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Friday, April 18th - 22:17
Loadsa game for less than a buck, this weekend only.
Friday, April 18th - 19:04
Cross-Buy title hits PS3, PS4 and Vita for $10.
Friday, April 18th - 18:50
Delayed cephalopod incoming.
Thursday, April 17th - 18:02
Or a new TOCA Touring Cars?
Thursday, April 17th - 17:51
8-bit brawler heading to handheld.
Thursday, April 17th - 17:32
R. Lee Ermey AKA 'The Gunny' barks your orders.
Thursday, April 17th - 16:42
A 1970s vision of the future.
Thursday, April 17th - 16:13
Better batter butter.
Thursday, April 17th - 15:49
Now pulled report spills the beans.
Thursday, April 17th - 15:13
A return to the Prince's 2D roots?

Oddworld inhabitants Co-Founder Lorne Lanning talks up a storm.
Rocksteady's Producer reveals more about bringing the Dark Knight exclusively to next-gen.
Sucker Punch talks open-worlds and Delsin's powers.
We track down some answers from the 4v1 title's Executive Producer.
Alistair Hope and John McKellan on making the alien scary again.


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Cel Damage HD - Gameplay Video
Cartoon car carnage.
(Fri 18, 2014)
Tropico 5 - Feature Trailer: The Eras
Megalomania through the years.
(Thu 17, 2014)
GRID - Brace Yourselves...Racing is Coming
It must be GRID 3, surely.
(Thu 17, 2014)
Call of Duty: Ghosts - Drill Instructor Voice Pack Preview
Drop and give me twenty!
(Thu 17, 2014)