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There are 37 trophies with a total of 0 points.
 Bag Blisterz Booty (Bronze)
Bounty Blisterz Booty

Story-related. Cannot be missed.
After the intro, Stranger will be standing over Blisterz Booty who has just been captured. Press and hold as prompted to bounty him and the trophy will pop.

 Starting the Journey (Bronze)
Complete the tutorial

Story-related. Cannot be missed.
After bagging Blisterz, you make your way through the area and enemy camps towards the nearest town to cash in your bounty. This section acts as a tutorial for the game, teaching you how to move around, jump and climb. You also learn melee combat and how to capture and use most of the game’s live ammo for your crossbow. Once you reach the town of Gizzard Gulch this trophy will pop.

 Wash my hands of this mess (Bronze)
Bounty Filthy Hands Floyd

Story-related. Cannot be missed.
The first boss in the game is an easy one and will show himself after you have cleared the wagon train crash site of all other Outlaws. Floyd will have two Outlaws with him, who can be lured away by using Chippunks and then dealt with accordingly. Make sure you have a Bolamite equipped on your crossbow, head up to Floyd (keep an eye on your radar and take cover when necessary) and shoot him with the Bolamite. His stamina will be very low so a single shot will wrap him up nicely for you to bounty alive.

 Clean the Water (Bronze)
Bounty Looten Duke

Story-related. Cannot be missed.
Once you’ve cleared the Water Facility of all Outlaws, Duke will appear on the roof of a building with two Outlaw Mortars, who you must take out first. Head inside the small building directly behind you (opposite the building where the Mortars are) where you will be safe from their fire. Use Fuzzles to defeat them.

Once they’re down, Duke will appear at ground level and will start shooting his machine gun at you. Run and jump to get away from him and wait behind the large stones opposite the entrance. Equip the Zappfly and Thudslugs on your crossbow and wait for Duke to come to you. When he is within your sights immediately fire with the Thudslug and charged Zappfly to knock him back. Your aim is to push Duke towards the side of the facility to minimise the chance of you knocking him into spikes or one of the giant fans that are in the facility. You will have to alternate fire between each ammo type due to the slow reload time of the Thudslug. Keep an eye on Duke’s stamina bar (the blue bar) and do not stop firing until it has depleted. His stamina will recharge very quickly so fire your ammo as soon as it is ready. Once Duke’s stamina has depleted he will be unconscious with three gold stars circling his head. Quickly bounty him before he wakes up.

As mentioned there are spikes and giant fans in and around the facility. Shoot Duke with a Thudslug in front of one of these and he will die instantly. Use this method if you wish during your Hard playthrough only.

 Spank that booty! (Bronze)
Bounty Boilz Booty

Story-related. Cannot be missed.
Capturing Boilz alive on Hard will be your first real test in the game. You’ll be thrown into this fight as soon as you exit the Bounty Store, with Boilz and a group of Outlaws around the town. You will likely be spotted by an Outlaw as soon as the cutscene ends, so quickly make a dash for cover behind the buildings and try and take out each Outlaw. Don’t worry about catching the Outlaws alive. There’s not a lot of space to manoeuvre and Boilz will get close to you to use his shotgun, so it’s important to take out the Outlaws quickly with Fuzzles (and Boombats when you see more than one in a single location) and keep your distance from Boilz.

If you can remain hidden, use Chippunks to lure the Outlaws away and bounty them alive if safe to do so, but be careful as you could also lure Boilz into a trap. You don’t want to try and take Boilz alive whilst being shot at by Outlaws, so once they are out of the way, use the charged Zappfly and Thudslugs as before to lower his stamina and then wrap him up with a Bolamite.

 Dumb it down (Bronze)
Rescue Eugene Ius

Story-related. Cannot be missed.
There is no boss to fight here as Eugene Ius is being held captive by a group of Outlaws. You will be introduced to the Outlaw Nailer, which takes approximately three charged Zappfly shots or one Zappfly and one Thudslug to knock out. Aside from this, use the same tactics you have been using up to this point. Once you have dealt with all the Outlaws outside of Eugene’s cage, Stranger will free him and the trophy will pop soon after.

 Don’t be talkin’ ‘bout ma mama (Bronze)
Bounty Jo’ Mamma

Story-related. Cannot be missed.
Jo’ Mamma is guarded by a lot of Outlaws, including two Nailers. Some Outlaws are perched on higher levels, so kill these with Fuzzles or Stingbees. As you take them out more Outlaws will spawn, including Semi-Autos, who will spawn in alcoves opposite Jo’s position. Kill the Semi-Autos, but if they drop down to the ground level, you can lure them to you and use a Stunkz to quickly incapacitate them for a live capture. Don’t stand around near Jo’s crane as she will use it to try and crush you.

Once the Outlaws are dealt with, Zappfly the elevator switch and head up to Jo’s level. An electrified rope is stopping you from crossing over to her. There is a Zappfly switch for this on the other side, but Jo will turn the power back on every time. Boombats will quickly knock her out, so fire one or two at her and Zappfly the switch. Quickly jump on the rope and head across. If Jo has woken up by the time you get across, fire another Boombat to knock her out again and then bounty her.

 Go Organic (Bronze)
Bounty Packrat Palooka

Story-related. Cannot be missed.
Back at Beeks’ Opple Farm, Meagly will reveal himself once you have cleared the farm of all his Outlaws. He is riding a Nailer named Tiny, who cannot be taken alive. Use Boombats, Fuzzles and Stingbees to make short work of Tiny.

Meagly himself is no different from the previous Bounties. Run outside for the large open areas if you need to in case you get cornered in the house. Fire charged Zappflies and Thudslugs without delay until he is knocked out.

 Junkyard Challenge (Bronze)
Bounty Packrat Palooka

Story-related. Cannot be missed.
Packrat is protected by a shield powered by four generators, all of which have conveniently placed Zappfly switches. Hide behind one of the mesh fences near Packrat’s platform to avoid being hit by his missiles and shoot out three of the generators. Save your game!

Shoot a few Fuzzles on the ground at the base of the platform and then shoot the fourth generator. The shield will be down, so quickly fire a Boombat behind Packrat to try and knock him off the platform. As soon as he falls to the ground, he will head for one of the doors to head back up. As soon as you see Packrat falling to the ground, run towards him. The Fuzzles that you fired earlier will attack him, preventing him from heading to one of the doors. Immediately fire your charged Zappflies and Thudslugs until Packrat is knocked out and then bounty him as normal.

If you fail to stop Packrat from going through one of the doors and back on the platform, re-load the save you made before you started firing Fuzzles. Once Packrat heads back to the platform, he will reactivate the shield generator and Outlaws and flame turrets will join the fight. This makes bountying Packrat much harder.

 Mine your business! (Bronze)
Bounty X’plosives McGee

Story-related. Cannot be missed.
After the cutscene, you will be under a platform whilst X’plosives will be in a mine cart, circling the area on the highest of three tracks. A Flamer will slide down the ramp in front of you so quickly deal with him. There will be three Snipers where the Flamer came from who can quickly be killed by shooting the barrels they are stood next to. As long as you stay under the platform in the middle, you are relatively safe from the missiles that X’plosives is shooting at you. When you hear a ringing noise, shoot the Zappfly switch that is on the same level as X’plosives and the tracks will shift, bringing him down to the second level.

To the left of the middle platform, two Semi-Autos and a Shooter will emerge. Don’t worry about taking them alive, quickly kill them and then shoot the next switch to bring X’plosives to the next level. A door will then open to the right, revealing two more Semi-Autos, two Shooters and a Flame Turret. Immediately fire a Boombat or two to quickly kill these Outlaws and the turret. Head inside the room they came from and start stocking up on any ammo you need and then shoot the final track switch to bring X’plosives to your level.

X’plosives’ mine cart will turn into a turret, so destroy that first. Then deal with X’plosives himself like you would any other Bounty. Unfortunately, X’plosives is a little tougher than anything you’ve faced so far. Shooting Thudslugs at him won’t knock him off his feet like the others, so you must be relentless and never stop firing at him, quickly shaking off any damage between reloads as necessary. Bounty him when he’s down for good and a well-deserved trophy will be yours.

 The Sleg Avenger! (Bronze)
Bounty Lefty Lugnutz

Story-related. Cannot be missed.
The first order of business is to kill the Giant Sleg so you can learn a Sleg call to lure out Lefty. Head left along the Mongo River (through the Port Authority) and you will encounter the Giant Sleg, as well as a couple of regular ones. Stay on the other side of the river and the Slegs won’t be able to bite you, but the Giant Sleg will have a spit attack that you need to watch out for. Use Stingbees, Fuzzles and Boombats, anything to kill the Slegs, and then head back to town to learn the Sleg call.

You will encounter Lefty in a Native graveyard, on a perch with some Snipers in the area and some Outlaws on the ground. Run to the far right for cover near some tall grass and ammo. Take out the Outlaws as you have been doing in the game so far. Lefty will send out at least two more waves of Outlaws against you and will occasionally shoot at you himself from the many perches he will occupy. Eventually he will come down to ground level, where you can fire Zappflies and Thudslugs to bring him down alive.

 You scratch my back (Bronze)
Bounty Elboze Freely

Story-related. Cannot be missed.
Elboze is part machine and therefore is nearly completely armoured against your attacks. From your starting point, Elboze will run to a control to move the platform you are standing on, making you fall to his level as a result. When he runs to the control, you will see that his back is his weak spot. You can jump across the numerous platforms (step on gravity wells to get back up to them if you fall) and fire at Elboze’s back every time he goes for one of the controls.

An easy method on Hard for capturing Elboze alive is to fall to his level and constantly move to the left. Elboze will try and punch you but will miss every time if you keep moving in a circular motion to the left. When he misses, he will jump back and pause to perform a roaring motion. If you keep circling left you will be able to shoot him in the back with Zappflies and Thudslugs once before he tries to hit you again. Do not stop moving and eventually you will bring his stamina down.

 Too Much Fuzzle Pie (Bronze)
Bounty Fatty McBoomBoom

Story-related. Cannot be missed.
When you arrive at Fatty’s camp, stay outside of it and wait for the Outlaws. Fatty has a lot of Outlaws under his command and they will all head in your direction, sometimes in groups of two or three. Fatty himself will be firing rockets in your direction, but you should have no problem avoiding these. Deal with the Outlaws as necessary, with Stunkz particularly being handy, and then head into the camp. Be aware of the Snipers and then take on Fatty.

Fatty himself is not too difficult. He will try and launch himself in the air and land you, dealing a fair amount of damage. Afterwards he will run back to the top of his shack and continue launching rockets at you. Dodge all of his attacks and try and get close enough to knock him out with your Zappfly/Thudslug combination to bag your final bounty.

 You know too much (Bronze)
Take out D. Caste Raider

Story-related. Cannot be missed.
On Hard, this is one of the toughest parts of the game. You will find yourself in a room with a spreading fire, against several Outlaws, with no weapons. This is the part of the game where all those stamina upgrades you (should) have purchased will really come in handy. Raider has a huge mallet that he will try and crush you with, whilst there are also two Shooters and a few Cutters.

Use / to perform your new charging attack and charge into the nearest group of Outlaws. As soon as you hit them start spamming your spinning melee attack with / to hit all the Outlaws around you. The aim is to knock them into the fires to kill them. After hitting this first group, head towards the two Shooters when you can and take them out, then alternate between hitting Raider and the Outlaws. If you focus on one the other will kill you in no time. Try to knock down the enemies and run away to the other side of the room whilst they are down when you need to shake off any damage.

This trophy will pop once Raider has been defeated.

 Giving a Leg Up (Bronze)
Get to Last Legs.

Story-related. Cannot be missed.
You will be heading to Last Legs via the Mongo River. Along the way you will have to go ashore twice to open gates blocking the way, defeating the Wolvarks defending it as you do. There is nothing out of the ordinary here and it won’t be long before you arrive at the city of Last Legs. The trophy will pop after the cutscene showing your arrival.

 Dam Sekto! (Bronze)
Enter the Lower Dam.

Story-related. Cannot be missed.
After leaving Last Legs, you will come to two platforms in the water guarding a large door to the dam. Each platform has a switch that deactivates each lock on the door. Take out the Wolvarks on each platform to reach the switches at the end of each one. Watch out for the gun turrets attached to the dam as well.

Once you have unlocked the doors, get back to your boat and head inside. Once you pass through the doorway the trophy will unlock.

 Elevate yourself (Bronze)
Take out a Gloktigi.

Story-related. Cannot be missed.
Inside the dam you need to use two Zappfly switches to activate an elevator. When the elevator door opens in front of you, you will be introduced to an octopus-like monster called the Gloktigi.

The Gloktigi’s primary attack is a spinning move that knocks you back, making you unable to control Stranger. It is very important to keep your distance. If you are knocked up against a wall you will be trapped and as good as dead as the Gloktigi will spin relentlessly when you are near.

When keeping your distance be careful to avoid the Gloktigi’s other attack – a green slime that binds you. Run and jump to avoid this attack because if you get caught, you will have to quickly alternate between / and / to break free. The Gloktigi will always try and trap you and get closer to use its spinning attack.

Use all of your offensive weapons against the Gloktigi. Run as far away as you can when the fight starts and set Fuzzle traps. When the Gloktigi is within sight, fire Boombats and Riotslugs. Stingbees should be used when you run out of ammo on any of the others. There are some explosive barrels down the ramp from the elevator, so use them to your advantage as well.

 Regain that spring in your step (Bronze)
Reach the Upper Dam.

Story-related. Cannot be missed.
Once you are back outside, you will be fighting more waves of Wolvarks. You will come to another set of large doors with a watch tower at either side. Climb to each of these and press the switch in each one to open the doors. Once you head through the doorway, this trophy will pop.

 Now there’s two? (Silver)
Take out Sekto’s personal bodyguards.

Story-related. Cannot be missed.
Sekto’s bodyguards are two Gloktigi and you will have to fight both of them at the same time. After the cutscene, you will be in an arena-like location with the Gloktigi in front of you.

Immediately run to the side and then use the same tactics that you have used against single Gloktigi. Keep your distance, be very quick to escape from the green slime if it catches you and use your most powerful weapons. Never stop firing Boombats, Riotslugs, Stingbees and Fuzzles and make sure every shot counts. Whilst there are several bookcase-like objects in the area, you cannot rely on these as cover as they are easily destroyed. If the Gloktigi manage to gang up on you and perform their spinning attack, it’s more or less game over. With both of them attacking you it will be almost impossible to get away unscathed. Try and focus your attacks on one of them so you don’t spend most of this section fighting both of them.

Only stay in first-person view when you are firing at them. Once they get close enough, switch to third-person view to run/jump to the other side of the area as you move a lot quicker, then continue firing. Along the way, use your ramming attack to smash through the ammo crates, then collect the ammo if possible when you run back to the other side.

Once you have dealt enough damage to a Gloktigi, it will turn into a misty cloud and fly over to the other side of the area to get away from you. This will happen at least twice for each one. If you feel it is safe to do so, save your progress.

Once they are down, breathe a sigh of relief as it is all plain sailing from here.

 Smack down Sekto! (Gold)
Defeat Sekto.

Story-related. Cannot be missed.
Sekto is inside a large machine powered by two circular generators. The building is starting to collapse so large pieces of debris will fall from the ceiling. Use this debris as cover from Sekto’s laser blasts and shoot at the generators. Use whatever ammo you have left, although Boombats and Riotslugs will work best.

After a couple of shots Sekto will then fire a powerful laser beam which will destroy the debris you were hiding behind. Afterwards the laser will power down, allowing you time to collect more ammo (if needed) and more importantly time to run to another block of debris that has fallen. Do not get caught in Sekto’s laser beam as it can drain all of your health with a single shot.

Once you have destroyed both generators, Sekto’s machine will fall apart and the boss himself will be defeated.

 Back in the Village (Silver)
Defeat the Wolvark attackers in the Native Village

Story-related. Cannot be missed.
After the Wolvark barracks and reaching the boat, the Natives will ask for your help back in the Village, so head through the cave passage to get back. Once there, don’t worry too much about taking any Wolvarks alive. You are heavily outnumbered and some of the Wolvarks throw sticky bombs and have riot shields for defence. If you have any Wasp darts, snipe as many Wolvarks as you can from a distance, otherwise, fight them off with Stingbees, Fuzzles and Boombats.

Once you’ve defeated the first wave, a drop ship will arrive and drop off more Wolvarks in the open area in front of the village ramp entrance. Deal with this wave and then head to the ramp on the right side of the village to deal with three Wolvarks there. Another drop ship will land in the village itself, high up amongst the buildings. Head up the ramp into the village and take out the last wave of Wolvarks. The trophy will pop soon after the Natives start cheering you for saving their village.

 Get 'em (Silver)
Bounty 250 Outlaws

See Get ‘em goooooood!

 Get 'em goooooood! (Gold)
Bounty 250 Outlaws alive.

There are plenty more than 250 Outlaws in the game for you to bounty. Your basic Outlaw can be incapacitated with a single shot from a charged Zappfly, Bolamite or Stunkz. Once they are down, press and hold to bounty them. On harder difficulties, use the Stunkz on the more powerful Outlaws such as Nailers and Semi-Autos or a combination of the Zappfly and Thudslugs. The explosion caused by a Boombat can be useful to knock out even more powerful Outlaws such as Flamers. Wolvarks will go down as easily as regular Outlaws.

This trophy and Get ‘em will likely unlock whilst you are hunting bounties in New Yolk City. This is around halfway through the game. As both Outlaws and Wolvarks count towards these two trophies, they will be very hard to miss.

 Mo Moolah (Gold)
Have 20,000 Moolah when you take the barge to Doc’s Mongo Retreat.

You should be aiming for this trophy in Step 2 of the Roadmap as it will be a lot easier to obtain on Easy difficulty. The barge to Doc’s Mongo Retreat is available after you have bountied Fatty McBoomBoom, the last Bounty of the game. You must have 20,000 Moolah before you speak to the barge captain or you will miss this trophy. You can see how much Moolah you have by checking your inventory (press ).

The biggest method of acquiring Moolah is to capture all Bounties and Outlaws alive, no easy feat on Hard. Bounties are worth two to three times more Moolah alive, whilst Outlaws can be worth two to four times more. Since you will be playing on Easy for this trophy, you should have no problem capturing every Bounty alive and nearly every Outlaw where possible. Avoid purchasing any upgrades as they won't be needed on Easy, although I would still recommend getting the faster reload upgrade for the Thudslug for easier live captures.

This won’t give you enough Moolah though, but luckily there are plenty of other sources.

Moolah Chests
There are 69 chests filled with Moolah that are worth between 40 and 60 Moolah each. See Finders, Filchers for more information.

Moolah Pots
Similar to the chests in value, the pots are round and grey and have light green crystals sticking out of the top of them. See the Barrel, Chest and Pot Locations - Text Guide with Screenshots thread for the location of all 18.

Orange Crystals
These are found in two caves along the Mongo River. There are 25-30 crystals and are worth one or two Moolah each. See Crystal Mess for more information.

Grubb Idol
This is a small statue held by the Grubbs (natives). Its value changes with each playthrough, but varies between 75 and 95 Moolah. See Grubb Idol for more information.

Moolah Bags
Moolah bags always come in threes. Throughout the game you will see wooden crates, boxes and barrels that you can use melee attacks or a charged Zappfly to smash open. Some of them will have Moolah bags inside, which are worth between two and five Moolah each.

At Beeks’ Opple Farm there is a large stash of Moolah bags worth 15 to 30 Moolah each inside Farmer Beeks’ house. See Farmer Harmer for more information.

Any Outlaws you kill will drop three Moolah bags. Clakkerz, the wandering chicken-like race that inhabit all the towns, are another source of Moolah bags. Stand next to a Clakker (preferably a group) and press / to perform a spinning melee attack. Everytime you hit a Clakker they will drop three Moolah bags. You can do this three times to every Clakker you see for nine bags each.

The Clakkerz will get spooked by your violent actions and will run inside their houses for cover. When this happens, run to a doorway and block the Clakkerz from getting in. Perform the spin attack against any Clakker that runs towards you until they stop dropping bags. Wait behind a building until the Clakkerz come back out and try and remember which ones you haven’t hit and repeat. Be aware that the Clakkerz in Buzzarton and New Yolk City will shoot at you from their buildings when they run for cover so make sure you stay in cover yourself until they come back outside.

Attack the Clakkerz as you play through the game and be aware that you won’t be able to return to their settlements once you have left.

Following these tips I had over 24,000 Moolah before I spoke to the barge captain.

 Go with the Flo. . . (Bronze)
Find a hidden bottle of medicine.

Inside the Wolvark barracks, you will come to a room with toilet stalls and Wolvarks inside them. Facing the stalls, look to the left and you will see a tower of green boxes. Head to the other side of the boxes, destroy the ammo crates blocking your way and climb to the top. Head inside the air vent and keep walking until you get to the other side. At the vent’s exit you will see boxes of the ‘medicine’ and the trophy will pop.

See the spoiler below for a video walkthrough. Be warned, this video may contain spoilers. Credit to kamijordan.


 Crystal Mess (Silver)
Collect 25 orange crystals.



A number of PS3 users have reported this trophy not popping for them. Make sure that you shoot all the crystals from a distance and then pick them up one at a time to ensure each crystal registers. Save your game before you enter the first cave so you can reload it in case the trophy doesn’t pop.

Orange crystals are located in only two caves along the Mongo River. On your way to bounty Elboze Freely, you will head left along the Mongo River after leaving the Port Authority. Across the river to the left of the waterfall will be a small, tree-covered island. Swim across and hidden at the back of the island is a cave. Destroy the wooden fence and head inside. You will see the orange crystals on the cave walls. Shoot them with the Zappfly and they will break into smaller pieces. Pick up each piece and then head back to the river to find the next cave.

Now on the right side of the river, head further up until the path rises to a higher level. Jump of the path into the water and swim towards the bit of land that has fishing tools and skeletons. Behind the shrubbery will be another cave. As before, destroy the wooden fence, head inside and shoot at the three crystals on the walls. Once you have collected the broken shards in the second cave the trophy will pop.

See the video below for a walkthrough. Credit to psychosmoke.


 Finders, Filchers (Silver)
Collect 40 Moolah chests.

There are a total of 69 Moolah chests to be found, but as described, only 40 are needed for this trophy. However, you should collect them all when going for Mo Moolah.

Most of the chests are easy to find and all of them are only available in the first half of the game. You can check the Barrel, Chest and Pot Locations - Text Guide with Screenshots thread for the exact locations.

Collecting them all, this trophy should unlock whilst on your way to New Yolk City.

 Free the Meat (Gold)
Destroy the 10 hidden barrels.

Fans of the original Oddworld games will recognise these nice little easter eggs and the contents inside. Most of the barrels are well hidden and are spaced out across the game. The last barrel is near the very end of the game, so you must collect them all in your first playthrough or you will have to do an entire playthrough again to get this trophy. Destroy the barrels by using a melee attack or shooting a charged Zappfly.

Players on both PS3 and Vita have reported unlocking this trophy after destroying only eight or nine barrels. A positive glitch!

Click the spoiler below for a video guide on where to find the barrels. Be warned, this video may contain spoilers. Credit to MrReign420. If you prefer a text guide, check the Barrel, Chest and Pot Locations - Text Guide with Screenshots thread.


 Slakker Clakker (Bronze)
Finish the game on Easy

See Sekto Suicide.

 Stranger Danger (Silver)
Finish the game on Normal

See Sekto Suicide.

 Sekto Suicide (Gold)
Finish the game on Hard

You can select Hard difficulty from the main menu once you have chosen to start a new game. Hard is a worthy challenge with some tough moments, but nothing on the scale of some of the more infamous difficulties out there. Some general tips to follow:

- Save often! The game allows you to save your progress at any time, so make full use of it. Every time you take out a couple of Outlaws, survive a large shout-out or halfway through a difficult section, save! The game features a ‘Quiksave’ option, but I feel much more comfortable saving the game manually.

- Keep an eye on your radar in the bottom left of your screen. Enemies will appear as yellow dots with a 90 degree viewing angle that will be a light brown in colour. The dots and viewing angle will change to red on your radar if you have been spotted.

- Each of the three main towns has a general store where you can purchase upgrades. Increased stamina and faster stamina regeneration upgrades are the most important as you can regenerate your health quicker. You will also want to purchase faster reload upgrades for your ammo, especially the Thudslug for taking enemies alive, and pouches for holding more ammo. Don’t save your money on this playthrough, buy the upgrades and Hard will be a lot easier. If you don’t buy some of the upgrades when they are available you will have to make do without them when you leave each town and this will make the game more difficult later on.

- You can avoid being spotted by staying in cover. You can hide behind a building or similar structure or you can stand in tall grass. When standing in tall grass, it will say ‘HIDDEN’ next to your radar. Using the grass to your advantage means you can get a full view of enemies without being spotted.

- Look at enemy movements and plan your attacks. Running into an area all guns blazing is a quick way to get yourself killed. Be patient and use the different types of ammo accordingly.

- Firing a Chippunk will lure away a single Outlaw from his location. Once you have him where you want him, you can knock him out with a charged Zappfly, wrap him up with a Bolamite or incapacitate him with a Stunkz and then bounty him alive. Be careful that you don’t expose yourself to enemy fire when you bounty an Outlaw. The Zappfly is the better option in most circumstances because it has unlimited ammo.

- Don’t worry about capturing every Bounty alive. The stamina recharge on Bounties is very fast so taking them alive will be challenging. Save the live captures for the second playthrough.

The hardest point in the game that is not covered under any trophy will be a timed segment late in the game. You have three and a half minutes to run like crazy whilst getting shot at. I strongly recommend that you keep a save file at the beginning of this segment and separate files at safe, regular intervals. Check the spoiler for a video of how to get through and use a very handy shortcut to save time. Be warned, this video may contain spoilers. The weapon being fired is an upgraded Stunkz and should be used as demonstrated. Credit to KingdomRa.


This trophy stacks with Slakker Clakker and Stranger Danger. All three trophies will unlock after the end cutscene.

 Farmer Harmer (Bronze)
Kill Farmer Beeks

After leaving Gizzard Gulch, on your way to Buzzarton you will come across Beeks’ Opple Farm. The Clakkerz at the entrance will assume Stranger is the new security guard sent to look after Beeks’ Moolah. After the cutscene, head through the farm to the large house at the end. Once inside, speak to Beeks and then climb the rope near the ramp that leads upstairs. Double jump off the rope at the very top and walk along the walkway to the locked chest. Use a charged Zappfly to shoot the chest and collect all the Moolah bags that come out.

Speak to Beeks again and he will start following you. On the second floor, lead him to the outside walkway and position him between yourself and the general direction of the Opple Mill. Arm your crossbow with the Zappfly and a Bolamite.

Melee Beeks to knock him off the walkway then quickly jump down and melee him in the direction of the mill. Do not let him get back up, keep hitting him until he is inside the mill. Once inside quickly wrap him up with a Bolamite. Use the Zappfly switch on the mill to finish the job and the trophy will pop.

See the video below for a walkthrough. Credit to MrReign420.


Secret Trophies
Shiny Moolah (Platinum)
Get all other Trophies.

Self-explanatory. Unlock all other trophies and you will unlock this platinum.

Hidden What?! (Silver)
Find the Black Market.

As you walk through New Yolk City after capturing X’plosives, before you reach the Bounty Store you will walk past a Clakker talking about a black market. The Clakker is standing to your left opposite a rope. Talk to her and she will give you the password.

Climb the rope and follow the path on top of the building until you come to a set of doors. Press to try and enter, again when asked for the password and then enter. The trophy will pop soon after, so head inside to have a look at some of the goodies on offer.

See the video below for a walkthrough. Credit to kamijordan.


Grubb Idol (Silver)
Find the hidden Grubb Idol

When you emerge from the catacombs you will walk through a stone village inhabited by Grubbs. As you make your way through, look to the right and you will see a boarded up hole in one of the buildings with a rope next to it. Use a charged Zappfly to destroy the wooden planks. Head towards this building and then turn right. You will see a rope that you can climb on to that will lead you to the rope next to the hole. Double jump off the rope to the hole and collect the Idol.

See the video below for a walkthrough. Credit to kamijordan.


Dirty Water (Bronze)
Find the hidden entrance into the Wolvark Barracks

As you make your way through the Wolvark facility on your way to the boat, stop when you reach the second bridge that you need to cross. Instead of crossing, jump to the left into the water and swim towards the general direction you came from. You will see a rope to your right, as well as a platform with a door switch and a large sewer pipe with a metal grate covering the entrance. Deal with the Wolvark near the switch, press it and head through the sewer pipe. The trophy will pop by the time you have entered the corridors.

See the spoiler below for a video walkthrough. This video shows you going across the bridge instead of jumping off and turning left to go towards the switch at the bottom of the ramp, but this will involve fighting more Wolvarks. Be warned, this video may contain spoilers. Credit to kamijordan.


Too Big For Your Bridges (Bronze)
Leap the broken bridge!

When you leave Gizzard Gulch to collect your next bounty you will head through a tunnel and on the other side will be a small settlement and a broken bridge. From the tunnel exit, hold to make Stranger run and he will soon start running on all four legs to gain speed. As you approach the edge of the bridge, press to jump and then again in mid-air to double jump and land on the other side.

This trophy appears to be glitched on both PS3 and Vita, whereby it will only pop if you jump from the other side or if you jump after a couple of attempts. Jump across the bridge several times from both sides until the trophy pops.


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