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Game Name
# Trophies
Game Forums
 PlayStation Home13
 Playstation Move Fitness (NA)29
 Poker Night 213
 Polar Panic15
 Pool Nation13
 Premier Manager13
 Premier Manager 201213
 Press Your Luck13
 Pro Foosball (EU)32
 Pro Foosball (NA)32
 Proteus (PS3 & Vita)11
 Psych Yourself9
 Puddle (PS3)12
 Punisher: No Mercy12
 Pure Chess (PS3)13
 Putty Squad (PS3)30
 Puzzle Chronicles12
 Puzzle Dimension9
 Puzzle Quest Galactrix12
 Q*Bert Rebooted (PS3) (EU)9
 Q*Bert Rebooted (PS3) (NA)9
 Q*Bert Rebooted (PS4)9
 Qlione 211
 Quantum Conundrum25
 QUBE: Director's Cut (PS3)19
 Quiplash (PS3)10
 Quizball Goal14
 R-Type Dimensions 12
 R.B.I. Baseball 1416
 R.I.P.D. The Game15
 Ra.One: The Game8
 Race the Sun (PS3, PS4 & Vita)13
 Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic12
 Raiden IV: Overkill (NA & EU)47
 Rainbow Moon (PS3 & Vita)53
 Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault (PS3 & Vita)23
 Ratchet: Deadlocked HD31
 RAW: Realms of Ancient War (NA & EU)12
 Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc HD12
 Raystorm HD12
 Real Steel12
 Record of Agarest War35
 Red Alert 3 Commander's Challenge12
 Red Faction: Battlegrounds16
 Red Johnson's Chronicles12
 Red Johnson's Chronicles: One Against All12
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