Trophy Unlocked: August 1 - August 15
Trophy Unlocked: August 1 - August 15
Written Monday, August 16, 2010 By olsen77
Here are all of the games, guides, DLC, and completed lists added to the site for the first half of August.  Thank you to all of the contributors.  

Retail Guides Added:
PSN Guides Added:
Retail Games Added:
PSN Games Added:
Japanese Games Added:
DLC Trophies Added:
Completed Lists:
fertjuf, Lethal-Hjorth, Labartu, RatedRKO*, yazter, Takk_for_Maten, Aeliana, Cauchy, UTaker18, jurakyuru_mihoku, Dangles, netgrade, OnceFallen, sweett310, I-E4T-T1NFO1L, GODCHILD1020, DarkAdoni


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