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Title: Shut Up, Jensen! Less Talking, More Shooting!
Trophy Unlocked - March 2010
Trophy Unlocked - March 2010
Written Wednesday, March 31, 2010 By olsen77
The first really busy month of the year concludes with us giving you an update on a lot of everything.  Lots of guides thanks to the hard work of our Guide Team.  A good amount of new trophy lists, although it would have been more if there wasn't such a drought for new releases in April.  Finally, a little something we've been working on recently, adding all of the stackable games to the site.  We're trying to have the most comprehensive and complete trophy database outside of  If you can get trophies in it twice in versions from different regions, we're going to add.  Without further ado, here is the list of guides and games that have been added to PS3T in the month of March.  Thank you to all of the contributer.  Click Read More to see the entire list. 

Retail Guides & Road Maps:
PSN Guides & Road Maps:
Retail Games Added:
PSN Games Added:
DLC Trophies Added:
Japanese Games Added:Stackable Games Added:
Completed Lists:
Roughdawg4, switchfreak83, Reys813fan, Bucket, sweet310, TheFlyingToaster, Bryanco1, Riikaz, PanTh3r, parker, FARAZ_1994, Rockets88, Aeliana, Big Brother, Gameguy1546, papasmurf786, magmar126, djhoch1226, KingBroly, MAC_Inc_83, Boomshanks, Dagger, funkyweed, stinkyweed, LordChucKy, MainComptonese, darthxenu, avfc52, Caudill, AstralBlades, Labartu, lmdpac, alberick, OnceFallen, TurboTorben, Lil_Mermaid_Girl, Jack, AUSPUFF, Pesico


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