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  2. Close game for England women tonight. At 18-0 I thought Latvia were getting back into it.
  3. Need the 20 ears trophy have a lvl 9 assassin UTC: -6 PSN: rashier47 Playing almost daily from 5pm up to 10pm.
  4. Hi, I need all MP trophies on both PS4 &PS5. Please send me a message on PSN as i rarely check forums PSN: no1legofan Timezone: UTC +1:00
  5. Oh I want a hippopotamus for ChrisssSSStttMMaassss, only a hippopotamus will dooo.... Though I guess some community goals will work as well. So here ya beauts go. COMMUNITY GOALS Game Completions: 425 UR Trophies: 1400 Still just over another 2 hours before it starts.
  6. That couldn't have gone much better. A point here, perfect score in the pick'em and a few folks picked Newcastle in pick a winner.
  7. Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow? - Rolling Stones
  8. UPDATED! NEW ITEM: Supplements – BloodRayne 2: ReVamped ~ Complete Game Walkthrough.
  9. Looking for invite trophy, My psn is Jay3pointOne4
  10. Today
  11. Was going to do it this afternoon but didn’t have time.
  12. First points since round 4 of the premier league 🤑
  13. It's in the rules that you're allowed to add them! How the fuck did you miss the deadline when you even liked my post earlier
  14. For the third target i just threw a grenade into the compound lol.
  15. @Fuwafuwa-no-Neko and @Xander45 your wagers are received, better late than never I suppose.
  16. 327/341 games completed with: 100% Platinum: 213 | Five Dates PS4 (+2 from last update) and 100% Platless: 114 | The Walking Dead: Season 2 PSVita (+0 from last update). 2021: 15 games ( 0 | 13 | 2 | 0| 0 | VR 0). Exactly a repeat of last month, only 2 games added, I think trophy fatigue is starting to set in as I'm not really feeling it right now to be honest and it is still a very long way to go to accomplish the current Publisher Stack project from Wales Interactive. Hopefully I'd get to wrap this up before the year's end. I've only managed to tick-off I Saw Black Clouds and Five Dates when I could have easily stacked 3-4 more FMVs. It should be of no surprise that the culprits as usual were No Man's Sky (Expeditions 4 + Redux) and GTAOnline (heist month event). Let's see how things pan out for December... ---------- Accomplished Games (✫ Personal Rating) I Saw Black Clouds | ★★★✫✫ Five Dates | ★★★✫✫ ✫ Personal rating is based on a 5-star system combining both the enjoyment factor, the time and difficulty to complete a game. It's highly subjetive depending on each players' experience.
  17. Looking to boost the bomb trophy on PS4! PSN stefan777888999
  18. Hi! I need all MP trophies and i am looking for players. PSN ID: Andrerego GMT: 0
  19. Southampton 1-1 Leicester (Vardy) Watford 0-3 Chelsea (Double) West Ham 1-0 Brighton Wolves 2-0 Burnley Aston Villa 1-3 Man City Everton 0-1 Liverpool Tottenham 2-0 Brentford United 1-2 Arsenal You let Platt have the goalscorer on Sat so I’m having it as well please 😂
  20. GTA Vice City probably has my favorite soundtrack in the series when it comes to the licensed tracks.
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