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  2. https://psnprofiles.com/Lion_Squid/log Day 9, Task 5 (and solo credit) #13,733 - #13,737
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  4. You can use any trophies earned since 1st December for your solo tasks, but they can't overlap. One task at a time. You can submit anything earned since 3:09am UTC today for the community award.
  5. Straight: CFP’s nonsensical picks Spread: Crashing the Bowls
  6. I'm a little lost, can I hop in and apply trophies that I've earned between the 2nd and today? If not, I earned a few trophies today (December 7th) but I'll have to see what I can contribute. (5 gold trophies for example).
  7. I am looking for someone to boost the online traits. Will help in return (of course). Hope that someone still plays it :p My PSN: Coolsnarf Timezone: GMT +1
  8. I did this for the day 10 task (10 bronzes). It was actually completely unplanned by me but it ended up working well! I had thought about the solo rule and since I hadn't been able to submit anything for the first 6 days or so (aside from the one coop task at the beginning), I decided to look at all the trophies I had earned at the start of the month during my prep for the VR plat. All the trophies I had popped during that time were bronzes and a few gold near the end, so I was able to submit the 10 bronzes right away. I then realized that since I had earned 3 gold trophies, I might as well earn 2 more so I wouldn't have to worry about that solo goal later! If I had known earlier about when the golds would have popped, I could have saved them until the full task was available, but since I had already popped them, I didn't want to "waste" an opportunity to make some progress, and it also helped that 2 others had done an extra gold as well for the community task so the timing worked perfectly for me I figure with there only being 4 days left, since there are more than 10 people participating here, it might be worthwhile to have multiple people just work on their own easier solo stuff that they need since someone will inevitably submit for each new community task at this point. The people going for the solo award will need to do the day 9,10,11 and 12 tasks at some point anyway, so it's likely that they'll do the entire task for the whole group
  9. Would really only do this for day 12, since the community and solo requirements are completely different.
  10. This is correct. Time to get your thinking hat on! You can indeed submit for later tasks if you choose, but we will all see you favouring the solo tasks over working on the community goal! And yes to the second part, that is fine. I subbed one gold to day 7 and then four more golds to day 8, so they counted for the community totals and then because I didnt work on any other solo tasks for myself I could combine them and I had my five
  11. # 99 Astro's Playroom You've Only Done Everything Earned the plat earlier today. What can I say about this game that hasn't been said already? I can just repeat the sentiment and say that this is a damn fine game and a serious treat to play through. Such a fun experience and a very chill platinum. So happy that after all this hold up I managed to finally start playing on the PS5 and that this is both my first game and plat on it. Now I can finally start to work on number 100!
  12. And now for world premiere (as far as I'm concerned). My very first platinum trophy on PlayStation 5. Of course it could have been in no other game than Astro's Playroom.
  13. Day 9 Task 6 (rounds) Solo (1/6) https://psnprofiles.com/XxDecieverxX/log #13,495 ST: Day 9, task 6 = 1/6 submitted.
  14. Couple of quick questions Can I submit for solo a task that isn't yet available as a community challenge? Like if I blast through the rest of Foreclosed, can I submit for task 12 (11 trophies + plat from the same game) now? For the solo task that you are working on over time, can you pair it with a partial community sub? I put in 2 colour trophies yesterday to combine with others for task 8. Can I count those as 2/8 for a future solo sub? I understand I cannot sub anything else for solo credit until I have the additional 6 colours, but wasn't sure if I would need to sub all 8 solo at one time.
  15. Voting Guidelines Do not vote unless you have played the game. Do not vote until you have dedicated a substantial amount of time towards the game. Do not vote based solely on the descriptions from the trophy list. A time consuming game does not necessarily mean a difficult game so vote accordingly. Voted time should be based on your own personal time spent working towards the platinum. Do not vote based on "fastest possible run", but rather your own experience in playing the game. Voted time should be in-game time spent, from first starting game to achieving the platinum. Vote with honesty and integrity.
  16. Ooh, that's what I missed. So if I have - French game, circle, noise - circle, noise - French game, NPC - 90+ % - Gold trophy - French game - VR Plat I can submit - 3 French trophies - one VR plat and the ones in-between will be ineligble for further tasks? Meaning I would now still need to earn five gold instead of just four more. If so, I think I'll have to trash my spread sheet and start planning more.
  17. No, there isn't currently a way of seeing all the games in a franchise. That's something on my list of things to request be added to the site. As for the actual grouping of games in a franchise, it's a manual thing. So the fact that games are missing from a franchise is just human error - either there was a typo in the series name or it was omitted. There isn't much of a system for determining if a game belongs to a franchise - it's typically pretty obvious that games are part of a franchise. I will look at all the Final Fantasy games to ensure they're all tagged properly. If there are other franchises that don't seem to match, I can take a look at those as well. Just post in the below thread: Thank you!
  18. Congratulations to Robert Sanchez who put in the worst kicking display I have ever seen from a Goalkeeper last night and I watched Step 6 football pretty much every week for eight years. More VAR nonsense in the Brighton game too as Wissa somehow avoids a red card for taking a swing at Gilmour.
  19. Thanks for letting me know. 12th December Forest Green They make up the rules on a day by day basis. Like FIFA and UEFA the FA have proven once again that they a run by absolute cretins.
  20. 5 minutes and 3 seconds. Even without using the solutions, the puzzles weren't too difficult. Giving a 1 because you can see the solutions, but maybe a 2 without solutions.
  21. Dark purple, dark purple, light purple. Can't use blast or explosion. Not objects. Doesn't have to be unique, so you can have car 11 times if you wish. No brand names. Seems like the kind of thing that would be opening a can of worms if we allowed it! Can't do this. Can only be working on one solo task at a time. Would be too easy if we let you just use all of your December trophies and then pick and choose whichever you want when you are ready.
  22. It took me 2 minutes and 53 seconds. I thought maybe this would be a decent game for learning some Japanese but I was wrong. I don't feel bad about playing My Name Is Mayo, but I definitely feel bad playing this game for the platinum trophy. 1 for difficulty, maybe 5 or more if you actually try to learn the language.
  23. Congrats. Is that the PS3 game or did they release another one?
  24. I know but I don't want to have to basically do everything twice because I'm still stuck on colours!
  25. You can still submit for the community task. Seriously, either I am missing something very obvious or I don't get the personal task restriction. - contribute to the community task - take solo credit when you solo a task - else just submit your solo stuff after the community stuff is done ... ... and use ALL your December earned trophies for this instead of having them ineligble everytime a new cylce starts.
  26. I am intereste in the online trophies PSN ID: patxi1980ps TimeZone Europe/madrid
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