storm and Widow in together, not enough offense. Can't use Storm with Juggernaut, their main attacks overlap green. Anyway, I am still figuring this stuff, but unfortunately there is not a lot of guidance on the internet for the console game, which appears to be dramatically different from the mobile/pc game.
  5. I am slowly working through the game, and although I haven't finished it yet, I am looking at 15-20 hrs. I love TBS games, but I am terrible at them. On nearly every mission, I usually play too conservatively and careful, and try to get the lay of the land - after figuring it out, I replay each mission with speed for heroic victories. My only real complaint is the maps are all the same. It feels like you are playing the same mission over and over and over again. So the game gets boring fast.
  6. about 15 hours for me as well. Getting the 8 bunnies on screen took more time than I thought, and the mulitple attempts for the DEV times killed my overall time.
  7. this would have been a 3.5 for me. Getting 8 bunnies on screen proved tougher than i thought, and some of those DEV times...ugh, I kept missing by just seconds. But when you eventually get it, it is very satisfying. I hated the game at first, but once i figured it out, it grew on me. Gave it a 3.
  8. quick updated. My game crashed at one point half way through, and when I rebooted and restareted, the level remembered exactly where I was. I tested this and quit after completing half a level, and, upon restarting, it was where i left it. You can't save it, but the game does save.
  9. PSN theDSsucks Trophy: Hero academy (play a ranked match) Time Zone: EST (avail most nights except Monday) EDIT: completed
  10. I'm about to start playing this, after playing R&C on PS4. The PS4 game had great save checkpoints to pickup from. I recall older R&C games were unforgiving in that you had to start from the beginning of each world every time. Super painfull.
  11. for real?? This is the last trophy I need. The guide was helpful, and I only struggled with a few flowers, and couple crystals, so i didn't really need a collectibles guide. The video posted on a previous page really helped. That dude did all 15 levels if you get stuck or lost. But there is no video for the two bonus levels. They are linear so you will figure it out. 10-15 hours for sure.
  12. thank you EVERYBODY. I am still playing this ever since i bought the last upgrade pack on discount and now pushing towards lvl 72. I have a PS3 only so i won't be getting to BL3 unfortunately. So thank you everyone for still contributing. It is appreciated.
  13. I am giving AWAY the following: legendary Bee (50) legendary Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold (48) pearlescent sawbar (57) pink assault rifle (30) legendary Conference Call (50) Legendary Gunzerker Titan Class Mod (50) Legendary Assassin Killer Class Mod (64) Slayer of Terramorphus Mod (50) legendary flame of the firehawk shield (59). Hoping to recycle some of this stuff and help others. I have a lot of legendary grenades as well. I don't need anything in return. But if you want to donate something to me, i would love a magic missile over 50, or a norfleet but not a big deal. PSN: theDSsucks
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