Yakuza: Dead Souls

Yakuza: Dead Souls Trophy Guide
Guide By: Yewjhin and Breadskin
There are 49 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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  • Estimated Platinum Difficulty: 6/10
  • Approximate Time To Platinum: 65-80 hours
  • Trophy Breakdown: 11 38 7 3 1
  • Missable Trophies: None
  • Minimum Playthroughs Needed: 3
  • Difficulty Affects Trophies: Yes - The True Ending, Savior of Kamarucho
  • Glitched Trophies: Unsurpassed Power
  • Cheats: N/A

1) Step 1: Complete Story on Normal Difficulty [Story Only: 10-15 hours]

This is basically a "filler" playthrough that must be completed to unlock Extra Hard difficulty and Dead Souls mode. We recommend focusing only on the Story and nothing else, because nothing carries over to Dead Souls mode. Get accustomed to the game mechanics, enemy weak-points and boss fights cause you will need that knowledge.

2) Step 2: Start a New Game on Dead Souls Mode [Story Only: 10-15 hours]

Dead Souls Mode can only be selected in the Main Menu > New Game, and not Premium New Game (New Game+). This is the hardest difficulty and you will begin the game from scratch. Zombies will quickly surround you and they hit hard and fast. You need to stay on your toes all the time and make sure you make multiple saves, particularly in Part IV whilst playing as Kiryu. Refer to "Savior of Kamarucho" first for essential tips for surviving this zombie onslaught, and the individual story-related trophies for tips on Boss Fights and other major battles.

Once again focus only on the Story and nothing else. Doing this, by the time you reach the finale you should be around Level 60+. If you are having a hard time getting through certain parts of the game, you may wish to get involved in completing the Substories to earn experience and improve your abilities and maximum health. Please note that Substories do NOT carry over in Premium New Game so you may wish to complete all 60 in the event you do decide to be involved in them.

Completing the game on Dead Souls difficulty rewards you with 10 million yen and a Missile Launcher with infinite ammo. A Clear Save file will be created that allows you to start a Premium New Game on other difficulties.

3) Step 3: Start a Premium New Game on Extra Hard Difficulty [Everything Else: 40-50 hours]

In the Main Menu, select Premium New Game and load the Clear Save that you created after you beat Dead Souls Mode. The following DOES carry over from your previous playthrough:

  • Character Levels and Abilities
  • Items, Armor and Weapons, including Upgrades
  • Money, including the ¥10 million reward from completing Dead Souls Mode
  • Infinite Missile Launcher from completing Dead Souls Mode
  • Any challenges that you previously completed
  • Hasegawa's Directives
  • Rewards for completing Substories, Underground Missions and Challenges

The following DO NOT carry over in Premium New Game

  • Previously completed Substories
  • Previously attained Partners
  • Previously liberated shops/locations

If you haven't done the Substories and Subterranea Missions, this playthrough is where you'll be focusing on them. Please refer to the Substories Guide and Checklist and "Kamurocho Spelunker" for guides on these sections of the game. After completing both, you will want to browse over to "Amon's Vanquisher" for tips before you take on the customary hidden boss Amon.

In addition, there are many other miscellaneous trophies such as "Vigilante Gourmet" and "Social Butterfly" that require you to visit specific locations or perform specific tasks such as getting intimate with Hostesses. Fortunately, Neosnake101 has compiled the Challenges Database that will answer all your needs to conquering them.

4) Step 4: Clean Up in Premium Adventure [Grinding XP: 5-10 hours]

This step is needed in case you chose to focus on the Story first in Step 3 and complete everything else later. Load up your Clear Save created after completing Extra Hard difficulty and select "Premium Adventure". You will now get to roam Kamurocho as any of the 4 protagonists and finish any unfinished business you have, such as playing the mini-games for their respective trophies. Everything that you had in Step 3 retained including previously completed Substories, so you can pick up where you left off.

Finally, two of the last trophies you are left with are "Unsurpassed Power" and "Underground Kings" . Please refer to the trophy guide for specific strategies.

Neosnake101 for the Challenges Database

  [PST Would Like to Thank Yewjhin and Breadskin for this Road Map]

Akiyama Trophy
Land 100 head shots with Akiyama. 

As with almost every zombie game, a zombie's only weakness is its head. That said you will most likely earn this trophy naturally. Press to enter manual aim and use the to control your cross-hair. Handgun ammo is infinite. Purchase that skill that automatically puts your crosshair over a zombies head. You can keep track of your progress through Hasegawa’s missions.

Majima Trophy
Defeat 100 enemies using Heat Sniping with Majima. 

Heat Sniping is the new form of Heat Actions in this game. The Heat Gauge below your health bar is built up by hitting zombies while avoiding taking damage from them. Once it fills, you may be prompted to press unleash a precision strike by pressing and target any environment objects with a "!" symbol on them. Completing the QTE will result in various effects depending on the object targeted (fuel barrels cause explosions, gas pipes will burn nearby zombies, steel bars drop on zombies from above etc).

Goda Trophy
Destroy 100 wield-able objects with Goda. 

Wield-able objects are any objects you can pick up and use as a weapon with in the Quarantine Zone.

For this trophy you must destroy 100 of these objects whilst playing as Goda. Luckily, destroying these objects is relatively easy as you don't need to pick up and swing them at zombies until they break in order for it to count. Shooting objects with your pistol (thanks to infinite ammo) until they break counts towards this trophy no problem.

Kiryu Trophy
Defeat 100 mutant variants with Kiryu. 

See "Zombie Collector" for a list of zombie mutant variants.

These zombies will appear onscreen with a visible health bar. You will encounter many of these while undertaking the Subterranea Missions, or you could enter the Quarantine Zone, kill any mutants you find, enter and exit a shop such as Matsuya and the mutants will have respawned.

Zombie Hunter
Defeat 100 zombies. 

100 Zombies is a measly number compared to the hordes of zombies you will be facing in whichever difficulty. This will come naturally. A kill counter appears on HUD in the top right corner.

Zombie Collector
Defeat each type of mutant variant. (1) 

The game will gradually introduce you to all of the zombie mutants as you progress through the game so the trophy is unmissable. The mutant variants are:

  • Cry Baby (Chapter 1)
  • Meathead (Chapter 1)
  • Monkey Boy (Chapter 2)
  • Fatty (Chapter 2)
  • Diptera (Chapter 3)
  • Hermit (Chapter 3)
Collect 100 items in battle. 

Defeating normal packs of zombies will occasionally yield item drops, usually crafting materials. Every zombie mutant variation is guaranteed to drop one upon death. You just need to collect 100 of these items in battle in a single playthrough. This trophy will come naturally.

Defeat 10 zombies using wield-able objects. 

Wield-able objects such as Advertisement Boards, Bicycles, Gas Cans etc can be picked up with and used to defeat zombies.

Road Rage
Run over 10 zombies with a forklift or bulldozer. 

You may first encounter a bulldozer outside SEGA Theater Ave while wandering the Quarantine Zone as Majima or a forklift during the course of the story in Part III, Chapter 2 while playing as Ryuji. Get into one, use to accelerate and run over 10 zombies.

Nice Try
Shoot down an enemy projectile with a Heat Snipe. 

This can only be done by Heat Sniping the Molotov Cocktails thrown by certain zombies. You must target the projectile with Heat Snipe while the Molotov is in the air and not before it is thrown. There are plenty of Molotov wielding zombies throughout the quarantine zone. Once you find one, kill off the other zombies within the vicinity to give yourself some breathing room and attempt this trophy. Not overly difficult.

Steamed Vegetable
Kill a Hermit with fire while it is still armored. (1) 

Hermits are big, heavily armored zombie mutants that look like a round clump of stone. You first encounter them in Part III, Chapter 2 where you will probably earn your trophy here any way.

Shooting them with a gun will eventually break its stone armor shell, and you want to avoid that. Fire at gas cylinders/barrels while the Hermit is near one, lure them to roll over flammable objects or throw Incendiary Grenades/Molotov Cocktails at the Hermit until it dies. You may also use any Flamethrowers that you find which is the most effective way to killing a Hermit.

Oh, the Humanity!
Successfully Heat Snipe a gas tanker. (1) 

You need to first upgrade your Heat Snipe actions to the maximum level by purchasing the Epic Max Focus ability with the points you gain from levelling up. This allows you to target gas tankers among other things when your Heat Gauge is maxed out. You can find gas tankers on Theater St in front of the Theater and Taihei Blvd in front of Millennium Tower. Complete the QTE event and watch as the tanker goes up in flames. The trophy will pop regardless if you killed any zombies with the gas tanker or not.

Golden Brown
Defeat 50 zombies with fire. (2) 

Using Molotovs, Incendiary Grenades, Heat Sniping gas lines, and the Flamethrower to kill zombies count as defeating zombies by fire. Explosions from barrels and the Missile Launcher don’t count towards this trophy. This trophy is self explanatory and you will most likely earn this trophy naturally.

My Eyes!
Daze 50 zombies with stun grenades. (3) 

Stun Grenades can be bought from Kamiyama Works. Purchase an ample supply of then and use on 50 zombies.

Heavily Armed Bank
Amass over 10 million yen. 

In Dead Souls, money is made mainly by collecting "Cute Figurines" that are randomly dropped by killing zombies. These can be sold to Kamiyama for ¥50,000 and ¥150,000 respectively.

Once you have approximately ¥200,000 or so, save your game then head to the Casino in Ryugujo or Purgatory and convert them into casino chips. Play Baccarat and bet the maximum on either Player or Banker. If you manage to win and double your earnings, save your game and repeat until you are satisfied. If you lose then reload an earlier save.

Beating the story on various difficulties also awards you with money. Beating Extra Hard rewards you with ¥5 million and beating Dead Souls mode rewards you with ¥10 million which gives you this trophy automatically.

Substory 4
Finish 4 substories. 

See the Substory Guide and Checklist

Substory 20
Finish 20 substories. 

See the Substory Guide and Checklist

Substory 40
Finish 40 substories. 

See the Substory Guide and Checklist

Kamurocho Spelunker
Initiate the Kamurocho Subterranea mission. 

The Kamurocho Subterranea missions starts with a man called Kine, which you first meet in Part I Chapter 4 as Akiyama. He is usually found next to the Gate entrance to the Quarantine Zone in every protagonist's final chapter. Your task is to locate the manhole leading to the underground tunnels that Kine speaks of. The location is indicated in your Menu > Missions > Subterranea. The trophy unlocks the moment you enter the tunnels.

Although completion of these Subterranea missions is not necessary for this trophy, it is a pre-requisite for the "Amon's Vanquisher" trophy. You need to venture down the tunnels as much as possible and complete a pre-determined "boss fight" against a zombie mutant. Completing these battles will start a short scene, and allow you to return to Kine for the next mission. Every character has two missions except for Kiryu who has only one. You should bring along 2-3 Batteries and 4-6 Healing Items before starting each mission. Sometimes you will find the Underground Vendor on random levels who will sell you Batteries, Healing Items and Ammo. After completing the first mission, you need to head back to Kine who is either at the Entrance Gate or in Purgatory (for Kiryu) and speak with him to complete the mission, then start the 2nd mission.

Manhole Location: North-side of Theater Ave
1st Mission: Head to 5F
2nd Mission: Head to 15F

Manhole Location: Park Alley, Northwest of Shicifuku Parking Lot
1st Mission: Head to 10F
2nd Mission: Head to 20F

Manhole Location: North-east of Hotel District
1st Mission: Head to 15F
2nd Mission: Head to 25F

Manhole Location: Easternmost side of Taihei Blvd East
1st Mission: Head to 30F

*Note: You fight Rasetsu Amon for the first time as Kiryu. Maintain your distance and always evade his Red-Black wave attack. Hit him with the Assault Rifle or Anti-Material Rifle.

Start of Something Good
Befriend your first Perfect Partner character. (1) 

If you follow the Substory Guide, you will earn this when you get Guy Kendo or Marina as a partner with Akiyama.

Social Butterfly
Have all 14 partner characters available. (1) 

You need to have completed all of the following Substories and achieved the full 20 Hearts and finished the completion events with each of the hostess listed below. Once you've done that, start a Premium New Adventure game, head to Gary's Boot Camp and recruit your last partner by speaking with Bob A.

Substory Characters - See the respective entries in Substory Guide and Checklist

  • Guy Kendo - Akiyama Substory "Big Daddy Part 1"
  • Marina - Akiyama Substory "Lifesavers Part 1"
  • Kurotaka - Majima Substory "Zombie Cop Part 1"
  • Junya - Ryuji Substory “The Cowardly Warrior Part 1"
  • Makoto Date - Kiryu Substory "A Day in the life of Date Part 1"
  • Kazuto Arase - Kiryu Substory "Arase Returns Part 1"

Hostesses - See Hostess Clubs section in Challenges Database

  • Erika Mizushima (Shine)
  • Ai Sakura (Shine)
  • Yuria Hayashida (Shine)
  • Yuna (Jewel)
  • Saaya Kawai (Jewel)
  • Hina Sakuragi (Jewel)
  • Miyabi Tateishi (Jewel)

Miscelleneous Characters

  • Bob A - Speak with Bob in Gary's Boot Camp in Premium Adventure
Mission Complete!
Clear a directive from Hasegawa. 

See "Hasegawa’s Right Hand"

Hasegawa's Right Hand
Cumulative point total from Hasegawa's directives hit 5,000. 

After you meet Hasegawa for the first time as Akiyama, you will can access the Menu > Mission > Directives which are basically milestones for performing certain actions, such as killing 1000 zombies, hitting 100 headshots in a row or killing 20 zombie mutants. You are awarded points for completing these milestones, and new directives will appear as you complete the existing ones. Speak with Hasegawa in Cafe Alps once you've accumulated a total of 5,000 to unlock the trophy.

Vigilante Gourmet
Order from every restaurant at least once. 

You must order at least 1 item from each Eat-In menu as listed below (Pronto has 2 menus):

  • Sushi Gin, Showa St
  • Cuez Bar, Underground Mall
  • Cafe Alps, Nakamichi St
  • Watami, Nakamichi St
  • Pronto, Nakamichi St (Different sets of menu during Day and Night)
  • Smile Burger, Nakmichi St
  • Matsuya, Tenkaichi St or Taihei Blvd
  • Gelateria Kamurocho, Tenkaichi St
  • Bantam, Millennium Tower St. East
  • Kyushu No. 1 Star, Pink Alley
  • Shellac, Champion District
  • Earth Angel, Champion District
  • Kanrai, Shicifuku East
  • Watamin-chi, Nakamichi St [Complete Ryuji Goda's substory "The 3 Principles of Watamin-chi" first to unlock this shop]

For restaurants like Smile Burger that give you the option to "take out", you must dine in in order for it to count. Eating the foods from your inventory will not count.

You can check which restaurants you haven't eaten in in the Pause Menu, under Challenges. Items you've already ordered from restaurants will have a red checkmark beside them.

Getting Some Action
Fight zombies together with a hostess. 

Once you have raised the affection of a Hostess up to the maximum of 20 Hearts and finished the Completion Event, they will be able to join you in your forays into the Quarantine Zone. Choose to enter with a partner and select any hostess you've unlocked, the trophy will unlock immediately.

My First Mod
Mod one weapon or piece of armor. 

See "A Weapon Freak is Born"

A Weapon Freak is Born
Create at least one weapon from each category. 

There are 6 types of weapon categories available for modding in Kamiyama Works. You simply need to craft at least one weapon from each category. The first tier modifications in each category typically do not require any materials, only money to craft. Partner weapons are not required.

  • Handguns
  • Shotguns
  • Submachine Guns
  • Gatling Guns
  • Rifles
  • Anti-Material Rifles
  • Launchers
Official Sponsor
Fully upgrade Kamiyama's truck. (3) 

Kamiyama’s inventory of weapons and upgrades can be expanded if you choose to invest in his shop. To fully upgrade Kamiyama Works, you need to invest a total of 1 million yen. See Heavily Armed Bank for tips on earning money.

All Units, Report!
Train at Gary's Boot Camp with all four protagonists. 

Gary's Boot Camp is located across Shoten on Suppon Ave and train in any category at least once with each of the four protagonists.

Life of the Party
Play every song at karaoke. 

Perhaps one of the best, if not the best part about the Yakuza games, is karaoke. Note that you need to be with certain characters to sing certain songs.

Title: Where Has Your Touch Gone?
Character: Akiyama

Title: Saturday Night Lover
Character: Goda

Title: Shooting Star
Character: Goda

Title: Maiden-Colored Life
Character: Kiryu

Title: Machine Gun Kiss
Character: Kiryu

Title: I Wanna Change Myself
Character: Kiryu

Title: Kamurocho Lullaby
Character: Kiryu

Title: Summer Memories
Character: Kiryu

Title: Pure Love in Kamurocho
Character: Akiyama, Goda, Kiryu

Title: GET to the Top!
Character: Akiyama, Majima, Goda, Kiryu

Title: Raindrops
Character: Akiyama, Majima, Kiryu

Lounge Lizard
Play darts and pool five times each. 

Darts can be played at Bantam on Millennium St East, and Pool can be played in Cuez Bar in the Underground Shopping Mall. To access Cuez Bar, you must first liberate it in "Free Play", meaning you are in the Quarantine Zone while not pursuing a Story or Substory objective. Play each mini-game five times.

Go golfing and fishing once each. (1) 

To play golf, you need to take a taxi to the Golf Course during the daytime, it is unavailable during evening and night times. Pick any event you want and complete it.

To go fishing, you first need to have some bait, usually a consumable food/healing item and take a taxi to the docks. Interact with the fishing rod to start fishing and complete it.

Indoor Sportsman
Go batting, bowling, and play table tennis three times each. (1) 

The Batting Centre near the Hotel District offers you the Batting mini-game. Play it three times on any difficulty. Bowling is available at Mach Bowl on west end of Theater Ave, whereas Table Tennis is available at Kamurocho Hot Spring Heaven on Park Blvd.

Pro Gambler
Play each Japanese gambling game once. 

Head to the Gambling Hall in Ryugujo on Park Blvd and play each game available at least once. The list of games are:

  • Cee-lo
  • Cho-han
  • Koi-koi
  • Oicho-kabu
Casino Master
Play each casino game once. 

Head to the Casino in Ryugujo on Park Blvd or the Casino in Purgatory Underground and play each game available at least once. The list of games are:

  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
Welcome to SEGA
Play each game in Club SEGA. (1) 

Club SEGA is an arcade centre that can be found on Nakamichi Street and Theater Ave. Play the following games (win or lose) to unlock the trophy.

  1. UFO Catcher
  2. Boxcelios
  3. Boxcelios 2 (Nakamichi St. only)
  4. Boxcelios 2 Turbo (Theater Ave. only)
Pachinko Wizard
Obtain the “trophy” prize at the Volcano Prize Exchange counter. 

Identical to Way of the Pachinko King trophy in Yakuza 4, this trophy requires you to win and accumulate 3000 Pachinko Balls or 1500 Slot Tokens at Volcano, Theater St. and trade them for the "Trophy Prize" at the exchange counter.

Pachinko is a type of "chance" machine game where you purchase balls and roll them down the machine and try to get them into a pocket in the middle. For each ball that enters the Target Pocket, you get 1 chance to spin the Jackpot reel. You can accumulate up to 4 spins at a time, indicated by 4 square boxes that fill with red beneath the Jackpot Reel so don't waste your balls trying to put as much as you can.

The image below displays a Aladdin Pachinko Machine. Due to the lack of a reliable way to obtain cheat items (Get Rich Quick card) in Yakuza Dead Souls, we recommend playing on this Aladdin Machine instead of the other types available. For the Virtua Fighter Pachinko Machine, please refer to the Way of the Pachinko King trophy in Yakuza 4's Trophy Guide.

(Anyone caught copying my image without asking for permission will be dealt with promptly.)

Upon starting the game you will be prompted to exchange ¥1000 for 250 Pachinko Balls. Your objective is to adjust the Speed Control (#2) so that the Pachinko Balls drop nicely into the Jackpot Pocket (#4). For every ball that goes in, you are given one chance to spin the reel. The reel plays out like your common Slot Machine, where getting a combination of 3 identical numbers will result in a Jackpot or Aladdin Chance Bonus. You can accumulate up to 4 spin chances at any time as displayed by the Spin Indicator (#5).

Every now and then, there will be prompts on screen for you to hit the Action Button (#3) by pressing . These are mini-events that boost your chance of getting a combination and thus a Jackpot. Once you hit a Jackpot, any Pachinko Ball that enters the Jackpot Pocket and the purple pocket just below it rewards you with more Pachinko Balls. This is how you accumulate Pachinko Balls in order to gather the amount required for the "trophy" prize.

If you are really lucky you may be rewarded with an Aladdin Chance Bonus right after the Jackpot. There will now be action scenes onscreen that prompt you to adjust the Speed Control to aim for the Aladdin Chance Pocket (#6) instead of the Jackpot Pocket. When a Pachinko Ball passes through the Aladdin Chance Pocket, the Sliding Wing (#7) slides out momentarily, allowing balls to drop and move towards the inner-middle portion of the machine where the rotating Victory Pocket (#8) is. If the ball successfully aligns with the Victory Pocket, you are awarded another Jackpot. If not, the balls drops and is deducted from your total.

As you can see, this is entirely a luck based trophy and you may end up spending long hours just sitting at the machine putting balls into that pocket without success. The odds of hitting a jackpot are 1/193. Equipping a Lucky Bracelet accessory (purchased from the Pawn Shop Ebisuya) seems to improve your odds of hitting a Jackpot/Aladdin Chance Jackpot.

It is possible to attain a cheat item that rewards you with a jackpot by fishing for a "Briefcase" in the fishing minigame and hoping that it contains the "Get Rich Quick" cheat item. It is said that using the "King Smile Burger Set" purchased from Smile Burger as bait improves your chance of fishing the Briefcase. In the event you managed to fish one of these cheat items, follow these steps:

  1. Play Pachinko normally until you hit a Jackpot
  2. Get as many balls into the Target Pocket as possible. By the end of the Jackpot you should have accumulated 1500 Balls or more.
  3. Stop playing and quit the machine by pressing
  4. Start another session on the same machine and use the Get Rich Quick card for an instant jackpot.
  5. Accumulate 3000 balls and immediately quit then exchange them for the Trophy Prize at the counter, which will unlock this trophy.

If you have pre-ordered the game in the US, or if you have an EU copy of the game, you will be rewarded with some free DLC which can be obtained from Igita who is residing in Kamiyama's truck. Igita offers many items, among them a Get Rich Quick card for Pachinko which will make this trophy significantly easier. For more Pachinko tips, please refer to this thread.

Note: New to Yakuza Dead Souls is the inclusion of Slot Machines in Volcano. The 1500 Slot Tokens mentioned in earlier in this trophy refers to tokens won through these slot machines. Slot Tokens are accumulated by aligning 3 identical icons on the slot reels. These reels can be stopped manually but it takes a really keen eye and reflexes to achieve any success in this minigame.

Win at mahjong and shogi once each. 

Mahjong is game where your objective is to create the highest scoring combination possible out of 13 tile pieces initially dealt to you and from the discarded tiles of other players. Yakuza's version of Mahjong follows the Japanese variation of rules and gameplay of Mahjong; you can find more info in the Wikipedia article - Japanese Mahjong. To win the game, you must form a combination or "yaku" that is worth an equal amount of points or more (called "han") according to the minimum limits set in place, and before any other player has the chance to do so. Normally the minimum is 2 han. You can press in game to see the list of possible combinations.

Although the Japanese version of Mahjong is played, not all terms in-game follow the Japanese variation and instead use the Asian/International version. "Pin" is known as "Pong" internationally. "Chi" = "Chow". "Kan" = "Kong" [Italics represent International terminology]

There is the easy way to win, and there is the hard way. The hard way is of course learning how to play Mahjong and win by conventional means, perhaps on the Easy table. If you're interested to know more, you may refer to this guide.

The easy way is to pursue the Hostess Erika Mizushima as Akiyama and play out her completion event. Choose to accept the Lucky Dragon Tile from the guy outside the parlor, then enter and play using the Lucky Dragon Tile. You will be dealt a winning hand immediately at the start of the game, all you have to do is choose "Tsumo" for the last tile and bam - Instant Win. See the Hostess Club section in Challenges Database to know more on pursuing Erika Mizushima.

Shogi is the Japanese variation of Chess. Shogi posses a number of unique rules such as a player's pieces can be promoted to a stronger variation if the piece reaches the last 3 ranks of the board, and where captured pieces can be re-used and placed on any empty spot on the board. More info available in the Wikipedia article - Shogi.

Once again, there is the hard way and easy way to win Shogi. The hard way is to learn how to play Shogi or use a Shogi Simulator Program such as ShogiV15. The easy way is to play Trial #1 which can be completed in two steps with the method described in GameFAQs.

Secret Trophies
Platinum Trophy
Earn all other trophies in the game. 

As with other games, collect all the other trophies to unlock this trophy. Congrats!

Part I Complete
Complete the four chapters of Part I. 

This is story related and cannot be missed. You will be playing as Shun Akiyama in Part I.

Chapter 4 Boss Fight - Arahabaki Prototype

Arahabaki has the ability to extend his arms or pounce at you from distance so stay away and maintain a distance of 3-quarters of room length from the creature at all times. As the battle progresses, Arahabaki will start to hide in the ceiling and stomp the ground with his arms. You can avoid these by standing far away from the spots in the ceiling. Shoot him whenever you have the chance and he will go down eventually.

Part II Complete
Complete the four chapters of Part II. 

This is story related and cannot be missed. You will be playing as Goro Majima in Part II.

Chapter 1 Boss Fight - Onraki Prototype

Onraki is covered with a layer of shell armor that disintegrates after sustaining a set amount of damage. Onraki will either throw objects at you, charge you or stomp the ground with his hands which releases a damaging dust trail that homes in on you. All can be avoided by dodging right before the attack reaches you.

Aim for Onraki's chest with your Shotgun until his armor peels away and a red spot is revealed, which is his weakness. Dodge the attacks and Heat Snipe any cars that he picks up before he throws it at you.

Dead Souls Difficulty - Pretty much the same strategy as outlined above. The game is still relatively easy at this point.

Chapter 4 Boss Fight - Tsuchigumo Prototype

This creature has a variety of attacks, such as leaping at you, rushing towards you or swinging his claws at you. All these are very predictable as Tsuchigumo as each as a specific delay animation and can be avoided by moving out of the way early on. The creature's weakspot is the red area in his abdomen, but it is hard to aim with all the movement going on. Make full use of Majima’s shotgun.

Dead Souls Difficulty - Make sure you’ve upgraded Majima's shotgun as much as possible and brought along plenty of healing items. To deal the killing blow you need to complete a QTE event and these events have an extremely tiny window to press the corresponding button. Failing the event leads to some serious injury and having to reduce Tsuchigumo's life to near-death and repeat the same QTE event.

Part III Complete
Complete the four chapters of Part III. 

This is story related and cannot be missed. You will be playing as Ryuji Goda in Part III.

Chapter 2 Making your way to Asia - This area is of no concern in Normal or Hard difficulties, but is a major concern in Extra Hard and Dead Souls mode. After making your way out of the Champion District, you find yourself on Pink St. surrounded by Dipterras and Fatties on the left and right. Worse, zombies will emerge and begin to mob you, including SDF zombies. If you are unprepared you can get knocked down promptly and find your face permanently glued to the floor, as the SDF zombies stomp on you and prevent you from getting up at every turn. The Grenade Launcher (or Rocket Launcher) and lots of Healing Items is extremely crucial here.

Chapter 3 Boss Fight - The first phase of the battle starts with Pops striking at you with its tentacles from the middle of the room. You need to hit the red spots on 4 of tentacles to initiate a cutscene, and then the next phase starts. All you need in the second phase is shoot Pops whenever you have the chance and move out of the way when you see a barrage of tentacles emerge from the ground heading your way. Once you have reduced Pops’ health to the final drop, you need to take him down using a Heat Snipe the moment he emerges from the ground. At this point you have an infinite Heat Gauge, and missing the QTE doesn’t do any damage to you so can keep trying without harm.

Dead Souls difficulty - While on the stage and facing the boss, head to the corner on your left and stand in front of a speaker here. Most of the tentacle strikes in the first phase will miss you and giving you time to adjust your aim.

Part IV Complete
Complete the four chapters of Part IV. 

This is story related and cannot be missed. You will be playing as Kazuma Kiryu in Part IV.

Chapter 3 - After meeting with Kage the Florist, you are asked to delay the zombie invasion and buy the evacuees some precious time. Save your game here and do NOT overwrite it, use multiple saves. Equip your strongest defensive armor and accessories before you speak with Akiyama to proceed the story, this is your last chance to do so because Chapter 4 starts automatically after this. For the boss fight, never step out of the Children’s Park. Instead hold your position and snipe the boss from where you are.

Chapter 4 - This is the most frustrating part of the game on Extra Hard and Dead Souls difficulties. Equipping your strongest armor helps to reduce any damage you may sustain and gives you a surviving chance. Asagi drives you around in an APC while you ride shotgun on the turret. Shoot any of the zombies in your way so to minimize damage to the APC, especially barrels.

When you get to Theater Ave, an Onraki Prototype will appear. Shoot down any of the projectiles he throws at you, then focus on its chest to destroy his armor and reveal the red weakspot. Once he is close enough, he will raise his hands and attempt to smash the APC. Timing your shots is crucial in order to interrupt him and avoid taking damage. The moment he lays both hands on the ground in preparation to smash you, unleash everything on the weakspot until he stops. Let your turret cooldown and repeat again when you see him laying both hands on the ground and preparing for the next strike. Once the timer runs down, your APC will escape and head past Millennium Tower. Keep shooting all the zombies in your way and protect the APC.

The next part starts at Pink St. The Onraki Prototype is chasing you this time and when close enough, he will shoulder charge the APC. This is the hardest part of the chapter, because it is very hard to target the weakspot amidst all the movement, but try your best to delay him. Make it past a barricade and the Champion District and you will come to a dead end. The Onraki Prototype catches up the same sequence as that in Theater Ave earlier repeats itself. Destroy the Onraki Prototype in similar fashion and the chapter ends once his life is reduced to nil.

Thanks for Playing!
Complete the Final Chapter. 

This is story related and cannot be missed.

Dead Souls Mode - Bring about 8 Toughness ZZ or Toughness Infinity, and approximately 600x Rifle and 200x Anti-Material Rifle ammo. You are going to need all those healing items in the final sequence of 3 back-to-back boss fights and the QTE in the final battle. Make your way up the tower while using the Rifle, only using the Anti-Material Rifle when you need to defend Ryuji or clear a horde of zombies quickly.

The True Ending
Complete Extra Hard Mode. 

See "Savior of Kamurocho"

Savior of Kamurocho
Complete Dead Souls Mode. (1) 

Dead Souls Mode is unlocked after completing the game once on Normal or Hard difficulty. You can NOT start a Premium New Game in Dead Souls mode so basically you will start from scratch. Credits to Sodacat for some of the following tips.

As Akiyama, make sure you pick up all the Cute Figurines that you can find in Part I, Chapter 1. You will need to sell these for much needed cash. Each of these Figurines is worth ¥50,000 that can be sold to Kamiyama Works later.

After exiting the Quarantine Zone make your way to the Casino and play Baccarat. Bet the maximum on either Player/Banker, save when you win and keep repeating until you have 25000 Chips. Exchange all of them for Platinum Plates, then sell them at Ebisu Pawn for ¥150,000 each. This should net you about ¥2.4 million. Buy all the crafting recipes from Ebisu Pawn.

Go to Hasegawa, turn in whatever points you've earned and purchase the crafting recipes from her, and the crafting materials she offers if you have enough. Now spend ¥1 million to upgrade Kamiyama Works and purchase a Grenade Launcher. You don't need it yet but it will come in handy on later parts of the game. Purchase whatever materials you need and purchase/upgrade whatever weapons you can craft at Kamiyama Works now. Save whatever points you gain from Levelling Up for purchasing the Weapon/Armor Proficiency abilities which will allow you to craft better equipment.

In Dead Souls Mode zombies are very likely to mob you, knocking you down and stomping you when you're on the ground. With a sufficient amount of zombies, this can turn into a permanent-stun loop that prevents you from getting up at all. This is not apparent in Parts I and II where the zombie numbers are still manageable but from Part III onwards the Grenade Launcher (and later the Anti-Material Rifle) are absolutely crucial.

You are free to pursue Substories if you wish to gain levels and extend your health bar, though I would say that Dead Souls is still beatable even if you focus solely on completing only the story. Essential abilities to purchase early on are Head Tracking, Head Lock-On, Inventory Slots (up to 18), Leg Sweep, Rapid Reload and Rapid Evasion in that order, apart from the Weapon/Armor Proficiency crafting skills mentioned above.

Always keep a healthy supply of healing items on you (4x Toughness ZZ or Infinity). The Quick Time Events are very unforgiving on this difficulty with their extremely short window for inputting the buttons, so you will find yourself failing (resulting in damage to you) and retrying a lot on occasions, especially Majima's boss battle in Part II, Chapter 4.

Keep multiple saves in case you screw up or end up being under levelled only to find yourself unable to back track. This is particularly important in Part IV, Chapter 3 while playing as Kiryu, as that is the last chance to save before you go on the hell ride on the APC Turret in Chapter 4.

Before the final battle, stock up with 8x Toughness ZZ or Infinity, and about 200 Anti-Material Rifle Ammo. You can discard the Grenade Launcher at this point because it is inferior to the Anti-Material Rifle that you got with Kiryu.

Amon's Vanquisher
Defeat Amon. (3) 

After completing all 60 Substories (See Substory Guide and Checklist) and Subterranea Missions (See "Kamurocho Spelunker" trophy) for each character, switch and play as Kiryu and you will receive a message from Kamiyama, requesting you to meet him in his truck. A short conversation will play out and then a message from Amon will arrive, requesting you to meet him in the Underground Tunnels.

If you are following the Road Map, it's best to do this in Premium Adventure after completing your Dead Souls and Extra Hard playthroughs where you would be sufficiently levelled by the time you get Amon's message.

First, upgrade your Anti Material Rifle as much as you can, the strongest being the Dragon Rifle (Schematics obtained by completing Kiryu's Substories). Equip yourself with your strongest Armor available and any defense boosting accessories. Bring along 4-8 Toughness Infinity and 100 Anti Material Rifle ammo.

You may bring a partner along when you enter the Quarantine Zone, I brought along my highest level partner and equipped her with health boosting abilities. Head to the manhole in Taihei Blvd East that Kiryu used for his Subterranea Mission, here you will receive a third option called "Go to Amon". Do so and it transports you to the lowest level immediately.

A cutscene ensues, and you are attacked by Rasetsu Amon instead. This zombie has 3 attacks:
1. Rasetsu fires exploding balls of light
2. Rasetsu catches you in a grip and drains your health
3. Rasetsu fires a red-black wave that deals A LOT of damage and may instant-kill you if your health is 50% or less.

There isn't much you can do with #1 other than dodging in quick succession (Rapid Evasion ability helps). You can reduce the damage received if you caught by #2 by quickly tapping the button. For #3, you MUST always stay away from Rasetsu. Maintain a long distance between the both of you. Every time you see Rasetsu glow red, he is about to use this attack. Luckily it has a very narrow range and can be sidestepped if you are quick enough.

Unsurpassed Power
Reach the maximum character level. (3) 

The maximum character level is Lv 99. Luckily all characters share the same experience pool so whatever level one character is, the other characters will be that level as well. Experience, levels and abilities are carried over in Premium New Game.

This will be a long grind and it is recommended that you equip the Yakuza Training Gear on your 3rd playthrough on Extra Hard. This item gives you an extra 20% experience at the expense of reduced attack power. It can be exchanged for Directive points from Hasegawa in Cafe Alps.

The best method thus far is to play Hasegawa's Spec Ops mission as Kiryu. The second Spec Ops mission will put you up against 5 Aggros in a small room. Each of them is worth 800 XP (960 XP with the Yakuza Training Gear). With the Satellite Laser obtained from defeating Amon (see Amon's Vanquisher trophy), you can take all of them down in less than a minute. This translates to 4800 XP approximately every minute so it takes about 20 minutes to gain 78000 XP which is equivalent to 1 level starting from level 86 onwards. If you ever run low on health just speak to the waiter in the very same Cafe Alps to dine in and restore your health.

Glitch: You will not unlock this trophy if you reached Level 99 by gaining experience through eating food/dining at restaurants.

Underground Kings
Clear 50 floors in the Endless Subterranea. 

Endless Subterranea is only available in Premium Adventure. You need to speak with Bob A with any of the characters to start this. This is similar to the Subterranea Missions where you need to make your way through random levels to find the ladder that leads downwards to the next level. I prefer to use Akiyama with his Elise twin handguns due to their decent damage, large clip size and infinite ammo supply. Equip your best armor and defense accessories, bring along lots of Healing Items (6-8 Toughness Infinity), your strongest Shotgun for clearing Aggros and groups of enemies if they surround you and 2-3 Batteries to recharge your LED Torchlight, because there is no Underground Vendor this time around unlike the Subterranea Missions from Kine.

Whenever you see a long rectangular hallway (that looks like an 8 on the map) or one of the big squarish rooms (that usually has a mounted weapon in it), head in that direction because the ladder leading downstairs always that way. It takes about 1.5hrs to clear 50 levels. The trophy unlocks when you've reached at the 51st floor.

Game Info
Yakuza Studio


US March 13, 2012
Europe March 16, 2012
Japan June 09, 2011

Resolution: 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Sound: Dolby Digital
Players: 1
ESRB: Mature
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