Army of Two: The 40th Day - Trophies - Every Trophy Counts

There are 59 Trophies.
 Better Than Gold (Platinum)
Earn all other trophies
 Not What I Thought It Was (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 1 on any difficulty level
 A Steep Descent (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 2 on any difficulty level
 A Decent Animal (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 3 on any difficulty level
 Emergency Room (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 4 on any difficulty level
 Gone Shopping (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 5 on any difficulty level
 Survivor? (Silver)
Complete the game on any difficulty level
 Softcore (Silver)
Complete half the game on hardest difficulty
 Hardcore (Gold)
Complete the game on the hardest difficulty
 Meat Bag (Bronze)
Use 15 enemies as human shields
 Chaaaaarge! (Bronze)
Charge through 20 enemies
 The Beast (Gold)
Kill 6,666 people in Campaign
 Grenadier (Bronze)
Kill 3 or more enemies with a single grenade
 Pistolier (Bronze)
Kill 150 enemies with pistols
 Old Faithful (Bronze)
Kill 400 enemies with assault rifles, submachine guns or shotguns
 One Shot, One Kill (Bronze)
Kill 100 enemies with a sniper rifle
 Quick Draw (Bronze)
Kill 25 enemies with a quickdraw from mock surrender
 Open Hand Slap! (Bronze)
Kill 50 enemies with a melee or bayonet
 Unbreakable (Silver)
Survive an entire level without needing to be revived on normal difficulty or above
 Not So Bad After All (Bronze)
Tie up 15 enemy combatants instead of executing them
 Healer (Bronze)
Heal your partner 10 times
 Co-Op Sniper (Bronze)
Co-op snipe 5 enemies
 Attention Grabber (Bronze)
Allow your partner to snipe 5 guys while in mock surrender
 In Synch (Bronze)
Kill two enemies with simultaneous quick draws while in co-op mock surrender
 Pumpkin Patch (Bronze)
Shoot 2 enemies in the head with a single bullet
 Total Fist Bump Destruction (Bronze)
Finish the game as best friends
 Total Fist Bump Deflation (Bronze)
Finish the game in a fractured friendship
 The Truth Is Right Here (Bronze)
Listen to all of the radio broadcasts
 Loot and Pillage (Bronze)
Collect $1,000,000
 Full Arsenal (Silver)
Collect all weapons and weapon parts
 Touch Not A Cat But A Glove (Silver)
Shoot all Maneki Neko cats in the game
 Hate Monger (Bronze)
Customize a primary weapon to high aggro
 The Optimist (Bronze)
Make a positive coop morality choice
 The Pessimist (Bronze)
Make a negative coop choice
 Humanist (Silver)
Save every hostage
 Future Visions (Silver)
Unlock all potential futures
 Fresh Meat (Bronze)
Versus: Revive your partner and perform a partner reload during the same public match
 Fancy Meeting You Here (Bronze)
Versus: Invite a friend before joining a lobby to play a public match
 Big Game Hunting (Bronze)
Versus: Kill both members of a single partnership during a public match
 Job Seeker (Bronze)
Versus: In public matches, kill a player with either the primary or secondary weapon from every weapon kit
 DIY PMC (Bronze)
Versus: Create a custom facemask online ( and wear it in a public match
 Death Dealer (Bronze)
Versus: Kill 10 players with headshots on a single map in a public match
 Power Couple (Bronze)
Versus: Earn the highest partnership score in a Co-op Deathmatch, Control or Warzone public match
 All Guns Blazing (Bronze)
Versus: Kill a player with every weapon, including special weapons, in public matches
 Bound For Life (Silver)
Versus: In a public match, survive an entire Extraction map without suffering a single death on your team
 King Of The Hill (Silver)
Versus: Win a public match on every map in Co-op Deathmatch, Control and Warzone
 Survival Of The Fittest (Silver)
Versus: Complete all 16 rounds of an Extraction game in a public match
 Men of the People (Bronze)
Escort all hostages to safety
 Pick A New Face (Bronze)
Find one new mask in The Chapters of Deceit
 Hit And Miss (Silver)
Complete Chapter 8 on any difficulty level
 Train Wrecked (Silver)
Complete chapter 9 on any difficulty level
 Paging Dr. Wu (Bronze)
Protect Dr. Wu from the FDI foes
 Good Guys (Bronze)
Positive morality choice. Choose to let the traitor live.
 Good Fellas (Bronze)
Negative morality choice. Choose to execute the woman
 Can It Really Be That Simple? (Bronze)
Kill the FDI leader. Could it really be this easy?
Secret Trophies
Rock, Paper, Scissors (Bronze)
Beat your partner at rock, paper, scissors 3 times in a row
Scavenger (Bronze)
Build a gun using 3 homebrew parts
Purist (Bronze)
Make only positive choices
Heartless (Bronze)
Make only negative choices

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