Latest News
Wednesday, July 30th - 18:29
"Paint fire upon the city".
Wednesday, July 30th - 17:38
Crytek UK staff to transfer to Deep Silver.
Wednesday, July 30th - 16:00
Deep Silver's newly-founded studio takes the reins.
Wednesday, July 30th - 15:10
Plus Crysis 3, Metrico, FEZ and Proteus.
Wednesday, July 30th - 15:00
Sunny bargains galore.
Wednesday, July 30th - 14:28
Rogue Legacy, The Last Us Remastered and Pure Pool.
Wednesday, July 30th - 14:16
Largest ever beta for a new IP.
Wednesday, July 30th - 13:48
Build a new home out of floating space crap.
Wednesday, July 30th - 12:40
Details on potential modes, missions and more.
Wednesday, July 30th - 11:10
But for which platforms?



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