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EA Sports Potentially Planning Persistent Player Profiles
Written Friday, April 08, 2011 By Richard Walker
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That headline is the best piece of alliteration we've ever done. Fact! Back on topic however, and EA Sports is supposedly planning to tie together gamer's profiles using cloud saves that will enable players to migrate their data between EA Sports titles.

"Today we're looking at a seamless experience across all our franchises," stated EA Sports president Peter Moore while detailing the brand's future during a marketing conference in San Francisco yesterday. "Regardless of where you are, what platform you have, what game you're playing, that you're constantly connected," he added. EA Sports games in the future will apparently be "connected experiences that recognise users and reward them for playing multiple games," said Moore.

EA's own version of persistence between games could utilise cloud data, which could potentially be carried from game to game. "We recognise (players) - that's the persistence - and their presence there gets its achievements and carries them from iteration to iteration," explained Moore. "It's no longer 'buy Madden 11 and then buy Madden 12 and start from scratch,' it is 'take everything that you've done and migrate it and move it along.'"

Moore then went on to say that persistence between EA games isn't far off, although he neglected to mention any specific titles. The initiative wouldn't be restricted to just EA Sports titles however. "It's not far away. It's certainly within (our) grasp," Moore continued, before stating that "this is how we envision the future of our industry, and this is how we at EA Sports individualise and personalise this as the future of our brand and ultimately the future of what Electronic Arts as a whole is going to do across all of its titles."

So, a persistent future for all EA games? Goodness knows cloud data will certainly be very useful. Interesting stuff indeed...

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Forum Posts: 208
Comment #1 by Mee-Gell
Friday, April 08, 2011 @ 06:36:51 AM
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the title of this is funny lol

Forum Posts: 922
Comment #2 by I3oatsNHoes
Friday, April 08, 2011 @ 06:46:26 AM
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Surprised it took them this long to think this up, but it is EA that we are talking about here

Forum Posts: 145
Comment #3 by HiramJ
Friday, April 08, 2011 @ 07:00:39 AM
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sounds cool if they started earlier in my gaming life i would been king of madden :D Madden Player since Madden 64 thank you.

Forum Posts: 140
Comment #4 by FunkGuardian
Friday, April 08, 2011 @ 07:15:34 AM
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Oh goody, another way for EA to play Big Brother.

Forum Posts: 56
Comment #5 by oxley420
Friday, April 08, 2011 @ 08:12:02 AM
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Oh great now i wil have to pay 50 a year to be able to use cloud saves, stupid tiger woods wont let me transfer save files over, some of us own 2 ps3 and would like to play on both.

Forum Posts: 9
Comment #6 by groz24
Friday, April 08, 2011 @ 08:21:58 AM
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That was a great piece of alliteration in the headline. This is a neat idea, and I think it's definitely the way games are going, with gamers having online ids, the rockstar social games club, and all the other ways you can link your console to something online.

Forum Posts: 1782
Comment #7 by Blessorship
Friday, April 08, 2011 @ 09:04:35 AM
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They have been pushing towards this for the past year or so with FIFA rosters/profile settings to be carried over from title to title. Also with EA gameface and EA points. It will be nice to see though how integrated they will make our EA Sports profile from game to game.

Forum Posts: 63
Comment #8 by Selectinator
Friday, April 08, 2011 @ 09:17:14 AM
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Now if only madden would beef up franchise mode back to its old self and I might start buying this again, and madden 64? I been paying since first madden 94 I believe its been so long, anyhow,now I just play a lil online play one full season, when b4 everything was customized I would play once up to 20 seasons in one iteration of madden but not anymore, I trade it in after about 3 weeks.

Forum Posts: 136
Comment #9 by Gamer Smurf92
Friday, April 08, 2011 @ 11:27:03 AM
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Potentially Planning Persistent Player Profiles? What a tongue-twister, and a cool idea.

Forum Posts: 252
Comment #10 by NTKrist
Friday, April 08, 2011 @ 12:46:54 PM
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@#8 same here - the first 2 Maddens I had were the '94 and the followup and I played those to death on my Mega Drive, at least 5 full seasons in each, now I can barely be bothered to play through a championship of a few games. Sometimes simplicity is better, wish there was a way to select wether you wanted full customisation or old-school pre-sets in all these games

Forum Posts: 215
Comment #11 by dividsmythe
Friday, April 08, 2011 @ 04:49:28 PM
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only if ea made a decent football game lol @ fifa,r

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