Jetpack Joyride (PS3) - Trophies - Every Trophy Counts

There are 12 Trophies.
 Alpha Charlie Echo (Bronze)
Fly over 2kms
 Marathon (Bronze)
Fly a total of 50kms
 Happy Snap (Bronze)
Save an action shot to your camera roll
 For Science (Bronze)
Knock over 1000 Scientists
 Good Work, Woody (Bronze)
Run into the bottom obstacles 3 times in a row
 Good Work, Sierra (Bronze)
Stare at the main shop screen for 2 minutes
 Good Work, Muscat (Bronze)
Open and close the main menu slider 10 times
 Romeo Alpha Delta (Silver)
Fly over 5kms
 A Man, My Son (Silver)
Finish all the missions and start again
 Blinged Out (Silver)
Buy a golden vehicle upgrade
 High Roller (Silver)
Lose the final spin 100 times total
 All the things! (Gold)
Unlock all the Gadgets, Clothing, Jet-packs and Vehicle Upgrades

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