Sony Buys Cloud Gaming Service Gaikai for $380m
Written Monday, July 02, 2012 By Lee Bradley
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Sony has bought the cloud gaming service Gaikai for $380 million.

As a result of the deal, SCE boss Andrew House says that users will be able “to instantly enjoy a broad array of content ranging from immersive core games with rich graphics to casual content anytime, anywhere on a variety of internet-connected devices.”

Gaikai co-founder David Perry added, “Sony has built an incredible brand with PlayStation and has earned the respect of countless millions of gamers worldwide.

“We’re honored to be able to help Sony rapidly harness the power of the interactive cloud and to continue to grow their ecosystem, to empower developers with new capabilities, to dramatically improve the reach of exciting content and to bring breathtaking new experiences to users worldwide.”

Though Sony is yet to outline its future plans for the service, industry rumours are suggesting that the platform holder will eventually allow PS3 users to stream PSone and PS2 titles through their consoles. 

And that’s just the beginning. With the PlayStation 4 just around the corner, could the next-gen system allow all of its games to be streamed? The future's cloudy.


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Forum Posts: 29
Comment #1 by TheNeoReaper
Monday, July 02, 2012 @ 07:22:47 AM
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Pun was a miss.

Forum Posts: 161
Comment #2 by insaneloverboy23
Monday, July 02, 2012 @ 07:26:52 AM
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i prefer to download a game then play it off the hdd then cloud game pfft

Forum Posts: 20
Comment #3 by QDawg187
Monday, July 02, 2012 @ 07:27:21 AM
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Only thing worse than the pun,was the idea of streaming all their games

Forum Posts: 503
Comment #4 by TroubleMaker411
Monday, July 02, 2012 @ 07:31:24 AM
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Cloud is fine, as a back up.
But considering even on my new build estate, I have truly god awful internet. No fibre, shitty BT internet kicking around 4Mb on a good day with the wind behind me.

I have tried onlive and it's nice but my slow net causes a lot of input lag if the guy next door decides to update his facebook status at the same time as I am playing!

Also, it's nice to have the game box in my collection.
It's the same reason that I like, but will not support the complete move to, digital distribution!

Forum Posts: 717
Comment #5 by Scorpkahn
Monday, July 02, 2012 @ 07:31:41 AM
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I prefer fucking discs.

Forum Posts: 115
Comment #6 by The Captain097
Monday, July 02, 2012 @ 07:45:09 AM
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@5 I don't usually judge people for what they do..but you should probably get help for that because fucking discs can't be good for your genitals.

Forum Posts: 2470
Comment #7 by AstroFlibble
Monday, July 02, 2012 @ 08:02:42 AM
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I guess it would be ok for PS1 & PS2 classics, but not for PS3 (and especially NOT PS4) games anytime in the near future.

Forum Posts: 717
Comment #8 by Scorpkahn
Monday, July 02, 2012 @ 08:31:29 AM
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@6: Females don't usually accommodate XXXXXS.

Forum Posts: 395
Comment #9 by SUM1SLY
Monday, July 02, 2012 @ 08:40:18 AM
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@4 i'm like you i live on a private road and cable when they put fiber optic in wasn't allowed to dig up the road so we didn't get to wait for this bt infinity we not even got infinity 1 yet and now they are giving everyone infinity i hope the ps4 isn't all download like the xbox 720 because i won't be getting 1 like i'm not going to buy an xbox 720 after i found out it's all download.

Forum Posts: 321
Comment #10 by valdezerocool
Monday, July 02, 2012 @ 08:44:02 AM
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I think this will be great for some of the older PS3 games that I can't find in stores, or just because I don't want to wait. If they work this into the PS Plus package it will be even better.

Forum Posts: 1516
Comment #11 by osakamitsu
Monday, July 02, 2012 @ 08:52:27 AM
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This will ruin gaming. I will quit playing newer games and just play older game from the point that cloud takes over.

Forum Posts: 125
Comment #12 by Nickolas47
Monday, July 02, 2012 @ 09:26:30 AM
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@6 You are good

OT: I prefer discs too but never say no to a better solution

Forum Posts: 20
Comment #13 by QDawg187
Monday, July 02, 2012 @ 09:32:36 AM
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I'd love to see your CONFIRMED source that the 720 is download games exclusive.

Thought so

Forum Posts: 1822
Comment #14 by IM NaMTaB
Monday, July 02, 2012 @ 09:36:25 AM
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I'm some what against this... I mean I love opening a new game and smell the new game smell and having it in my hands. But I see where they are coming from with trying to cut the middle men out and keep their profit.. Very greedy but their choice. I also like the idea of older games so you still feel the awesomeness from the past. But I don't want it all to be digital. I would be fine with them still having actual discs you just pay what you normally would and if you use the cloud you get a small discount since the cost would be lower.

But if all goes digital im sticking in the stone age

Forum Posts: 3
Comment #15 by RussianJunkee
Monday, July 02, 2012 @ 10:18:07 AM
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its not more about streaming full games, its more about bringing this service and combining it with conventional service to enhance players time. for example we may not have to download a psn games demo, or you can play it while its downloading in background or you can play your psn games on pc when you are not around PS3. Disc won't go away for a long time so there is no worry in that. Not to mention it can be used to stream regular movie or series that is on sale on psn instantly.

Forum Posts: 1822
Comment #16 by IM NaMTaB
Monday, July 02, 2012 @ 11:15:08 AM
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Agreed just don't take away the joy people get from buying in store and im cool

Forum Posts: 1876
Comment #17 by weephilymcvey
Monday, July 02, 2012 @ 11:24:58 AM
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Stick to discs, this would b a bad move for me and probs many more...change isnt always good

Forum Posts: 14
Comment #18 by THE_BIG_DAVE
Monday, July 02, 2012 @ 01:07:53 PM
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Wow if these rumors prove true, it will be the end of gaming as my top hobby. I don't have the internet connection to handle streaming games and I don't want to wait 2 days after release to play a new game or for that matter any game since any online functionality kills the download.

Forum Posts: 1341
Comment #19 by AverySegaw
Monday, July 02, 2012 @ 01:33:14 PM
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This is surprising news, isn't Gaikai considered the better-quality version of OnLive?

And to everyone who is fretting about everything going digital and cloud - if you really understood PlayStation, you'd know that it's all about giving you different ways to enhance your gaming experience. Whether it comes to 3D or PS Move, Sony has always added new features to their games to allow you different experiences, but it was never forced upon gamers; the final option as to how or what you play is up to you.

Forum Posts: 206
Comment #20 by ZACHSP8
Monday, July 02, 2012 @ 03:51:01 PM
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Lets hope Sony can sort out the control lag you get when playing cloud games.

Forum Posts: 36
Comment #21 by thomp200
Monday, July 02, 2012 @ 08:13:56 PM
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do not see the problem, discs will still be available

Forum Posts: 1516
Comment #22 by osakamitsu
Monday, July 02, 2012 @ 08:48:18 PM
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@21 no they won't. that's the point. To get rid of discs to cut cost and piracy. Haven't you seen On Live? No discs. A crappy little box that acts as a receiver and that's it.

Forum Posts: 307
Comment #23 by spoonman
Monday, July 02, 2012 @ 10:44:59 PM
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Even with the fastest ping and bandwidth it still feels like Remote Play to me.
Everything has a slight haziness and blur to it even in 1080p as well as a slight delay on twitch games. I don't like it for anything other than a quick demo on a large sized game.

Cloud gaming as a whole is the next step in taking away a gamer's right to truly own a game.

I don't think most of us really know if we are buying or leasing most digital games these days and if the PS4 launches with a clean slate I honk a lot of people with large digital collections are going to be just a little miffed.

Forum Posts: 1483
Comment #24 by SoPoF
Tuesday, July 03, 2012 @ 10:51:49 AM
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Uh, what about poor internet connection regions? Where my parents live, they cannot get a decent conenction to function and have finally given up on it and live without internet. (It still works, lol.)

So as an option, fine, but why bother with a bunch of additional problems that can occur when you can JUST PUT THE DISC INTO THE SLOT AND PLAY?! ;)

Forum Posts: 24019
Comment #25 by mjc0961
Tuesday, July 03, 2012 @ 02:42:14 PM
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So, Sony is losing money, and they buy up a company that provides a service that no gamer wants? This just goes to show how out of touch Sony is with their consumers. They bring good games to us, yes, but beyond that they have absolutely no fucking idea what we want, no matter how many times we tell them "not cloud gaming!" and "not overpriced proprietary memory cards!" to name a couple things.

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