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  1. If anyone is looking to take full advantage of their Alienware laptop check out the setup that I came up with. I wanted the full desktop experience at home but didn't want to buy a desktop so I figured out the best alternative while taking advantage of an extremely powerful gaming laptop. https://youtu.be/esZ845ULFx4
  2. 16-20 but it could be much longer it you lose in MUT or get unlucky in Draft Champions
  3. two tips--- Only 1 DT counts towards OVR and FB doesnt count towards OVR...i know this from the 30+ times it took me to get the trophy..also i never got a 74 OVR after choosing the coach..80% of the time it was 73 and 20% i got 72...i chose tomlin, NE, NO, ryan, pettine, etc and always got 73 or 72..sometimes my first pick would make my team 74 but thats it.
  4. for the average madden player im going to vote a 7 because of MUT superbowl...but i had a heck of a time finding M-Easy once he got into the playoffs and for two days we tried but nothing...finally we both just did it legit...
  5. this one is giving me troubles...must have done 20 already i get 82 about 90% of the time..ugh..last one for plat
  6. Gauntlet was easy for me except for the boss level where you have to kick a field goal on the extreme right side with like 100 mph wind and only 10 yards out...couldn't time that one right but I ran through it again and didn't get that boss level and got to 33
  7. Looking to get a team together for flawless raider... Hit me up ill be on most nights CODEx_Vip3r
  8. shoot me a friend request if you want to work together to get a few of the co-op trophies.... I need a clan, raid, etc
  9. Ascension can be done in a day...so even if you don't like it you don't have to play it very long
  10. the way i knew it was working is when i went through the portal after breaking the 3 head stones I opened up the chest (Feather, Eye, Horn) and then immediately a second chest spawned and i opened it again....pulled the lever, the gate opened, and it was all good from there.
  11. sign me up Name- CODEx_Vip3r PSN- CODEx_Vip3r
  12. i got the weird colors too on the flying sequence...but it does work!
  13. This is how you get to 165....the easy way...also if you have a VITA set the timer for when the VITA goes to sleep for 5 minutes...that way you know when it goes to sleep you can start a new game
  14. this trophy can go to hell, but i did it...m-easy roster & sliders (no adjustments)....LA VS SF...throwing 2 seamers w/ Hudson...Veteran pitching...wasn't even looking at the screen (reading Yahoo news and i heard DING!) https://youtu.be/PgQPfOb3Snk
  15. YAY I did it....M-Easy Roster Oak Vs SF...throwing change ups w/ Peavy a Dodger Stadium...max all hitting sliders (power 3 notches down)
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